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Foreign media Philippines approached Michelle trouble China vulnerabilities — Shandong beaut-noiseware

Foreign media: Philippines approached Michelle trouble   China vulnerabilities — Shandong beauty containment Channel – people.com.cn U.S. Navy to conduct maritime exercises in the philippines. "China, Philippines" the clouds clear "," the Wall Street journal ", commented the relations between China and the Philippines improvement. The US alliance in East Asia is now in trouble, the article says. Duthel Te from the name calling quickly evolved into a broader anti American hostility, surprising. This threatens one of Washington’s important allies in Asia, and also poses an obstacle to Obama’s policy of "returning to Asia". After several years of conflict with Aquino III, China is certainly pleased with the cooling of relations between Duthel Te and washington. American public opinion fears justified, since May this year, won the presidential election, Walter is set off a "anti American storm" from abusive ambassador "bitch" to scold Obama is the son of a harlot, "he recently told Obama to" hell ", and threatened to stop the Philippine combat exercises in the South China sea, announced tentative joint patrols and maritime exercise plan. "Give us a bit of respect", "Manila communique said 9, Walter recently in his speech again the American propaganda, he said:" as long as I am here, don’t put the door pad as we stepped on, otherwise you will regret it. I will stick with you. I can go to China and invite them. I met Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia, during the ASEAN summit." "Asia’s surging shock hundred days", "Sydney Morning Herald" 9 as a theme that Duthel Te came to power in 100 days, he led a massive shock to Western drug violence activities, but also weaken the Philippines relations in 65 years. He and Obama, the United Nations, the European Union and other parties criticized the bloody Philippines war against drugs fight up. From Canberra to Tokyo and Washington, policymakers all want to find out whether Duthel Te, 71, is bluffing, or is it a threat to stability in Asia?". Western diplomats and analysts of Duthel Te seems to give up on the Philippines decades of Philippine US alliance concerned, and at a time when China to display the "muscle strength", to strengthen the control over the South China Sea on the occasion. As of now the United States has maintained a firm position, reiterated continue to adhere to the US Philippine alliance, but Washington must have patience began to waver. British express 8, said the relationship with Philippines, the United States to prevent the impact of China in Southeast Asia is crucial. American experts worry that Walter plans to limit U.S. military presence in the Philippines will undermine Washington’s intention to curb the surge in Southeast Asia Chinese. The South China Sea expert Carle? Thayer said, Duthel Te pulled out a gun shoot style is of deep concern, "if Duthel Te take action to cut us army in the Philippines, which will damage the containment China ability, is not conducive to the protection of Philippine sovereignty, nor regional security". Japan’s economic news said that the United States will hold presidential elections in November and face regime change at the beginning of 2017, and its foreign policy is in an unstable state. There is no effective way to change Philippines. The new government in the United States to deal with, Philippines rift may further deepen. For DU) 外媒:中菲走近成美大麻烦 美围堵中国现漏洞–山东频道–人民网   美国海军在菲展开海上演习。   “对中国而言,菲律宾‘阴云消散’”,《华尔街日报》日前这样评论中菲关系的改善。文章称,美国在东亚的同盟体系现在陷入麻烦。杜特尔特从指名道姓的谩骂迅速演变成更广泛的反美敌意,令人惊讶。这危及华盛顿重要的亚洲盟友之一,也给奥巴马的“重返亚太”政策制造了障碍。在与阿基诺三世冲突数年之后,中国肯定对杜特尔特与华盛顿关系降温欣喜不已。   美国舆论的担忧不无道理,自今年5月赢得总统选举以来,杜特尔特好比掀起了一场“反美风暴”,从辱骂美国驻菲大使“婊子养的”,到骂奥巴马是“妓女的儿子”,最近他又让奥巴马“下地狱”,并威胁停止菲美作战演习,宣布暂定在南海进行联合巡逻和海上演习计划。“给我们一点儿尊重”,《马尼拉公报》9日称,杜特尔特最近在演讲中再次对美国喊话,他说:“只要我在这里,就别把我们当门垫一样踩,否则你会后悔的。我不会总贴着你。我可以去找中国,邀请他们。我在东盟峰会期间还见了(俄罗斯总理)梅德韦杰夫。”   “震撼亚洲的激荡百日”,《悉尼先驱晨报》9日以此为题称,杜特尔特上台100天,他主导了令西方震惊的大规模暴力扫毒活动,也削弱了美菲65年来的关系。他与奥巴马、联合国、欧盟等批评菲律宾血腥反毒战的各方吵架呛声。从堪培拉到东京、华盛顿,各国决策者们都想弄明白71岁的杜特尔特到底是虚张声势说说而已,还是真会“威胁亚洲稳定”。西方外交官和分析师对杜特尔特似乎要放弃菲律宾数十年所依赖的菲美同盟感到担忧,而此时正值中国加紧展示“肌肉实力”,加强对南海的控制之际。截至目前美国一直保持坚定立场,重申继续坚持美菲同盟,但华盛顿的耐心肯定已开始动摇了。   英国《快报》8日称,与菲律宾的盟友关系对美国防范中国在东南亚的影响至关重要。美国专家担心,杜特尔特计划限制美国在菲军事存在将破坏华盛顿增兵东南亚遏制中国的意图。南海问题专家卡尔?塞耶称,杜特尔特拔枪就射的风格令人深为忧虑,“如果杜特尔特采取行动,削减美国驻菲军队,这将破坏美国遏制中国的能力,不利于保护菲主权,也无助地区安全”。《日本经济新闻》称,美国11月将举行总统大选,2017年初面临政权更迭,其外交政策正处于不稳定状态,针对菲律宾的变化没有有效的手段。在美国新政府的应对下,美菲关系的裂痕可能会进一步加深。   对于杜特尔特的政策,菲律宾国内的亲美势力不免有异议。《菲律宾星报》9日刊发一篇评论文章称,由于杜特尔特一再威胁与我们的传统盟友美国断绝关系,已经有人进行对比,认为这将让我们变成另一个委内瑞拉。委内瑞拉前领导人查韦斯以反美言论著称,他一度将布什比作魔鬼。不过总体来看,菲律宾民众对杜特尔特的支持度很高。民意调查机构“社会气象站”近来民调显示,菲民众对杜特尔特的“净满意度”达64%。对于西方非议颇多的反毒严打,高达84%的受访者表示认可。(付强、李珍、青木、张怡然、甄翔) (责编:聂俊穹、胡洪林)相关的主题文章:

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