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Female anchor exposure and high-level divorce Insider get married a year out of the house 3 times! gigolos

Female anchor exposure and high-level divorce Insider: get married a year out of the house 3 times! Female anchor Liu Mingxuan flash marriage a year of divorce according to Taiwan media "ETTV cloud" reported that Hongkong beauty anchor Liu Mingxuan (Vivian) looks beautiful, because Hon Hai visited Terry Gou, was a famous man of enthusiasm. In 2012 she married Wang Aoshan high flash marriage life insurance company, only to maintain the 1 years ended, the reason of divorce 4 years of silence to keep a low profile until the 8 day, finally tell the truth: "I was out of the house 3 times in 1 years!" Liu Mingxuan for the first time to talk about the reasons for divorce, married for 1 years was out of the door 3 times, the first occurred in less than 1 months of marriage, or the day of the lunar new year, offer husband friends home to play cards, she began to feel bad, was yelling "is now not with your friends?" The next day at 5 in the morning, sleeping with the lights actually wake up, but also out of the door, I dragged the luggage did not dare say to the people, probably stayed for 1 weeks hotel!" Married 1 months Liu Mingxuan found her husband face, go home after mother advised "home will always have a seat for you, not to live outside!" With her husband’s attitude softened, two people in a few months, and he was expelled because of the small, red eyes at me, push me against the wall, don’t touch me but I was frightened and scared!" Two times Liu Mingxuan was cast out, parents finally feel abnormal, "one does not respect you, nor respect for marriage with people, should not continue?" Also can not accept the other half of the individual behavior, moved the idea of divorce but did not perform. Until the third time she was out of the door, one day want to go back to talk about, did not expect to see the workers moved several cartons, knew her husband to move, "he’s not going to take me to move in together, then we have no divorce!" The 38 year old Liu Mingxuan recovered after a single very happy, and financial genius once enviable wedding, did not think 1 years only because of personality clashes broke up after 2 years and 4 months with her ex husband remarried woman. When she was asked about her ex husband and his current wife, she smiled and said, "he’s not happy with me? There is a saying called Time reveals a man’s heart., Luyao horse." Related news: actress exposes the wealthy family in the chest to get into the house source: ETTV cloud time: June 14, 2016 song Jiyan Phoenix Entertainment News on June 14th news, according to Taiwan media reports, the 2013 artist Song Jiyan flash marriage "new Dongyang East" Mai sun, 2 years after the birth of her daughter "Mai Po" (Qing Qing), postpartum the focus of life are placed in the baby’s body, and recently announced a happy pregnant with a second child, fully filled with mother’s happiness, but she has to expose the wealthy family, let the world be startled at. Song Jiyan said after the birth of a child, in order to cooperate with the nanny work time, she must go home before 6 in the evening, during the day to attend the endorsements, shooting such invitations, as for the clothing scale, she said a lot of restrictions, can now accept barelegged, but can not show, "dew chest cannot go home," she further said, with her husband go out, can not wear too through skin clothes, "can only take advantage of work and enjoy the" thin "Style". In the face of postpartum recovery.相关的主题文章:

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