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Eleven after the loss of a good thing Tianjin identity card lost on the failure misao

Eleven after the people of Tianjin good thing ID card is lost on the failure of 8 days 9 days does not limit the number of October 8th, the Tianjin limited number will expire, but since the 8 day and 9 day is normal work but also the weekend, so the number is not limited to. In fact, the new limit rotation began in October 10th, to the end of January 7, 2017. Don’t open the car next Monday will be confused! The ID card is lost or failure in October 6th, the Ministry of public security vice minister and deputy party secretary Huang Ming pointed out that the Ministry of public security has been completed and failure of resident identity card information system, and on-line test run recently, the information system has the function of maintaining data updated in real time and dynamic, through various social credit departments and units of the network check, all residents lost or stolen ID instant failure, unable to continue to use in the society. A number of Beijing Tianjin Hebei inspection certification in October 1st, three of Tianjin 132 medical institutions of 27 clinical implementation of the mutual recognition of test results. This means that the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region in patients during the pilot period, held in the 132 medical institutions do inspection results to any hospital admissions, medical institutions in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease does not affect the case of mutual recognition of inspection report the results in the project will no longer be in double check. Public health insurance card can be cashed out of Tianjin city and Social Council day before the introduction of the "notice" on the optimization of management issues related to health insurance personal accounts of workers, clear from this month, according to the interconnected mode to participate in the basic medical insurance, the amount of personal accounts of the 70% month implementation of capital management, the social insurance agency my monthly social security card included in the financial account, the insured can be extracted, medical costs for the individual burden of compensation and payment of the purchase of commercial health insurance, health examination and other expenses; the remaining 30% continue to implement account management, earmarked to pay the insured for medical treatment of medical insurance policy in the individual part of the burden of medical expenses. Network food safety is more assured that the network of food safety violations investigation approach from October 1st. Way clear, network operators of food production license shall be made in accordance with the law; third party network of food trading platform provider fails to establish food production operators, food safety inspection and examination registration system according to the requirements, and refuses to make corrections, impose a fine of 5000 yuan and 30 thousand yuan. State Food and Drug Administration said it would send a mysterious buyer, although he will not give a bad shop evaluation, but will give the feedback of the results of food safety shop.相关的主题文章:

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