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Director, I’ve got narcolepsy. Can I ask for a sick leave – Sohu health jkforum

Director, I’ve got narcolepsy. Can I ask for a sick leave? – I believe many people are sleepy when Sohu health, especially when our group of doctors, the value of the 24 h night or even after surgery, when sleepy rolling strikes, basically the eyelids gave up the fight, mind out, no matter what to do, what is the position at the time, as long as close your eyes is dark…… Too sleepy to pass! In November 16th, reported online news Sichuan middle school student, he was a second class to listen carefully to make notes, the next second may fall on the table and began to sleep, such a situation, for a day he don’t know how many times to repeat, but he can not try to control it to sleep. In addition, even woke up, he felt out of sorts, when excited, his limbs will suddenly become weak. Because of the serious impact of the study, and finally had to give up the college entrance examination, four doctor treatment. "Sleep ghost" attached? To say sleepy reason, we need to consider the adequacy of sleep at night, if the lack of sleep caused by sleepiness again and again, after the general and sufficient sleep, sleep will disappear, the energy will be very abundant, obviously he didn’t sleep due to result in a short time. Second common causes may be sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS), due to respiratory tract obstruction, hypoxia, leading to sleep is not deep, but also easy to cause brain awakening, lack of adequate rest, it is easy to cause daytime sleepiness, fatigue and headache, and the most obvious characteristics of OSAHS is got snoring. There are two kinds of diseases easily lead to daytime sleepiness, that restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movements in sleep, patients will lead to frequent or short awakening, prone to daytime sleepy, but sleep monitoring can be excluded. This is not really a "sleeping ghost" attached to the body, right? This is a rare form of sleep disorder. When the disease, no matter when and where, where, as long as the sleepy, I could fall asleep right now, so easy to cause the patient fall, and fall asleep or awake with hallucinations, some people will sleep paralysis, commonly known as "ghost press". Sleep at night during the day of yawning DXY: this disease editing sounds good, how can it? Online, and so on. Lilac Garden editor: tea room is not coffee, if a cup is not enough, then two cups. So the editor went to drink coffee every day to get to death, is narcolepsy? For this problem, there have been a period of time, the author himself also asked himself, he is suffering from narcolepsy? How every day drowsy? In fact, the clinical manifestation of the disease onset sleep not only daytime sleepiness and cataplexy, especially strong emotional stimuli (in positive emotion, mostly) when cataplexy, generally do not lose consciousness. In addition, there is a night sleep disorder, sleep at night, my dream is interrupted, and sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucination etc.. Got narcolepsy, often accompanied by other diseases. Such as obesity, t相关的主题文章:

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