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Deyang young mother Brussels touhe both drowned suspect due to family disputes (Figure) (video) stellarium

Deyang young mother Brussels touhe both drowned suspect due to family disputes (Figure) on Saturday (12 days) at noon, Guanghan (micro-blog) on a mother’s body was found drowned in a river hill, until it was salvaged, remains still maintained close. The insider said, the town is a drowned 28 year old woman Liu and his 4 year old son, Liu who found the writing has its reasons for jumping into a river. The discovery of the remains of water in earth River in Guanghan city in the town even Yongquan village, the site of the incident surrounding forest clouds, only a fisherman to step out of the path. The same day at 1 pm, the villagers did this to a fishing rod and bait under, unexpectedly found drowning mother’s body, being scared. After the alarm, police station and fire officers have arrived, borrow boats and salvage ropes. Witnesses said, until it was salvaged, the mother drowned remains still maintained close position. Subsequently, the police in the drowning woman found a note written reasons for jumping into a river. According to an insider, the neighboring village woman Liu and 4 year old son. After the divorce, the child was sentenced to her ex husband. But Liu felt that the man with a bad child, so determined to bring the child back to her upbringing, was opposed by his family. On the evening of 8 this month, Liu and his family after a heated argument just carried away, who would have thought that she and her children but in 4 days was found drowned in the river. The deceased’s family refused to disclose the relevant circumstances, and the local police have started a detailed investigation of the specific cause of death Liu mother. Deyang (micro-blog) radio and television journalist Lin Yongbing Liu Jin editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading Sichuan Leshan woman cut husband "lifeblood" after suicide相关的主题文章:

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