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Detective Conan exposes a new Chinese notice Conan facing the fate of the war – Sohu Entertainment douke

"Detective Conan" exposed new Conan faces the fate of the war Chinese Trailer – Sohu entertainment "detective Conan: Black nightmare" hand-painted posters Conan mysterious woman appeared to Sohu entertainment adapted from the famous cartoonist Gosho Aoyama’s works "detective Conan" in the animated film "detective Conan: Black nightmare" in November 25th China the film was released, the Conan film series in twentieth, but also in Japan, one of the best box office. Today, the "Conan" new theatre version released "new undercover debut trailer and hand-painted posters, indicating that Conan will screen with a dark duel. It is reported that the consistent exploration detection plot, but also increased the number of previous TV version and the theatrical version have big production and life, and the main line of the plot development is the convergence of theatre version added a lot of attention.     dark falls and the suspense drama "new undercover exposure triggered at any moment in the opening stage" by Haibara Ai seized Conan’s hand and shouted "don’t", Conan for "I don’t want to escape their fate" response from Haibara Ai’s expressions to determine, Conan will face the fate is extremely dangerous. Then, Bell Moder to report gin "I found," the explosion of the aquarium and gin Dongdu raise the muzzle, seems to imply that Conan and the black organization positive fierce duel. In addition, this version of the trailer, a white haired woman with mysterious eyes Harmonia, although did not give too many pictures, but was called "key" defeat organization, its identity is caused by many fans of the discussion and speculation. Accompanied by singing by the Japanese rock band B’z theme song "the world will catch your color" sounded, Conan said "uncovered undercover identity" suspense to the audience. Fate duel Quartet camp who can stick to "detective Conan: Black nightmare" in Japan by police spy into the event for the fuse, tells the story of Conan, the Japanese police, FBI (FBI), the dark organization around the betrayal and fate and of the story will. From the published version of hand-painted posters, public security, Amuro FBI Akai Shuuichi and dark gin important members of the organization appearance, indicates that the Quartet camp battle "". The new movie suspense drama story settings and perplexing relationship between the characters, can not help but excited fans of all kinds of speculation and inference, netizens said "as the 20 anniversary special edition, it is necessary to enlarge trick rhythm, peak showdown detective, public security, FBI and the dark organization will be staged, who is undercover, who to stick to the end?" In this regard, to crack numerous mystery fans had to wait in the release of a film. Searching for the memory of the 20 anniversary of the great variety of other classic "detective Conan" from the 1996 launch of the TV version of animation, until this year, the theater version has been released for the first time in 20 years. In recent years, detective Conan theater version of the box office is also rising, and the 20 anniversary of the masterpiece in Japan after the release of the final box office up to $6 billion 700 million, becoming the highest in the series theater version of the box office.相关的主题文章:

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