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Dante password premiere of Super Brain God the emergence of mysterious clues – Entertainment Sohu no yuanjiao

Dante "password" premiere of "Super Brain God" the emergence of mysterious clues – notice Tom Hanks entertainment Sohu debut Florence author Ron Howard and actress [Click to view more HD map] Sohu entertainment news is about to release in October 28th 2016 annual burning brain adventure movie "password" on Dante in Beijing before the Shuangjing UME International Cineplex China IMAX hall premiere media will see the film, and in the upcoming occasion of the exposure of a "Super Brain God" trailer, Professor Landon once again involved in the deadly vortex, has emerged the mysterious clues can tempt the appetite of the audience. Premiere day, with the characters of interlocking forces whirling burning process, thrilling shootout puzzle brain explosion scenes, set, and the big screen personally on the scene like audio-visual sensory gain a lot of praise, to create suspense thriller atmosphere is more people hooked.     serial code into Tom Hanks facing salvation clues Trailer doom the exposure of the rhythm is very compact, with a primaryachievement password. Professor Landon once again stepped in, looking for clues in the work of art that virus, fleeting hell and eerie Dante mask, gradually red close match, seemingly key clues one surfaced, but actually guide professor Landon into the plot deep fog. Professor Landon Tom – Hanks played again "academic men of God, rely on their own knowledge of the religious art mosaic puzzle traces, to save the fate of all mankind bear the burden, and the people around. The unknown suspense adds blurred Pushuo anterior. In the face of the danger, Tom Hanks was laughing: "I am the luckiest person in the world, because Dan Brown gave me the opportunity to play a full of curiosity, insist, no matter there is no answer to the role of heart will never give up looking for answers." Red ferocious virus "hell" can be found, Professor Landon whether the foiled plot retreats, will undoubtedly become the biggest suspense film. The media reputation won the praise of suspense blockbuster premiere again ten years classic on the day of the premiere at the meeting, many viewers by the film burning brain puzzle adventure, fascinated by the reversal of the signs of danger appearing everywhere, including shootings, explosions, and other blood full impact of the scene is to create exciting atmosphere, let the audience have a large temperament strong sense of substitution. After mapping, critics said in the viewing process as the incarnation of Professor Landon, "in the process of unraveling like addictive puzzle" and "The Brain + acting God", "incredible clues series" praise continually etc.. As has swept the world of "the Da Vinci code" sequel, its rich heritage of religious art have been obsessed, also the first lucky viewing fans said they want to see it again, "this is the biggest surprise of Mensao academic middle-aged male bag, full of religious art semiotics of cold knowledge, but also people with relish, searched no history professor Branden more cattle", "medieval history and film set the perfect combination of films with film artistic temperament, is also the media, lead a person to endless aftertastes" expression of their films.相关的主题文章:

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