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Count, how much time do you spend with your baby Sohu – winavi

Count, how much time do you spend with your baby? Sohu with more than three years of mother’s cell phone broke down, after the new phone, I re-examine the old phone to see if there is no information left. Accustomed to the opening of the "picture", which is a collection of three years with a variety of photos with the shoot. From the beginning to the end, full of memories. One of them was the uncle’s baby, who was two years old. Parents busy with work, the baby has been brought by the grandmother, so mom and dad are not pro. Later uncle for a job, the new work is late, wage inflation, so mother quit salary general work, to accompany the baby. Often can see them in the circle of friends in the sun, the family is really happy. Mid Autumn Festival to uncle’s house, found that this little guy is not like a five year old child, especially lively and cheerful, very talkative. Do not look at the small, dance, singing, and two gold medals. I asked Uncle, so small children learn dance will be very tired? No uncle replied, the little guy said: "I love to dance," said while dancing. I wonder, the majority of such a big baby is very introverted, why so cheerful and lively little sister?. Treasure the mother said: "I’m a restless person, when children often participate in family activities, interaction and other mother, the exchange of learning. Daughter also likes to play with other children, from childhood to develop such a habit, naturally cheerful". Or when the mother of the most understanding of the child, a few words on the root. The child’s character is to grow up, physical and mental health, natural and lively baby. After the child in kindergarten, he should be allowed to gradually contact with the outside world, so that children will be brave, not timid. Blindly around the parents, is not conducive to the development of independent and cheerful personality. You are the treasure treasure mom dad to take care of the children? What are the coup? Care for women, baby care, learn more with our QQ group, to participate in more interactive, let you become Superman female. QQ group: 424940962相关的主题文章:

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