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Citrus fruits against obesity winlinez

Citrus fruits against obesity caused by citrus fruit obesity prevention disease

source: Tencent update time: 2016-09-30 14:38:24 classification: City Keywords: anti obesity disease

Brazil researchers have found that citrus fruits are rich in antioxidants, which help prevent cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and diabetes caused by obesity.

with the accumulation of fat in the human body, fat cells will produce excessive reactive oxygen species, and then lead to oxidative stress damage cells. In this regard, the body will usually be countered by antioxidants". If it is obese patients, excessive accumulation of fat in the body, the body’s spontaneous counterattack ability is weak. Researchers at UNESP in Brazil in 50 mice a diet rich in fat and do the experiment, treated with 3 kinds of flavanone extract from orange, lime and lemon fruit, found that these mice accumulated less fat, so the liver damage caused will be reduced accordingly. The researchers Tess · Cesar said: "the research shows that the flavanone extracted from citrus fruit is not to lose weight, but these mice have decreased levels of blood lipid and blood glucose."

‘s study of human trials is still under way, and the researchers will further explore the best ways to use citrus fruits, such as drinking fruit juice, eating fruit, or taking extracts.

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