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Chongqing ten the most beautiful family her love for his director dream – Chongqing window – cancam

Chongqing ten "the most beautiful family": her love to achieve his director dream   – Chongqing window – people Cai Xuedan and Chen Jiaxin (right). Municipal Women’s Federation for the Chen Jiaxin and Cai Xuedan met in the network, with their own efforts of each other’s dreams, in the film on the road with. Recently, Chen Jiaxin family was named the top 2016 Chongqing, the most beautiful family". 2011 is the sixth year of Cai Xuedan’s work in Taiyuan, she has been young company executives. Just this year, Cai Xuedan met Chen Jiaxin on the internet. "She’s a strong, independent personality that appeals to me." Chen Jiaxin smiled a little shy. In April of that year, they entered the marriage hall. Chen Jiaxin was a car salesman. After marriage, he revealed himself to his wife’s dream: "director." "I thought I would Xuedan director feel too unrealistic." Chen Jiaxin said, to his surprise, his wife is very understanding, and is willing to fully support him. At that time, Jia Xin want to shoot a French girl in Chongqing, what did not shoot when. I was looking for a French friend Melina in Chongqing." Cai Xuedan recalls, when shooting in Chongqing in the summer, pre filming and editing, and small things are all to Chen Jiaxin, Melina will sometimes help carry photographic equipment, as the stage manager. Unexpectedly, the film was shot in micro-blog lit up! In order to circle their director dream, Chen Jiaxin set up his own studio Our Film Studio. Cai Xuedan is the resignation of senior executives came to work in Chongqing, to help her husband achieve their dreams. Two years later, the couple was "the French girl in Chongqing 2" in support of the Municipal Tourism Bureau launched, word of mouth is still bursting. In 2015, two people in Chongqing and the Consulate General of Italy to accept the invitation to Italy, shooting "Chongqing eyes of Italy" trilogy, so far, the couple’s documentary is on the right track. Husband and wife two people on the road also work hand in hand. 2013 Ya’an earthquake, they will carry a full second days of daily necessities, food to the epicenter area…… To see the disaster, we suddenly feel that their own too limited!" Chen Jiaxin said that the disaster areas have a large number of people in need of help, hope he can through the lens, will tell you what happened here, let more people to join the relief. After two days of hard work, the film about the Ya’an earthquake was finally completed. The film on the first anniversary of the Ya’an earthquake of 2014 when Youku a premiere and was in the top page. From the car salesman to the director of the gorgeous, from corporate executives to the wife of the brave Chen Jiaxin and Cai Xuedan transform, the exclusive two of them a happy life, the happy life in the film, there is a dream…… (cover: pure, commissioning editor?)相关的主题文章:

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