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Chinese Bridge tfboys twisted sister powder Andy – power on-line entertainment Sohu beself

"Chinese Bridge" TFBOYS "twisted sister powder" Andy power on-line entertainment TFBOYS" – Sohu; crooked sister powder " Andy   power line; Sohu entertainment news recently, a group of two foreigners to discuss Chinese famous actor and actress Yan value video was crazy reproduced on the network, Liu Yifei, Fan Bingbing, Lu Han, Hu Ge, Wallace Huo, TFBOYS’s Chinese love men and women love beans, about the yen value, China has given all crooked friends strange views make people laugh: Wallace Huo than Hu Geshuai because Hu Ge’s face is relatively large, TFBOYS Yi Xi smelt one thousand man, it looks like Xu Taiyu, is that "to eat a child" the king…… In these lovely Dave, especially striking from Australia small ANN, video of her full fans sister, who see the fans who, Hu Ge, Wallace Huo, Lu Han, TFBOYS are also many fans love, actor actress, Fan Bingbing, Bea Hayden, Kunling etc. she is the worship of the goddess. Lovely is the other people in question when Wuli just three lovely is not handsome, Andy strength support said. "They just a child’s sister MAX, girlfriend aunt powder powder? This is only a small sister crooked sister powder – crooked fruit sister powder strength on the line. The video is fluent in Chinese, familiar to Chinese Star Entertainment "fan Mei" Andy, is the Hunan satellite TV, the fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" World University Games Chinese global top 30 players. 96 years ago she accidentally overheard two years ago, Stefanie Sun’s "Mulan" since then fell in love with Chinese, like Chinese culture, "I think I finally found my place." Is also holding the love of Chinese culture, she participated in the fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" competition, and her biggest dream is to come to China in the future development, learning Chinese music. She is very fond of Jay Chou, such as the song of her almost all of her singing, before the bridge in the game, she had to use a "longest movie", so that the audience exclaimed, "open to kneel on the ground," said Jielun". In the video to see, in addition to many small sister side of more upright, asked Hu Ge and Wallace Huo love who said more love Wallace Huo, because Hu Ge’s face is relatively large…… So just girl, in the game when the answer is very straightforward! In September 4th, 19:35 will broadcast Hunan satellite TV, the fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" Chinese World University Games, part of the answer in the case of not knowing the answer, real Andy answers upright three words: "no", even the host calls her answer "too cute". September 4th 19:35 Hunan TV fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" Chinese World University Games premiere, Andy’s stunning performance for.相关的主题文章:

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