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Change it in star Ken Chu F4 is difficult to meet the 15 anniversary of the wedding fit on the agend t6570

"Change it in" star Ken Chu F4 is difficult to meet the 15 anniversary of the wedding of Ken Chu and Han Wenwen fit on the agenda of the Phoenix Entertainment News (written / star) August 29th, Anhui TV show "all star Home Furnishing transformation change it in the" Star Media meeting was held for the first time on Ken Chu Han Wenwen, husband and wife officially joined hands to the show, the couple gave the first variety fit show. Conference, Ken Chu revealed that Vanness Wu confirmed his presence at the wedding, and because of her daughter’s full moon, the moon, because of work reasons, are unable to attend to the presence of. However, F4 into the army’s 15 anniversary of the matter has been put on the agenda. Ken Chu Han Wenwen offered couples the first variety show "Star" for the first time in variety. Focusing on the star Home Furnishing transformation, it is reported that the program is divided into 12 periods, each program are independent content. By the top 4 home designers, the formation of the transformation of the home of the transformation of the home of the group of 4 assistant designer star. "Change it in" star way changed Jiezhuang program transformation of the field for the first time, copy the need to transform the Home Furnishing environment to record the scene, at the same time decoration by two designers to complete the room Home Furnishing transformation, and ultimately by the star guests according to personal preferences to decide when the stage designer. Star has been identified as a guest actor Myolie Wu, Olympic champion Yang Wei, newlyweds and her wife is the first show of the show by the couple to give the first show of the Chinese and the younger generation of the.       goings meeting, Ken Chu and Han Wenwen married the first time in front of the media on the same stage, two full hand, Ken Chu often hand finishing lady’s hair, full of love. When it comes to a new home, two people Ken Chu said: "this time we have a lot of experience, from two separate individuals, decided to put together a two home to be made one. To tell you the truth, no less quarrel. Friends say this is also very normal, we are for the purpose of the home, so the dispute on the reconciliation."         as a typical "North-South couple", Ken Chu admitted that indeed different Home Furnishing, hope that through this program to allow professionals to help them solve, "I admitted in 2013 Beijing, actually have quite a habit, I stay in Beijing for more than a day in Taiwan. In the style of decoration, I love the wood texture, she love the feeling of uncertainty, the reason to join the program, just because the home decoration is facing new problems, and some differences between the north and the south, hoping to find some knowledge and methods, we also know how to deal with these problems in the future." Han Wenwen side of the little woman always look like: he said, his experience is rich." When it comes to experience, Ken Chu explained: "I belong to the horse, age 38 years, my 38 years of life moved 35 times. The first is to study abroad, returned to Taiwan after a period of "vagrant", after becoming famous because of privacy reasons, I move too experienced." Vanness Wu confirmed to attend the wedding F4 fitness has been put on the agenda of the event, in the face of the couple, the media, of course, to ask the question of baby. Ken Chu said that two people like girls, but as for the question of time will come naturally. Ken Chu said, "when the wedding is over.相关的主题文章:

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