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22 the central bank to carry out 70 billion and 7 days reverse repo rate unchanged 中北大学分校

22 the central bank to carry out 70 billion and 7 days reverse repo rate unchanged Chinese securities network (reporter Wang Yuan) in the face of this week 960 billion reverse repo maturity peak, the central bank to continue to maintain a certain scale of operation of reverse repurchase. On Monday, according to the central bank announcement, the 22 day launched a 70 billion yuan reverse repurchase operation of 7 days, the interest rate was unchanged at 2.25%. The Central Bank continues to inject liquidity into the market. In view of the previous Saturday, there were 110 billion and 10 billion reverse repurchase expires, coupled with today’s 10 billion reverse repurchase expires, so today still achieve a net return of funds 60 billion. Guoxin Securities fixed income team pointed out that last week the central bank cut out medium-term lending facility (MLF), and the open market will continue the daily operation, although the net return scale open market this week, but expected liquidity will remain loose. Starting this week, the central bank will, in principle, carry out open market operations every day. In February 18th, the central bank announced, in order to improve the operating mechanism of the open market, open market operations improve the pertinence and validity, decided to extend the previous increase in the arrangement of open market operation frequency. From now on, in accordance with the needs of monetary policy regulation, in principle, open market operations are carried out on every working day. Last week the central bank continued to carry out reverse repurchase, and on Friday launched MLF and MLF lowered interest rates, coupled with the announcement of each working day every day of the market operation of the new deal, effectively smooth the price of money, compared to before, the price of money down slightly overall, the main varieties of 7 day repo rate fell to 2.34%. The former central bank working paper suggested that the upper limit of the future interest rate corridor for standing lending mechanism for lower interest rates, the deposit reserve rate. Market participants pointed out that the central bank to build a series of operations, shows the interest rate corridor, from quantity control to control prices, at the same time continue to maintain low levels of the funds rate, under the guidance of the social cost of financing. Lian Ping, chief economist at bank on Friday China securities network reporter said, from the central bank’s recent series of initiatives, the central bank is to seize the favorable opportunity to steadily promote the construction of interest rate corridor, and gradually to the monetary policy regulation to adjust, make it more sophisticated and targeted to promote the monetary policy operation mechanism is gradually changing. Lian Ping said, taking into account the fed into the interest rate channel, the current benchmark interest rate has reached a record low, short-term depreciation of the RMB is still pressure and other factors, is expected to decrease the possibility of future use of central bank RRR, interest rates and other traditional tools, instead of SLO, SLF, MLF and refinancing is more accurate and more targeted, can guide market interest rates of various types of open market instruments. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

央行22日开展700亿7天逆回购 利率持平   中国证券网讯(记者 王媛)面对本周9600亿逆回购到期洪峰,央行继续维持一定规模的逆回购操作。周一,据央行公告,22日开展了700亿元的7天逆回购操作,利率持平于2.25%。央行继续向市场注入流动性。   鉴于此前的周六、日分别有1100亿和100亿逆回购到期,加之今日的100亿逆回购到期,因此今日仍实现资金净回笼600亿。国信证券固收团队指出,过去一周央行降价开展中期借贷便利(MLF),且公开市场将延续每日操作,尽管本周公开市场净回笼规模高,但预计流动性仍将宽松。   本周开始,原则上央行将天天开展公开市场操作。2月18日,央行公告,为完善公开市场操作机制,提高公开市场操作的针对性和有效性,决定延续前期增加公开市场操作频率的有关安排。即日起,根据货币政策调控需要,原则上每个工作日均开展公开市场操作。   上周以来央行持续开展逆回购,并于上周五开展了MLF且下调了MLF利率,加之宣布每个工作日天天开展公开市场操作的新政,有效平稳了资金价格,相比节前,资金价格整体小幅下行,主力品种7天回购利率回落至2.34%。   在此前央行的工作论文中提出,未来利率走廊的上限为常备借贷机制的利率,下限为超额存款准备金的利率。市场人士指出,央行系列操作,显示欲构建利率走廊,从数量调控转向价格调控,同时继续保持较低的资金利率水平,引导社会融资成本的下行。   交行首席经济学家连平周五对中国证券网记者表示,从近期央行的一系列举措来看,央行正在抓住有利时机稳步推进利率走廊的构建,并逐步对货币政策的调控方式进行调整,使其更为精细化和有针对性,推动货币政策操作机制逐步转变。   连平称,再考虑到美联储进入加息通道、目前基准利率已达历史最低、人民币短期内仍有贬值压力等因素,预计未来央行使用降准、降息等传统工具的可能性下降,取而代之的是SLO、SLF、MLF以及再贷款等更为精准、更具针对性、更能引导市场利率的各类公开市场工具。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

IPhone date to January 1, 1970 will reproduce the vulnerability brick 炯炯有神的意思

IPhone: date to January 1, 1970 will reproduce the vulnerability brick video loading, please wait… Autoplay play will set the date for January 1, 1970, iPhone will get back and forth Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on February 15th, according to a new report loophole, if the user will adjust iPhone date to January 1, 1970, then iPhone will get. This vulnerability affects 64 bit iOS 8 and iOS 9, and tablet computers that use Apple’s A7, A8, A9, and A9X processors. At present, this loophole has not yet been formally confirmed, but many reports have confirmed the existence of this vulnerability. If you want to trigger this vulnerability, then iOS users can enter the settings -> general -> date and time menu, turn off the automatic settings options, and then manually adjust the time to January 1, 1970. After the setup is complete, the user needs to restart the phone and enter the Apple Store. At this point, you will see that your iPhone is corrupted, unable to recover, and cannot be started. Mobile phone has been bricked. Some Reddit users suspect that the root of the problem is the time zone setting. As long as the fallback date, the clock time will become negative, and this is not approved by iOS. Apple has yet to comment on the issue. At present, the problem will only affect 64 mobile phones. (Wei Jin)

iPhone再现漏洞:日期调至1970年1月1日将变砖 视频加载中,请稍候… 自动播放 play 将日期设置为1970年1月1日,iPhone将变砖 向前 向后   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月15日早间消息,根据最新报告的一个漏洞,如果用户将iPhone的日期调整至1970年1月1日,那么iPhone就会变砖。   这一漏洞影响了64位的iOS 8和iOS 9,以及使用苹果A7、A8、A9和A9X处理器的平板电脑。   目前这一漏洞尚未得到正式确认,但多篇报道都分别证实了这一漏洞的存在。如果希望触发这一漏洞,那么iOS用户可以进入设置->通用->日期和时间菜单,关闭自动设置选项,随后手动调整时间至1970年1月1日。   在设置完成后,用户需要重启手机并进入Apple Store。这时你将会看到,你的iPhone已损坏,无法恢复,无法启动。手机已经变砖。   一些Reddit用户猜测,问题的根源在于时区设置。在尽可能回退日期的过程中,时钟时间将变为负数,而这是iOS不认可的。苹果尚未对此问题置评。目前看来,问题只会影响64位手机。(维金)相关的主题文章:

Credit Suisse not directly to do the yen, the dollar and the euro and other hedge currencies 吉林化工学院教务系统

Credit Suisse: not directly to do more yen, the dollar and the euro and other currencies hedge currency remittance network February 4th News – Swiss credit said that monetary policy differentiation is still the main reason to promote the further strengthening of the U.S. dollar in the long line. But the agency does not recommend direct multi dollar direct currency against hedge G10 currencies, such as the euro and yen. After breaking the high of 1.1050 in December, the euro still has a higher risk against the dollar recently. From the specific currency to the dollar yen, the current problem is that, after the negative interest rate of the Central Bank of Japan last week, why Credit Suisse does not expect the U. S. dollar to break 125 yen as time goes by. After all, the easing measures taken by the Bank of Japan since 2012 have made the yen more radical and more persistent depreciation, and the yen has risen to multi-year highs. But the bank pointed out that the current key resistance is in the global interest rates were lower in the environment, the Bank of Japan’s negative interest rate liberal new deal has been very difficult to let the market investors continue to excited, the dollar rose against the yen did not seem to return to space, so the yen decline is just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Despite the negative interest rates held by the Japanese central bank, the negative yield of Japanese government bonds has shocked investors, but the yield on US Treasury bonds has also fallen sharply. So the spread has not fluctuated substantially, and the long-term support for the dollar has been limited. Although the current market valuation of the Fed this year, only a maximum interest rate once, but in the near future this is still a challenge. That’s why the bank expects the dollar to rise against the euro and the yen for three months, hoping that the global economy will show some signs of recovery from the downturn, and that the risk sentiment will eventually turn better and it will be more profitable. At 11:52 in Beijing, the euro was 1.108790 against the dollar. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

瑞信:不宜直接做多美元兑日元及欧元等避险货币   汇通网2月4日讯――瑞士信贷表示,货币政策分化仍是推动美元中长线进一步走强的主因。但该机构并不建议在短线直接做多美元兑避险性G10货币,如欧元和日元等。在上破12月高点1.1050后,近期欧元兑美元仍存上行风险。   从特定货币对美元兑日元来看,目前的问题是,在上周日本央行实施负利率后,为何瑞信并不预计随着时间的流逝,美元兑日元上破125。毕竟,2012年以来日本央行实施的宽松措施令日元更激进,且更持续的贬值,美元兑日元涨至多年高点。   但瑞信指出,目前关键阻力在于,在全球利率均走低的环境下,日本央行负利率宽松新政已经很难再让市场投资者持续地兴奋起来,美元兑日元上涨似乎没有回报的空间,因此日元走势的颓势也只是昙花一现。   虽然日本央行实施负利率后,日本公债收益率为负的状况确实令投资者震撼,但是美国国债收益率也大幅下滑。因此利差并未大幅波动,对美元的长期支撑也有限。   尽管目前市场计价美联储今年仅最多加息一次,但近期内这种预期仍存挑战。这也是该行推迟美元兑欧元和日元走强预期至三个月后的原因,寄望届时全球经济能出现部分走出低谷复苏的迹象,并认为风险情绪最终转好将利多美元。   北京时间11:52,欧元兑美元报1.1087 90。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The first half of the huge loss of 7 billion 700 million oil CNOOC net LNG fell 97.9% in hope 华人城防屏蔽页面

The first half of the huge loss of 7 billion 700 million oil CNOOC net LNG fell 97.9% in hopes of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years of experience in veteran reporter He Qingyou Danting Shanghai, Hongkong reported August 24th CNOOC (0883.HK) announced the first half of fiscal year 2016 performance, oil and gas sales company for 55 billion 80 million yuan, down 28.5%, a net loss of 7 billion 740 million yuan, an interim dividend of HK $0.12 per share (including tax). On the same day, PetroChina also announced that the company in the first half of fiscal year 2016 profit of 531 million yuan, down 97.91%; the company in the first half of fiscal year 2016 revenue 764 billion 337 million yuan, down 13.09%. In fact, CNOOC and PetroChina’s significant decline in performance is expected. In August 15th, CNOOC chairman Yang Hua also went to Canada, and Nixon company independent director John Abbott and Rosen Hunter, on the task stage facing the development of oil and gas industry trends, Nixon, difficulties and challenges, and to strengthen the next and the Canadian government departments of communication and exchange of views on topics such as. And earlier, CNOOC has taken over 3 executives. This means that Yang Hua hopes to increase the operation of the market through personnel changes, so that CNOOC each plate to achieve profitability, even Nickerson, but also hope to be able to stop bleeding. Southern China natural gas market insiders told the twenty-first Century economic report reporter, CNOOC hopes to import LNG spot quantity, accelerate the integration of the national natural gas market, so that the natural gas market to become the domestic overlord. The national energy research institute director Han Wenke believes that the current China natural gas market dilemma is temporary, because after 2008 imports of high priced LNG, can only take the expansion of imports to domestic natural gas price level low share, which enterprises take part, residents of a part of the new natural gas imports the price of a part. Two oil central enterprises performance declined sharply, according to CNOOC said that as of June 30, 2016, the company’s exploration and development and other business steadily. A total of 6 new discoveries and 26 successful evaluation wells were obtained, among which 6 new discoveries and 20 successful evaluation wells were obtained in China, and 6 successful evaluation wells were obtained abroad. 4 new projects put into operation during the year are progressing smoothly. Kenli 10-4 oilfield and Panyu 11-5 oilfield have been put into production, and the other 2 new projects have been carried out smoothly. Benefit from cost reduction and efficiency measures, the first half of the company cost control effect is remarkable, the main cost index dropped sharply, barrel oil cost is 34.86 dollars barrels of oil equivalent, down 15.5%. Among them, the operating cost of 7.42 dollars barrels of oil equivalent, down 22.7%, China Sea and overseas decline year on year. CNOOC President Yuan Guangyu said that if capital spending shrinks too much, it may affect the future development of the company, but the cost reduction limits the contraction of some capital expenditures. On his theory

中海油半年巨亏77亿寄望LNG 中石油净利下降97.9% 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 助阵炒股大师赛 20年经验老手解盘   本报记者 何清 尤丹婷 上海、香港报道   8月24日中海油(0883.HK)公布2016财年上半年业绩,公司油气销售收入为人民币550.8亿元,同比下降28.5%,净亏损为人民币77.4亿元,中期股息每股 0.12 港元(含税)。   同一天中石油也宣布,公司2016财年上半年盈利5.31亿人民币,同比下降97.91%;公司2016财年上半年营业收入7643.37亿人民币,同比下降13.09%。   其实中海油和中石油业绩大幅下降是意料之中的事情。   就在8月15日,中海油董事长杨华还亲赴加拿大,与尼克森公司独立董事约翰・阿博特和罗森・亨特,就油气行业发展趋势、尼克森公司面临的困难和挑战、下一阶段工作任务以及加强与加拿大政府部门沟通等话题交换了意见。   而更早前,中海油新上任了3位高管。这意味着,杨华希望通过人事变化等方式,加大市场的运作,让中海油各个板块实现盈利,即便是尼克森,也希望能够止血。   有华南天然气市场人士向21世纪经济报道记者透露,中海油希望通过进口LNG的现货量,加速全国天然气市场的整合,让其天然气市场重新成为国内霸主。   原国家发改委能源研究所所长韩文科认为,目前中国天然气市场的困境是暂时的,是因为2008年后进口高价LNG造成的,只能采取扩大进口量的办法将国内天然气价格水平摊低,这其中企业担负一部分,居民担负一部分,新进口的天然气价格担负一部分。   两石油央企业绩大幅下降   据中海油称,截至2016年6月30日,公司勘探开发等各项业务稳步推进。勘探方面共获得6个新发现和26口成功评价井,其中,中国海域获得6个新发现及20口成功评价井;海外获得6口成功评价井。计划年内投产的4个新项目进展顺利,垦利10-4油田和番禺11-5油田已经投产,其他2个新项目顺利推进。   得益于降本增效的各项得力措施,上半年公司成本控制效果显著,主要成本指标大幅下降,桶油主要成本为34.86美元 桶油当量,同比下降15.5%。其中作业费7.42美元 桶油当量,同比下降22.7%,中国海域和海外均同比下降。   中海油总裁袁光宇表示,如果资本开支收缩过大有可能影响公司未来的发展,但成本降低对冲了一部分资本开支的收缩。他说,虽然降成本的难度越来越高,但下半年有信心使成本进一步降低。   期内,公司油气净产量为241.5百万桶油当量,同比增长0.6%。其中,中国海域净产量为160.1百万桶油当量,同比增长2.4%,主要来自渤海和南海西部新投产项目的贡献;受长湖项目事故关停影响,海外净产量同比下降2.9%,为81.5百万桶油当量。   受国际原油价格下降影响,中海油上半年平均实现油价为37.70美元 桶,同比下降34.5%;平均实现天然气价为5.49美元 千立方英尺,同比下降16.2%,主要是由于中国政府去年下半年下调天然气价格,中国海域部分气田价格下降。公司油气销售收入为人民币550.8亿元,同比下降28.5%。净亏损为人民币77.4亿元。   另据中石油介绍,截至2016年6月30日,公司实现经营利润345.40亿元、归属股东净利润5.31亿元,经营利润跌幅低于油价跌幅。各项营运指标中,投资结构进一步突出质量效益导向,资本性支出较历史高点下降约 46%;主要成本费用指标连续下降,油气单位操作成本同比下降超过10%;根据市场需求优化产品结构,柴汽比由上年同期的1.75降至1.42;开源节流降本增效成效明显,财务状况保持稳健,资产负债率比期初下降 0.2 个百分点,自由现金流保持为正,且同比增加约227亿元,达299亿元。   尼克森的噩梦   从2015年半年报利润147.33亿元跌至亏损77.4亿元,尼克森公司“至关重要”。   2013年中海油以151亿美元的价格完成了对加拿大尼克森公司的收购。当时很多投行就认为中海油在“豪赌油砂”。   当时,国际油价在100美元 桶附近,因此中海油认为,油砂可以盈利,但是2014年后,国际油价暴跌,至2016年2月已跌至26美元 桶,油砂不但不能盈利,而且因为尼克森在加拿大的油砂项目有污染,中海油不得不支付巨额费用。   据称,2015年7月16日,尼克森新安装的一条管线破裂,在加拿大北阿尔伯塔地区泄漏了接近31500桶的原油。据称,这是近30年来北美地区陆上最严重的一次漏油事件。   杨华表示,对油砂项目的投资具有长远的价值,尽管现在油价低迷,而油砂项目的成本较高,仅看短期表现无法做出全面的判断,但只要能控制好成本,对长期的发展还有信心。回应是否将来会对尼克森油砂项目进一步减值,杨华称,目前尚无法确定未来的市场情况,未来油价也“不听我指挥”,所以当下无法回答。   国土资源部油气战略研究中心处长潘继平表示,中海油尼克森大部分非常规油气项目现在已经进入暂缓或半停业状态。而2015年3月,中海油尼克森已经宣布裁员400人,占其3000多名现有员工的13%。   “随着油砂的污染,尼克森的噩梦才开始呢”,有知情人士坦言道。   LNG是最大的希望   中海油是中国最大的LNG进口国,从上海至华南,中海油就有很多LNG液化天然气接收站,因此中海油希望通过中国天然气市场的霸主地位,让中海油重生。   8月22日,中国首个LNG接收站中海石油气电集团广东大鹏接收站迎来一艘特殊货轮――来自美国萨宾帕斯LNG (Sabine Pass LNG)的货轮。这是美国政府放开天然气出口禁令后出口到亚洲的第一船LNG。萨宾帕斯LNG 是首个获得美国政府出口许可的LNG终端,原料天然气来自德克萨斯州和路易斯安那州的非常规天然气。   自美国页岩气革命后,其天然气就严重过剩,天然气价格最低时2美元 百万英国热单位,因此中国企业一直希望进口美国LNG,但是因为各方面原因,此前一直没有成功。   据彭博社纽约报道,该货轮是全球第一艘通过经禁航进行扩建后的巴拿马运河的LNG货轮。巴拿马运河扩建将在一定程度上影响LNG贸易。以美国为例,美国LNG出口项目通过大西洋和印度洋到东京的航程约15000海里,而通过运河可以减少6000海里,以18节平均航速计算,可节省13天左右,这将可能使美国LNG出口项目更具竞争力。   自2009年开始,广东大鹏公司提供代加工业务(TUA)。迄今为止大鹏接收站已在该代加工业务项下安全接卸199船LNG货物,输送天然气共计约1480万吨。   “中海油希望通过美国LNG的低价,平衡过去进口的高价LNG,已实现其进口LNG价格高的问题,这也是杨华最希望看到的结果”,那位华南天然气市场人士说。   中国《能源发展战略行动计划(2014-2020)》中规划:“2020年我国天然气消费量在一次能源消费总量的比例要达到10%以上。”   (编辑:包芳鸣) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Britain’s retreat from Europe increased sharply, and the pound fell below 1.40 for the first time in 黑龙江生态工程职业学院

The British pound dollar surge worries back in Europe for the first time in 09 years fell below 1.40 hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis Beijing time 24 Asian city in early trading, the pound against the dollar after the breakdown of the 1.40, for the first time since March 2009. On Monday (22), the pound fell 2.4% against the dollar, the largest one-day decline since May 2010, to 1.4070, the lowest since March 2009. The previous two trading days, the cumulative loss of 2.7% pounds, 09 years since February, the largest two consecutive daily decline. "The threat of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union puts pressure on the pound," said Deutsche Bank foreign exchange strategist Daniel Brehon. "But Britain’s current account deficit is one of the reasons for the pound’s decline." Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union has been heating up recently. The market fears that Britain’s potential retreat from Europe may affect trade and renegotiate other EU member states with the European union. Carney, governor of the Bank of England, said yesterday (23) that there were signs of a "referendum premium", and the recent fall was partly due to the British referendum. As a result, the pound fell 37 points against the dollar in 5 minutes, reaching 1.4084. Last Sunday, the British mayor of London, Boris ·, who was regarded as a heavyweight in British politics, announced that Johnson would support the UK from the European Union, which undoubtedly brought great uncertainty to the outcome of the referendum on the European Union which will be held in June, which will be held in. Boris. Even if the polls tend to stay in the European Union, the Western Pacific Bank may remain vulnerable to other currencies, the Westpac bank said. The BOE did not raise interest rates, and it may also add downward pressure to sterling. The risk premium of sterling will remain until the end of 6 this year and will disappear in the second half of this year. Taking history as a mirror, whenever the major crisis occurred, the reaction of the pound dropped sharply: Citi expected the UK to withdraw from Europe from the previous 20%~30% to 30%~40%. Deutsche Bank expects the pound against the dollar to fall to 1.28 level by the end of the year. Pound lower dragged euro. The euro also dropped to 1.1020 on Monday, hitting a new three week low. For these reasons, investors fear that the euro will continue to decline before the British referendum in June 23rd. Analysts on Bloomberg’s average expect the euro to fall to 1.08 against the dollar in March 31st. Daragh Maher, director of HSBC foreign exchange strategy, said to Bloomberg: "if we increase the risk of Britain retreating from Europe, we will see the negative risk of the euro.". Although the euro has less influence than the pound, the direction is the same. Britain’s retreat from Europe is a background factor for the euro." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

英国退欧忧虑大增 英镑 美元09年来首次跌破1.40 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   北京时间24日亚市早盘,英镑对美元盘中击穿1.40,为2009年3月以来首次。   就在本周一(22日),英镑对美元大跌2.4%,创下2010年5月以来最大单日跌幅,至1.4070,至2009年3月以来新低。此前两个交易日,英镑累计重挫2.7%,为09年2月以来最大的连续两日跌幅。   “英国退出欧盟的威胁施压英镑汇率,”德意志银行外汇策略师Daniel Brehon如此表示。“不过,英国经常账户赤字也是造成英镑下挫的原因之一。”   近日,英国退出欧盟的忧虑持续升温。市场担心,英国潜在的退欧可能影响贸易,并令其他欧盟成员国与欧盟重新谈判。   英国央行行长卡尼昨日(23日)称,有迹象表明英镑存在“公投溢价”,近期英镑走低一定程度上归结于英国退欧公投。此言一出,英镑对美元在5分钟内跌去37点,触及1.4084。   上周日,被视为英国政坛重量级人物的英国伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)宣布,将支持英国脱离欧盟,这无疑为6月将举行的“退欧”公投结果带来巨大不确定性。   西太平洋银行称,即便民调偏向于“留在欧盟”,英镑兑其他货币也可能维持弱势。英国央行没有升息可能也给英镑增添下行压力。英镑的风险溢价将维持至今年6月末,料在下半年消失。   以史为鉴,每当遇到重大危机,英镑的反应多为大幅下跌:   花旗将英国退欧概率预期由先前的20%~30%上调至30%~40%。德意志银行预计英镑对美元将在年底跌至1.28水平。   英镑走低拖累欧元。欧元在本周一同样跌至1.1020创三周新低。基于上述理由,投资者担心欧元将会在6月23日英国公投前继续下跌。彭博调查的分析师们平均预期,欧元兑美元将在3月31日跌至1.08。   汇丰银行美国外汇策略主管Daragh Maher向彭博表示:“如果我们加大英国退欧的风险,我们将看到欧元存在负面风险。虽然欧元所受影响不及英镑,但方向是一致的。英国退欧是欧元的一个背景因素。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

When the turn is not afraid to buy Nikon D4s manual 月高高 心寥寥

When the turn is not afraid to buy Nikon D4S Manual New Year’s new release, Nikon Xianshengduoren, in Canon’s new flagship 1DX II has yet happened when the first high-profile release of their new flagship Nikon D5 powerful performance, sparked heated debate. Although the new machine D5 strong debut, but the previous generation Nikon D4S is still hot, and even a slight increase, is one of the representatives is worth buying "old" camera. In the new and old alternately, Xiaobian first for you to Nikon D5 and D4S several parameters contrast, see this old "Nikon" D4S is worth buying?. At the 2016 Olympic Games, the brand launched flagship camera is self-evident rules, shooting sports events requirements of photographic equipment, the high performance is the priority among priorities, so Nikon launched the D5 performance guards is no ground for blame. Let us review the amazing digital Nikon D5: maximum ISO 3280000, 20 million 820 thousand pixels, 153 point AF, 14 seconds continuous shooting speed, 4K video recording… These parameters can be regarded as a new benchmark for the follow-up development of Nikon, and the new breakthroughs of these top cameras will be put into low-level cameras. Think of it, Nikon D5 as the Olympic year for sports photography and the new flagship, is not really necessary to start immediately? Transposition again, if you remove these new upgrades, Nikon D4S is enough? Nikon D5 D4S key parameters comparison — — — — — Nikon D5 million effective pixels 20 million 821 thousand and 623 to 20 million 820 thousand pixels, the resolution is 5568× 3712, Nikon’s flagship SLR in 10 million pixels around 8 years after the first time finally crossed the 20 million pixel mark. Nikon D5 compared to D4s pixel increases about 4 million, compared to the high pixel models recently frequently about ten million increase is not large, but to have high requirements of continuous and high sense of control noise of the flagship SLR, this range is not too small. Nikon D5 pictures from Nikon’s official website 20 million for the flagship camera is really so important? Now the APS-C format basically has a comprehensive station on the 2000 million mark, M43 models also exceeded 2000 million bottleneck, when the flagship SLR also officially exceed 2000 million, more means that changes in the overall quality improvement, age, but never say the lack of 2000 megapixel flagship single anti is should be immediately eliminated the. D4S positioning in the news professional camera, more consideration, continuous shooting speed, high durability, transmission performance, and pixel enough for news machine, daily newspapers and magazines on news picture pixel is not so high. The highest sensitivity of ISO 3280000 ISO 409600 sports photography requires strong high sense image quality, Nikon will D5 standard sensitivity up to ISO 102400, while the highest ISO is increased to 3280000, for weak light.

正逢新旧交替也不惧 尼康D4S购买手册   新一年的新品发布,尼康先声夺人,在佳能新旗舰1DX II迟迟没有动静之时,率先高调发布了自家新旗舰尼康D5,强悍性能引发热议。虽然新机D5强势登场,但前代产品尼康D4S仍在热销中,甚至有小幅调涨, 是很值得购买的“老”相机的代表之一。在新旧交替之际,小编先为大家进行尼康D5与D4S的几项参数对比,看看这“旧款”尼康D4S究竟值不值得买。   2016正逢奥运年,各家相机品牌推出顶级旗舰已是不言自明的规律,拍摄体育赛事要求摄影器材的高性能是重中之重,所以尼康推出性能逆天的D5也是无可厚 非的。再来回顾一下尼康D5的惊人数字:最高ISO 3280000、2082万像素、153点对焦、14张 秒连拍速度、4K视频录制。。。这些参数可谓是尼康为后续发展树立的新标杆,而一般这些顶级相机 上的新突破会陆续下放到低级别相机去中。   这么一想,尼康D5作为奥运年为体育拍摄而面世的新旗舰,是不是真有立刻入手的必要呢?换位再一想,如果除去这些新升级,尼康D4S是否还够用呢?   尼康D5 D4S重点参数对比―――――――――――――   有效像素 2082万 1623万   尼 康D5的像素达到了2082万像素,分辨率为5568×3712,尼康旗舰单反在1000万像素徘徊了8年之久后终于第一次迈过了2000万像素大关。尼 康D5相比于D4s像素提升了约400万,相比于高像素机型最近动辄一千多万的提升幅度并不算大,但是对于对连拍和高感控噪都要求极高的旗舰单反来说,这 个幅度也并不算小。   尼康D5 图片来源于尼康官网   2000万对于旗舰相机来说真的那么重要?如今的APS-C画幅基本上已经全面站上了2000万大关、M43机型也已经突破了2000万瓶颈,当旗舰单反 也正式超越2000万,更多的意味着整体画质的提升、时代的变化,却绝不能说不足2000万像素的旗舰单反是应该立刻淘汰的。D4S定位在新闻专业相机 上,更多地考虑高感、连拍速度、耐用、传输等性能,而且像素对新闻机来说够用即可,日常报刊杂志新闻图片对像素的要求也不是那么的高。   最高感光度 ISO 3280000 ISO 409600   体 育摄影需要强大的高感画质,尼康就将D5的标准感光度最高提升到了ISO 102400,而最高ISO更是提升到3280000,对弱光摄影来说又达到了一个全新的境界,也是首次将感光度提升到了百万级别。而尼康D4S的标准感 光度范围是ISO 100 到ISO 25600,可扩展至ISO 50到ISO 409600。   尼康D5高感样张 图片来源于尼康官网   在强悍的高感这一点上,尼康D5的提升无疑是一个飞跃。但基于“尼康D4S还够不够用”来讨论弱光拍摄的话,配备上三脚架与闪光灯(都用上顶级专业旗舰了,有脚架与闪灯也算是“标配”了),也不一定会用得上最高标准感光度,甚至是最高扩展感光度。   连拍速度 14张每秒 11张每秒   得益于EXPEED 5图像处理器的强大运算能力,能够轻松处理尼康D5高像素数图像传感器和CH连拍模式下收集的数据,快速的图像传感器数据写入速度实现约14幅 秒的连 拍。而基于EXPEED 4的尼康D4S能实现最高11张每秒的高速连拍。尼康D5可以连续拍摄200张RAW文件,从像素处理来看,D5每秒的处理像素数为2.9亿左右,而 D4s的处理速度为1.99亿左右,提升幅度接近50%。   图片来源于尼康官网   尼康D5的连拍速度,比D4S确有提升,在尼康相机中目前是最快的。但如果非要纠结于2、3张的数值,那么尼康D5的14张 秒与佳能1DX相同,不出意外佳能1DX Mark II还会领先D5连拍速度1到2张。。。   对焦点 153 51   对焦系统是尼康D5的重要升级,因为51点对焦系最早应用于2007年的尼康D3上,已经足有八年多没有升级了。尼康D4S的51点对焦系统包括15个十 字型感应器,其中11个感应器支持f 8;而D5带来了Multi-CAM20K对焦系统,对焦点数达到了153点,其中99点为十字型对焦点,15个支 持f 8对焦,提供7种不同的对焦区域选择,对焦覆盖面积也有了大幅度提升。   尼康D5对焦点示意图 图片来源于尼康官网   关于对焦系统的升级,尼康D4S确实是该服气。不过小编不严谨地开一句玩笑,对焦点这么多,移动的时候来得及吗~   视频 4K 1080P   尼 康D5具有4K 30p的视频拍摄能力,可以说开创了单反相机的4K视频时代,是最早采用4k视频录制的单反相机。然而!尼康D5的4K录制时间只有3分钟左右,通过后期 的固件升级,尼康D5可以达到29分59秒的4K视频录制,有消息称尼康会在三月份发布固件更新。   图片来源于尼康官网   所以,如果因为4K视频功能而想将尼康D4S升级到D5的话,那么还得再等俩月,新机都等到了还不能等个固件吗?要是不苛求旗舰单反非得有4K视频摄录功能的话,尼康D4S的1080P够不够用你自己说了算。   最后值得再提两点:一是,虽然一向和旗舰级单反相机没什么瓜葛,不过尼康D5加入了方便入门用户的触摸屏,D5算是旗舰单反相机中首次加入触摸屏配置的产 品了,也象征着专业性与易用性统一的开端。不过“一向和旗舰机单反没什么瓜葛的触摸屏。。。”,尼康D4S也就一笑带过了。二是,尼康D5比D4S重了约 50克。   买水货还是买行货?尼康D4S各套机如何选?――――――   以上说了那么多,小编的核心观点是,尼康D4S还是很值得购买的。下面就来说说关于购买的那些事儿。   淘宝需谨慎,行货最靠谱   在万能的淘宝上买数码产品已不是新鲜的事儿了,淘宝上买到的水货自然十分便宜,特别是对于单反来说,少则数百元,多则千余元的差价都有。但是大家都知道淘 宝水很深,原装配件乾坤大挪移的事不少见,最怕的是买到翻新机或者残次品,所以小编不太建议大家购买水货,如果非要选择购买的话一定要谨慎行事。行货虽贵 但可全国联保,产品质量与货源有保障,尼康单反自购买日起享有一年免费保修。单反这种比较精密的设备,使用久了感光器等地方容易沾尘,这时候售后服务就很 有价值,所以行货贵就贵在这售后服务,多花几百元买个放心也是值得的。   可能会有朋友犹豫是该选择机身再另外单买镜头还是直接买套机,如果你是尼康老用户,已经有一些尼康FX镜头,那么选择机身最合适,或者喜欢玩转接买个机身回去折腾也行;但如果你是刚入尼康FX系统,这样的话选择套机最省心、最实惠!   更多镜头选择   尼康AF-S变焦尼克尔17-35mm f 2.8D IF-ED镜头   这款镜头适用于采访及旅行拍摄,所拥有的17-35焦段因为包含了35的焦段,除了风景还可以拍摄人文类题材。虽然在超广角的焦段表现略逊于14-24一 类的镜头,但更全面一点,拍摄的题材更多。该镜头拥有的超低色散玻璃能减少色散,即使在最大光圈下,也提供绝佳的光学性能。   尼康AF-S 尼克尔 70-200mm f 4G ED VR镜头   AF-S 尼克尔 70-200mm f 4G ED VR镜头是一款轻便小巧的FX格式、最大光圈f 4的远摄变焦镜头。它提供了出色的图像质量和广泛的焦距范围(70mm到200mm),重量仅850克, 带来便携性和超高性能,还拥有减震功能以提高图像质量,更好地满足专业人士的需求。   除了相机和镜头可能还需要什么?――――――――――――   输出强劲、操作流畅的闪光灯   除了相机和镜头,闪光灯算是不可或缺的一大配件了,虽然尼康D4S的高感已经很不错了,但谁让它比不上D5的328w呢?开个玩笑,出于专业的摄影需求,很多情况下也是经常会用到闪光灯的。   尼康SB-910闪光灯   尼康D4S已是顶级器材,直接选择尼康的“神灯”SB-910闪光灯绝对不会错,能够完全支持专业和资深业余摄影师的创意摄影,能够最大程度地利用光线, 与上一代SB-900闪光灯相比,具有诸多改进之处,包括更流畅的操作性、更高的照明精度以及采用了硬性彩色滤光等。   稳定性高、材质好的三脚架   三脚架也是专业的摄影师们的基本装备之一,能起到稳定相机的效果让图像更清晰,特别是在使用长焦镜头时最明显的好处在于它能减少相机的震动,从而提高了照 片的清晰度。另一个好处是在长时间曝光拍摄,可以使用更小的快门速度来拍出光轨或者流动的画面,在拍摄风光时长爆也一定会使用到三脚架。   百诺 C1690TB1 碳纤维三脚架   思锐T2204+G20云台 便携碳纤维三角架   曼富图 新190系列MT190CXPRO3CN 碳纤维三节脚架   三脚架的选择可不能太贪图便宜,价格低的脚架往往稳定性差、材质较劣,卡片机或微单也许还算够用,像尼康D4S的大块头再搭配上镜头,如果脚架选择不当,可能会造成机毁镜亡的惨重损失,这售后可是不管的哟。   容量大、读写速度快的XQD CF卡   尼 康D4S配备了XQD存储卡和CF卡双插槽,其中XQD卡是由索尼、SanDisk和尼康三方共同开发,其存储速度和容量相比前任CF卡有所改进。索尼率 先发布了XQD存储卡,尼康也宣布其旗舰单反相机D4、D4S支持该存储格式。随着数码相机的像素提高、高速连拍和全高清摄像的普及,数码影像产业的两大 巨头齐出手正式改变了存储卡行业的新格局,而今后转用XQD存储卡也将是大势所趋。   索尼 XQD 32G高速存储卡   东芝EXCERIA 1000X 128G极至瞬速CF存储卡   如果经常存储RAW格式的图片,CF卡的选择当然也是越高速越好、容量越大越好。   以上就是为大家带来的尼康D4S购买手册,如果大家对这台还很保值的“老款”机型有购买需求的话,就千万不要错过啦。相关的主题文章:

内存方面为3GB+64GB 重生之崛起在美国极北

The release of millet millet 5 annual flagship will establish offline sales channels for Sina Francisco February 24th afternoon, millet technology today held a new conference, released two mobile phone millet mobile phone 4S and millet mobile phone 5. Millet 4S is an upgraded version of millet 4, priced 1699. Annual flagship millet 5 is divided into three versions, the lowest price of 1999. It will be open sale in March 1st. 4S is a mobile phone millet millet mobile phone 4 upgrade, according to Lei Jun, as of January this year, a total of 4 mobile phone millet sold 16 million units, millet become the new most sales models. Millet mobile 4S using Qualcomm Xiaolong 808 chip, and increased the back fingerprint recognition, memory for 3GB+64GB, priced at 1699 yuan. Millet also launched a special "violet" for women". Subsequently, Lei Jun released the focus of the conference – the annual flagship millet 5. Lei Jun said millet 5 has experienced 18 months of research and development time, the long cycle, is the most mobile phone millet R & D cycle of the past. Lei Jun explained that millet 5 in the research and development to overcome many difficulties, and in front of fingerprint identification, camera optical anti shake and ceramic materials work. Previously, millet mobile phone maintains "a flagship development rhythm, and from July 2014 release of millet 4, millet 5 launch was delayed for half a year. But there are comments that this is in Qualcomm’s flagship chip: Xiaolong 820. Due to poor stability of the flagship chip 810 Qualcomm snapdragon generation, rely on Qualcomm’s flagship chip domestic mobile phone manufacturers or choose a more mature Xiaolong 808, or choose to wait until 820 production. Millet mobile phone chose the latter, and also became the first mass-produced Xiaolong 820 equipped with mobile phone. In the other configuration, millet 5 with a body fingerprint positive, the screen is 5.2 inches 1080P display, millet 5 will be the standard version of 32G, 64G and 128G high version enjoy three versions, priced at 2299: 1999 yuan, and 2699 yuan. It should be noted that the previous network transmission of 3DTouch functionality has not been implemented on millet 5. In the case of Apple Pay into China fiery, millet 5 support full-featured NFC. In fact, in the gap of 4 millet and millet 5, millet also released the millet note, millet and red rice 4C note3, standard pricing were 2599, 1299 and 699. From the price point of view, millet 5 combines millet before "price" ideas, in reference to the millet note experience, although the flagship lowest price is 2000 yuan or less, but the median from the point of view, perhaps this will be the flagship of millet with 2500 yuan price range. It is worth mentioning that, said Lei Jun also conference, millet will upgrade from home service shop for the next line of retail stores, and in the future will expand to achieve the National more than 200. This means that: millet mobile phones and related products are no longer on the whole line of sales, millet is from the "electricity supplier" to the change of all channel retailers. )

小米发布年度旗舰小米5 将建立线下销售渠道   新浪科技讯 2月24日下午消息,小米科技今日召开新品发布会,发布了两款手机:小米手机4S和小米手机5。小米4S是小米4的升级版,售价1699。年度旗舰机小米5则分三个版本,最低售价1999。将在3月1日起公开销售。   小米手机4S是小米手机4的升级,据雷军介绍,截至今年1月,小米手机4共计售出1600万台,成为小米新的销量最多的机型。小米手机4S采用了高通骁龙808芯片,并增加了背部指纹识别,内存方面为3GB+64GB,售价1699元。小米此次还专门为女性推出了“紫罗兰色”。   随后,雷军发布了此次发布会的重点——年度旗舰机小米5。雷军表示小米5此次经历了18个月的研发时间,周期之长,是历代小米手机研发周期之最。雷军解释称,小米5在研发上克服了诸多困难,并在前置指纹识别、相机光学防抖和陶瓷材质方面下了功夫。   此前,小米手机保持着“一年一旗舰”的研发节奏,而距离2014年7月发布的小米4,小米5的推出时间延后了足足半年。但也有评论称,这是在等高通的旗舰芯片:骁龙820。   由于高通骁龙上一代旗舰芯片810的稳定性欠佳,依赖于高通旗舰芯片的国内手机厂商或选择了较为成熟的骁龙808,或选择等到820的量产。小米手机选择了后者,于是也成了搭载骁龙820后首款量产手机。   在其他配置方面,小米5采用了机身正面的指纹技术,屏幕为5.2英寸1080P显示屏,小米5将分32G标准版、64G高配版和128G尊享三个版本,售价分别为:1999元、2299和2699元。   需要说明的是,此前网传的3DTouch功能并没有在小米5上得以实现。在Apple Pay入华火热的情况下,小米5支持全功能的NFC。   实际上,在小米4和小米5的空档期内,小米还陆续发布了小米note、小米4c和红米note3,标准定价分别为2599、1299和699。从定价来看,小米5结合了小米之前“性价比”思路后,也参考了小米note的经验,虽然旗舰机最低价格还在2000元以内,但从中位数来看,小米或许就此将旗舰机带上2500元的价格区间内。   值得一提的是,雷军还在发布会上表示,会将小米之家由服务店升级为线下零售店,并在未来将拓展实现全国200多家。此举或意味着:小米手机和相关产品不再以全线上销售为主,小米正在实现从“电商”到全渠道零售商的转变。(李根)相关的主题文章:

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