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Comments the stock index of two cities opened up sharply and the gold plate soared 销声匿迹的意思

Comments received: two city stock index Dikaigaozou soaring gold plate hot column capital flows thousands thousand shares rating stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina Level2:A shares Sina speed Kanpan finance client: the most profitable investors are in use today is the year of the monkey A shares in the first trading day, the holiday outside the stock market crash, both Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index opened sharply lower, fell 2.84% in the fall of 2700 points. After opening, the two cities stock index opened high, afternoon decline continued to narrow, the Shanghai composite index once turned red, the gem index rose more than 1%, the stock index fell slightly. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.59% to 2747.26 points, Shenzhengchengzhi fell 0.05% reported 9668.84 points, up 0.95% gem refers reported 2116.84 points. Industry sector, the international price of gold rose, gold concept broke out across the board, constant state shares, Shandong gold, gold gold, Yuguang Gold lead and other stocks daily limit. In addition, the concept of vitamins, holographic concepts, sapphire, sports concepts and other plates gainers, brokerage, insurance, banking, electricity and other weight plates decline in the top. During the holidays, the external stock market crash, A shares of the first trading day of the monkey trend attracted much attention. Sichuan Securities believes that during the Spring Festival, the global risk assets fell sharply, while the hedging assets rose sharply, mainly due to the continued decline in oil prices, easing margins weakened dragged down global economic growth pessimistic expectations, short-term hedge sentiment increased significantly. From a technical perspective, the European and American stock market and crude oil is still in decline, the medium-term decline continues, but are facing short-term oversold rebound; while in safe haven assets such as gold week level rising trend, short-term face trim. While the A shares fell, the weekly synchronization in the short-term rebound in the morphology of the outer disk crash during the Spring Festival will lead to two dip to sharply lower in the form of a step, as long as not breaking lows continued weak, may form the two rally. So the combination of internal and external factors, still the proposed medium-term defense, concerned about the short-term oversold rebound in the small and strong concept of hot stocks. Guotai Junan chief macroeconomic analyst Ren Zeping believes that during the Spring Festival, offshore RMB rose to 6.53, and the rare inversion of RMB on the shore, showing a sharp drop in the dollar index led to the decline in short-term devaluation pressure. In addition, according to media statistics, after the Spring Festival, the market ushered in an important meeting, according to the trend of the past market trend, A shares rose 73% in February probability, rising probability of 62% in March. GF Securities brokerage agency also believes that the overseas market crash will not impact A shares, phased sell-off is very small, the preferred gold stocks sector opportunities. Guoxin Securities believes that the market in the short term is facing risk appetite adjustment brought about by the drop, but without excessive pessimism; previous restrictions on monetary easing pressure on the exchange rate eased in the near future, the future attention to changes in liquidity and reform expectations. Configure recommendation, pay attention to several main lines. A recommendation is gold and the supply side reform the traditional industry leader, still maintain the recommended unchanged; the two is to focus on film and tourism consumption during the spring festival may focus on the release of the industry, from the actual situation of the Spring Festival to see these industries to maintain a high growth industry boom, high logic get on

收评:两市股指低开高走 黄金板块暴涨 热点栏目资金流向千股千评个股诊断最新评级模拟交易客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   今日是猴年A股首个交易日,受假日期间外围股市大跌影响,沪深两市双双大幅低开,沪指开盘大跌2.84%失守2700点。开盘后,两市股指低开高走,午后跌幅持续收窄,上证指数一度翻红,创业板指涨幅超过1%,尾盘股指小幅回落。   截至收盘,上证指数跌0.59%报2747.26点,深证成指跌0.05%报9668.84点,创业板指涨0.95%报2116.84点。   行业板块方面,受国际金价大涨影响,黄金概念全线爆发,恒邦股份、山东黄金、豫光金铅、中金黄金等多股涨停。此外,维生素概念、全息概念、蓝宝石、体育概念等板块涨幅居前,券商、保险、银行、电力等权重板块跌幅居前。   假日期间外围股市大跌,A股猴年首个交易日的走势备受关注。川财证券认为,春节期间全球风险资产大跌,而避险资产大涨,主要受油价持续下跌、宽松边际减弱拖累全球经济增长的悲观预期所致,短期避险情绪明显上升。从技术图看,欧美股市和原油等周线依然处于下跌趋势,中期跌势持续,但短期均面临超跌反弹;而黄金等避险资产则处于周级别上涨趋势中,短期面临回档整理。而A股同步处于周线下跌、短期反弹的形态中,春节期间外盘的大跌将导致二次探底以大幅低开的形式一步到位,只要不破新低持续弱势,则可能形成二次反弹。因此结合内外因素,依然建议中期防守,短期关注超跌反弹的强势中小盘概念热点和个股。   国泰君安首席宏观分析师任泽平认为,春节期间离岸人民币大涨至6.53附近,与在岸人民币出现罕见的倒挂,显示美元指数大幅回落导致人民币短期贬值压力下降。此外,据媒体统计,春节过后市场迎来重要会议,按照过往行情走势看,A股2月上涨概率73%,3月上涨概率62%。广发证券等券商机构也认为海外市场大跌不会冲击A股,阶段性抛压已很小,板块机遇首选黄金概念股。   国信证券认为,市场短期面临风险偏好调整带来的补跌,但无需过度悲观;前期制约货币宽松的汇率压力近期有所缓解,未来关注流动性及改革预期变化。配置推荐关注几条主线。一是推荐黄金和供给侧改革下的传统行业龙头,目前仍然维持推荐不变;二是关注电影、旅游等春节期间消费可能集中释放的行业,从春节实际情况来看这些行业维持了较高景气,行业高增长逻辑得到验证;三是年报和一季报披露临近,一些优质的成长股在下跌后开始具备投资价值,可以逐步开始关注。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The fund’s vigilance is improved and the selection target is strictly selected 厦大表白门

The bond fund defaults reproduction vigilance strict selection of the underlying securities times reporter Zhao Ting Spring Festival holiday has just ended, the bond default risk once again sounded the alarm. "15 aproud CP001" and "Print-Rite MTN1 11", "15 landscape SCP002" this week have not traced the maturity payment in full. Although there is no direct fund "stepping on thunder", but the default parties have not yet cashed bonds were heavily loaded with some funds. The fund company said that the future of increased credit risk is the probability of the event, if the issuer of a product of default risk, the risk should be wary of other fund products as soon as possible. The default event in February 15th, Yabang investment holding group announced that the company’s 2015 annual short-term financing bills first "15 aproud CP001" can not be repaid in full, constitute a substantial breach of contract. It is understood that the 15 "no CP001 Yabang fund products holdings, but Yabang Group still has three period of the existence of short financial, respectively" 15 aproud CP002 "," 15 aproud CP003 "and" 15 aproud CP004 ", one of the" 15 aproud CP002 "is huitianfu income fast money monetary fund holdings, holdings accounted for the issuance of the 3.33%. Coincidentally, "11 Print-Rite MTN1" has also been exposed this week, the principal payment default risk, the company continued losses, the payment of principal and interest uncertainty. Prior to this, Print-Rite group "11 Print-Rite MTN2" has occurred interest default, and another company debt "11 Print-Rite debt" is still in existence. As of the end of 2015, the rich Xintian Feng regularly open bond, double bond are in possession of the varieties of 10000. In this regard, a fund company in Shanghai said the nature of Print-Rite group defaulted medium-term notes and bonds are significantly different, and the "11 Print-Rite debt" until 2018, when the company’s status may change. But there are fund managers who are cautious. The company is in a solvency crisis, which means the company’s solvency is facing greater uncertainty, the possibility of other bonds the same issuer default is greatly improved. Even if the coupon does not default, we will choose to sell as soon as possible." Multi angle standard strict selection of "15 landscape SCP001" caused by a public fund company will shanshui cement to the court, the case has not been sentenced, "landscape SCP002" in February 14th, failed to make full payment of principal and interest. Prior to this, the landscape of cement main rating and debt rating has been reduced several times. For the improvement of the default risk of credit bonds, many fund managers say that the overall risk is still controllable, and the target will be selected strictly from many angles. A private person said that the future will increase the yield to cover the risk. "Credit debt default" is market-oriented behavior, 1% of the bad debt rate is still acceptable." The private equity said. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

个券违约再现 基金警惕性提高严格甄选标的   证券时报记者 赵婷   春节假期刚刚结束,债券违约风险再次拉响警报。“15亚邦CP001”、“11天威MTN1”、“15山水SCP002”本周纷纷被曝不能到期足额兑付。尽管这次并无基金直接“踩雷”,但上述违约主体有尚未兑付的债券被部分基金重仓。基金公司人士表示,未来信用风险增大是大概率事件,如果一发行主体某只产品出现违约风险时,基金应尽早警惕其他产品的风险。   违约事件再现   2月15日,亚邦投资控股集团发布公告,公司2015年度第一期短期融资券“15亚邦CP001”不能按期足额偿付,构成实质性违约。据了解,15亚邦CP001”并无基金产品持仓,但亚邦集团仍有三期存续短融,分别为“15亚邦CP002”、“15亚邦CP003”及“15亚邦CP004”,其中的“15亚邦CP002”被汇添富收益快钱货币基金重仓,持仓占发行量的3.33%。   无独有偶,“11天威MTN1”也在本周被曝出本金兑付面临违约风险,公司持续亏损,兑付本息存在不确定性。   而在此之前,天威集团“11天威MTN2”已发生了利息违约,另有 一只公司债“11天威债”尚在存续期间。截至2015年底,富国新天锋定期开放债券、万家双利债券均持有该品种。   对此,沪上某基金公司表示,天威集团出现违约的中期票据和公司债的性质有很大不同,且“11天威债”2018年才到期,届时公司的状况可能发生变化。不过,也有基金经理对此表示谨慎。“公司一旦发生偿付危机,也就意味着公司偿债能力面临较大的不确定性,同一发行主体的其他债券违约的可能性大大提升。即便所持个券并未出现违约,我们也会选择尽快卖出。”   多角度严格甄选标的   “15山水SCP001”违约导致一众基金公司将山水水泥诉至法院,案件至今尚未宣判,“山水SCP002”又于2月14日未能按期足额兑付本息。在此之前,山水水泥的主体评级及债项评级已经被多次下调。   对于信用债违约风险的提升,不少基金经理表示整体风险仍可控,将从多个角度严格甄选标的。某私募人士则表示,未来将通过提高收益率来覆盖风险。“信用债出现违约是市场化行为,出现1%的坏账率尚能接受。”上述私募人士说。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Monkey Baby culture and superstition – Sohu Finance 铜陵学院怎么样

"Baby monkey" culture and superstition – Sohu finance as we enjoy the monkeys, are lively wit be clever and sensible, want to give birth to a baby monkeys in the monkey, so many families are busy grab the "baby monkey", it was expected that this may mean that there will be a little baby the tide in this year. The person of the year of birth and the animal is linked to China cultural invention, the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches Jinian, therefore, the animal with (Ji) years, months, days and time together, just a way, no relation with animal characteristics, more not accurately reflect the characteristics of animal. It is believed that any animal attribute has the characteristics of any animal, and may fall into the trap of superstition. Of course, heavenly stems and Earthly Branches is a kind of culture, but reflects the history and the characteristics of complex animal, things far fetched. Although as a farming culture has been preserved, but today, it’s far fetched some things become superstitious according to. But the fate of the zodiac and are not necessarily linked, so that children should also be, namely the couples themselves according to age, economic status and working conditions such as choice of birth, rather than according to animal growth. Zhang Tiankan (scholar)

“猴宝宝”的文化和迷信-搜狐财经   由于人们喜爱猴的聪明伶俐、机智活泼,都希望能在猴年生一个属猴的小宝宝,因此很多家庭忙着抢生“猴宝宝”,有人预计,这也许意味着,会在今年出现一个小小的婴儿潮。  把人的出生年与动物联系起来是中国文化的发明,即天干地支纪年,因此,把动物与计(纪)年、计月、计日和计时等结合起来,只是一种方式,与动物特点没有必然联系,更称不上准确反映动物特征。相信有什么动物属性就有什么动物的特点,有可能落入迷信的陷阱。  干支纪年当然是一种文化,但反映了纪年的复杂和采用动物、事物特征的牵强附会。虽然作为一种农耕文化也被保存了下来,但在今天,它的某些牵强附会的东西成为了迷信的根据。但生肖与人的命运并没有必然联系,所以,生孩子也应当顺其自然,即夫妻自己根据年龄、经济状况和工作情况等选择生育,而非根据属相来生育。  张田勘(学者)相关的主题文章:

Opening Liu Shiyu succeed Xiao Gang as chairman of the SFC stock index rose 1% points to 2900- finan 菏泽学院亭子门

Opening: Liu Shiyu succeed Xiao Gang as chairman of the SFC stock index rose 1% points to 2900- Sohu Finance Commission Huanshuai, Liu Shiyu succeeded Xiao Gang as chairman of the Commission, the 22 day morning the two cities opened, stock index reported 2888.6 points, up 1%, turnover of 1 billion 730 million yuan, the Shenzhen Component index reported 10290.05 points, up 1.26%, turnover of 3 billion 220 million yuan, the gem refers to the reported 2235.17 points, up 1.09%, turnover of 926 million yuan. Industry sector, medical industry, real estate, gene sequencing, 5G concept, Beijing Tianjin Hebei plate or related stock movements before, port plate down, precious metals, petroleum industry, The Belt and Road, the banking sector fell behind. Opening two cities 22 shares daily limit, 3 shares limit. Peripheral market, the United States stock last week recorded the largest increase in 2016, temporarily breathing. As of Saturday, (February 20th) morning, the Dow rose 2.6%, the S & P 500 index rose 2.8%, the NASDAQ index climbed 3.8%, ending the two consecutive week of tragedy, and this marks the biggest weekly rise since November 20, 2015. Asia Pacific stock markets opened Monday generally fell, Japan’s Nikkei 225 index opened down 0.73%, at 15851.39 points; the Japanese Topix index opened down 0.78% at 1281.74 points. Korea Seoul composite index opened down 0.24%. On the news, Liu Shiyu, chairman of the SFC Xiao Gang stepped down as chairman of the Commission; the second batch of pilot reform of central enterprises list is expected to release in the first half of the annual report; show the mechanism to transfer positions convertible in the social security fund transfer positions; the Commission accepted the first 762 enterprises have passed will be 100; network security included in the national key development plan 6 shares welcome the outbreak of opportunity; this week, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city of 15 restricted shares lifted the market value of about 42 billion 300 million yuan; equity pledge crisis shares are read "inhibition" 32 fund "into the monkey"; the first private securities regulatory bureau into the category of the proportion of checks often to check up to 30%. Last weekend, the biggest news is the chairman of the Commission, the central government decided according to the change, the Agricultural Bank Chinese party secretary and chairman Liu Shiyu to succeed Xiao Gang served as chairman of the Commission. In this regard, Soochow securities issued a report on the latest macro research that is his China Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu’s policies, the policy is expected to dominate the market, but also the focus of the Commission to. Soochow securities analysis, in the past ten years, Liu Shiyu actively support the central bank to build inter-bank bond market, the establishment of dealers association, to promote a series of bond products such as short fuse tickets in the innovation. Liu Shiyu believes that the core of the solution to the capital market problem is to develop multi-level capital market, at the same time, but also to expand the capital market financing ability, light refinancing is not possible". In recent years Liu Shiyu’s remarks, Soochow securities speculation, after it took office, may be formulated by the Central Committee "accelerate the development of multi-level capital market, the strategic deployment of rich direct financing tools, such as the development of capital securitization, the positive development of project revenue bonds, convertible bonds, etc..   。

开盘:刘士余接替肖钢任证监会主席 沪指涨1%剑指2900-搜狐财经   证监会换帅,刘士余接替肖钢任证监会主席,22日早盘两市高开,沪指报2888.6点,涨1%,成交17.3亿元,深成指报10290.05点,涨1.26%,成交32.2亿元,创业板指报2235.17点,涨1.09%,成交9.26亿元。行业板块方面,医疗行业、基因测序、房地产、5G概念、京津冀等板块涨幅 相关公司股票走势 靠前,港口水运板块下跌,贵金属、石油行业、一带一路、银行等板块涨幅滞后。开盘两市22股涨停,3股跌停。  外围市场方面,美股上周录得2016年最大涨幅,暂得喘息。截至北京时间周六(2月20日)凌晨收盘,道指上一周总计上涨2.6%,标普500指数上涨2.8%,纳斯达克指数攀升3.8%,终结了连续两周暴跌惨剧,并且这也标志着2015年11月20日以来的最大周涨幅。  亚太股市周一开盘普遍下跌,日本股市日经225指数开盘下跌0.73%,报15851.39点;日本东证股价指数开盘下跌0.78%,报1281.74点。韩国首尔综指开盘下跌0.24%。  消息面上,刘士余任证监会主席 肖钢卸任证监会主席;第二批央企改革试点名单有望上半年公布;年报显现机构调仓换股动向 社保基金调仓;证监会受理首发企业762家 已过会100家;网络安全列入国家重点研发计划 6只股迎爆发契机;本周沪深两市限售股解禁有15家 市值约423亿元;股权质押危机股被念“紧箍咒” 32只基金成“落水猴”;私募首次被纳入证监局常查范畴 抽查比例可达30%。  上周末最大的新闻应该就是证监会主席换帅了——根据中央决定,中国农业银行党委书记、董事长刘士余接替肖钢,担任证监会主席一职。  对此,东吴证券发布最新宏观研究报告称,即将履任中国证监会主席一职的刘士余的政策倾向,将主导市场的政策预期,同时也是此次证监会换帅的焦点。  东吴证券分析,在过去十年间,刘士余积极支持央行搭建银行间债市,成立交易商协会,推动短融和中票等一系列债市产品创新。刘士余认为,“解决资本市场问题的核心是把多层次资本市场发展起来,同时,还要扩大资本市场融资能力,光再融资是不行的”。  鉴于刘士余近几年的言论,东吴证券推测,其上任后,有可能会加快中央制定的“发展多层次资本市场,丰富直接融资工具”的战略部署,例如大力发展资本证券化,积极发展项目收益债,可转换债券等。  “这对盘活资金,去杠杆,扩大资本市场融资能力,将起到至关重要的作用。”东吴证券表示。  东吴证券同时认为,此次证监会换帅,有利于政策面预期,可能会引起股票和债券市场的短期利好行情。从中长期看,人员更换,并不表示政策调整。市场走势,将依然以供给侧改革力度和政策宽松程度为主导。  值得注意的是,统计发现,截至目前,证监会一共“换帅”8次。从历任证监会主席在任期间沪指的走势看,新帅上任后首个交易日,共出现4跌3涨;上任后首周,则为2跌5涨。照此计算,下周沪指有大概率上涨。  虽然券商认为证监会换帅对于短期A股有利好作用。但是对于A股中期的行情走势,券商之间产生重大分歧。  有券商认为,目前指数已经逼近前期2850-3000点平台,随着多空力量的短暂均衡,市场近期会进入震荡状态。虽然IPO将继续,但融资金额有限,对市场整体并不构成太大冲击。预计A股将延续升势,继续向上收复失地,但上方压力逐渐增大,涨幅将会收窄。  也有券商表示,实体经济好于预期,中短期流动性无忧,“两会”行情将继续展开。“两会”带来的结构性机会较多,每年“两会”前后是政策密集期,后续还会有很多从宏观到行业的政策,容易催生主题性机会。同时,1月金融数据大超预期,A股面临较好反弹窗口。  还有券商表示,对于反弹行情的持续性,尽管短期基本面有好转预期,但在“供给侧改革”、僵尸企业清退,经济调结构的背景下,基本面还将面临阵痛过程,总体缺乏实质性机会,难以支撑反转甚至中级别反弹行情的出现。相关的主题文章:

Rumor reveals is cancer detection useful on tall people 哈尔滨工业大学财务处

Rumor reveals: is cancer detection useful on tall people? Source: Science China WeChat public number (expert: Vice Chairman, Zhang Qifan China cancer association Professor, Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University from the part of China Cancer Association website, recommended by the Chinese cancer association original works) now around cancer who seems more and more, really worried that one day will fall on his head. Many people in order to give yourself to eat a "reassurance", began to believe that the market all kinds of anti-cancer medical projects, but little more than hundreds of thousands of dollars of prevention examination is really useful? Because cancer has many factors, such as disease, heterogeneity and so on, it has great complexity. Modern medicine has not been able to conquer cancer completely. At present, there is no absolute reliable anti-cancer medical scheme, which can accurately and accurately realize the early diagnosis of cancer. However, targeted physical examination for cancer prevention is helpful for early detection of tumor by means of systemic examination and comprehensive evaluation. 1. common anti-cancer screening of healthy physical examination and a lot of people, like the doctor process, some less obvious symptoms are likely to be ignored. General physical examination only basic inspection items, such as internal, surgical, blood, urine routine, chest X-ray, etc.. This examination is not targeted to individuals, signs and symptoms of cancer will become a fish escaped through the seine. In contrast, anti-cancer screening techniques and methods are utilized by the professional oncologist, for cancer high risk population and healthy population comprehensive cancer screening, and physical examination compared to the most prominent feature is the strong pertinence, traces can be found common to conventional physical examination or omission of nasopharynx, lung, esophagus, stomach, the intestine, liver, cervical, ovarian, prostate, breast cancer and other organs "". 2. who need to do physical examination for cancer prevention? A crowd of 35~60 years old. Every year, we should do a physical examination for cancer prevention, a family history of cancer, frequent exposure to carcinogens (including work environment exposure or bad lifestyle) or high risk population living in a high incidence area of cancer, should do 1~2 times a year. 20~40 year olds. Women should pay attention to breast and uterus examination. After sexual life, women should have cervical cytology once a year to screen for cervical cancer. This is the most effective, simple and convenient method for early detection of cervical cancer. Middle aged people after 40 years old. In particular, smoking or living, working environment, poor quality of the air, should be done once a year chest X-ray or CT screening, early detection of lung cancer has positive significance. Drinking or eating spicy spicy food of the people should regularly check the oropharynx. In addition, screening for gastric cancer, including pepsin test, Helicobacter pylori examination and related imaging examination, should be carried out. Women should pay attention to breast and uterine examination, a breast examination at least once a year, including hand, ultrasound or mammography. Every year, do a cervical smear examination, every 3 years to do a gynecological examination. People over 50 years of age. With colorectal polyps, a family history of colorectal cancer, constipation, diarrhea, hematochezia who do the best screening colonoscopy, colon lesions, not suitable for colonoscopy man

流言揭秘:高大上的防癌体检有用吗?   文章来源:科普中国微信公众号   (专家:张岂凡 中国抗癌协会副理事长,哈尔滨医科大学第四医院教授,部分内容出自中国抗癌协会网站,由中国抗癌协会推荐,原创作品)   现在身边患癌的人似乎越来越多,真担心有天会落在自己头上。不少人为了给自己吃一颗“定心丸”,开始相信市场上五花八门的防癌体检项目,但是少则几百块多则上万块的防癌体检真的有用吗?   由于癌症本身具有多因素致病、异质性等特点,具有极大的复杂性,现代医学目前还没有能够彻底攻克癌症。目前也没有一种绝对可靠的防癌体检方案,能够绝对精确地实现癌症的早期诊断。但是,有针对性的防癌体检通过对受检者进行全身检查、综合评估,还是有助于发现早期肿瘤。   1. 防癌体检≠健康体检   普通的健康体检人数很多,医生像进行流水作业一样,一些不太明显的症状就有可能被忽略。一般的健康体检仅有基础检查项目,如内、外科,血、尿常规,胸片等。这样的体检对个人不具针对性,癌症体征和症状就会成为漏网之鱼。相比之下,防癌体检是由肿瘤专科医师利用专业的技术手段和方法,针对癌症高危人群、健康人群的全面肿瘤筛查,和普通体检相比最突出的特点是针对性强,可发现常规体检检查不到的或疏漏的鼻咽、肺、食道、胃、肠、肝、宫颈、卵巢、前列腺、乳腺等器官常见肿瘤的“蛛丝马迹”。   2. 哪些人需要做防癌体检?   35~60岁的人群。每年应做一次防癌体检,有肿瘤家族史、经常接触致癌物(包括工作环境接触或不良生活方式导致)或生活于某种癌症高发地区的特定高危人群则应每年做1~2次。   20~40岁人群。女性要注意乳腺和子宫检查。女性有性生活后就要每年做一次宫颈细胞学检查,筛查宫颈癌。这是目前最有效、最简便易行的早期发现宫颈癌的办法。   40岁以后的中年人。尤其是吸烟或生活、工作环境空气质量差的人,应每年做一次胸部X线或CT筛查,对早期发现肺癌有积极意义。酗酒或喜食辛辣等刺激性食物的人群应定期检查口咽部。此外,还应对胃癌进行筛查,包括胃蛋白酶检查、幽门螺杆菌检查及相关的影像学检查等。女性应注重乳腺和子宫的检查,每年至少进行一次乳腺体检,包括手诊、超声或乳腺钼靶检查。每年做一次宫颈涂片检查,每3年做一次妇科检查。   50岁以上人群。有结、直肠息肉,结肠癌家族史,腹泻、便秘、便血史的人最好做肠镜,筛查结肠病变,不适合做肠镜的人可改用CT检查。男性还应在体检中增加一项前列腺特异抗原检查,以便及早发现前列腺癌,此外,50岁以上人群是肿瘤发病的高危人群,应警惕各种肿瘤的发生,注意科学健康的生活方式,一旦身体出现异常应及时到正规医院进行检查,以免贻误病情。   3. 防癌体检,选择适合自己的   我们建议,首先应该咨询专业人士,选择不同的防癌体检套餐。防癌检查并不是项目越多越好。关键要有针对性,尤其对于高危人群,比如长期吸烟者、乙肝病毒携带者等,由专业人士帮助设计体检检查项目和检查周期,根据个体情况量体裁衣,是杜绝漏诊的最有效方式,同时也是最符合卫生经济学的原则。   此外,选择合适的防癌体检项目,应从以下几方面考虑:   性别   女性检查者需要挑选检查女性生殖器系统的检查,男性则需要挑选检查男性生殖器系统的检查。女性有宫颈炎、宫颈糜烂者,可加做宫颈液基细胞学检查等。男性可选肺癌、胃癌、前列腺癌检查项目。   年龄   30岁以内要注意血液疾病、甲状腺、肝等,30岁以上多关注肺、胃、肝、胰腺等。   职业   建议环卫工人,教师注意呼吸系统方面,如肺部检查。司机、白领、公务员等饮食没规律,注意消化系统,做个胃镜;长期接触化学物质的人,如油漆工,按职业特点定期体检。   疾病史   应针对自己具体情况,如乙肝患者,重视肝脏超声波等肝癌诊断相关检查,老烟枪查胸片及呼吸系统肿瘤标志物检测等。   遗传史   很多人家族中癌症高发,尤其是乳腺癌、食道癌、直肠癌等都有遗传倾向,这类人群需要多注意相应的项目。   编辑:薛燕男相关的主题文章:

Why the large-scale outflow of private capital 午后薰衣茶txt

Why the large-scale outflow of private capital? The sina finance leaders column (WeChat public kopleader) writer Zhou Tianyong that year, direct investment in many countries in Chinese, from the market and profit, China economy is in the demographic dividend period to a huge market, exported to the international market competitiveness is also very strong, there are a variety of preferential policies on foreign investment. However, today, China’s economic population is small, aging, demographic dividend has become a negative advantage, competitive advantage is no longer. Why the large-scale outflow of private capital? A capital to another country or abroad to flow in the flow of the parties and between parties, if the system and mechanism of the system, the transfer of funds to the market of pure and profit; and when a country with another country or other countries, there are differences in the system, system and mechanism when the flow of funds between the factors, not only for the pure market and profitability, there are different system and mechanism, financial security, risk and uncertainty, and institutional differences resulting in low profit and loss. If the fund holder feels the A system, system and mechanism is unsafe, the risk is greater, the degree of uncertainty is higher, it will certainly transfer funds out of A countries, and enter a relatively safe and low-risk B country. Unless A in isolation, is not open, otherwise, the transfer of funds, not to A’s values and personal likes and dislikes will change. As a matter of fact, private funds enter the domestic economic fields, and there are a series of problems in the system, system and mechanism. It is especially pointed out that an open economy has a very close contact with the world, especially the development of Internet payment, funds remitted into the regulation of multiple channels and complex and difficult situation, if the money into the economy of the country folk A is more difficult, more obstacles, narrow, into the capital to enter the field of security operation, difficulties and high cost, low profit or even a loss; while the B state and vice versa, the foreign capital into the A national economy, the degree of liberalization must be high, into the process easier, safer assets into the capital, operating standards and lower risk funds, the profit level than the A state is high, B state of the A national private funds have a strong appeal, A state funds will be different even extensively to B countries, even to a similar class B The outflow of many countries. Such as rental housing for decades, or permanent property rights? Is university education beneficial to undertaking innovation or disadvantageous? The private investment property is not discrimination, abuse, shut the dogs up to beat them? In the same year, the direct investment of many countries entered China. From the perspective of market and profitability, China’s economy was in the period of demographic dividend, the market was huge, the competitiveness of export to the international market was also very strong, and there were various preferential policies for foreign investment. However, today, China’s economy has a small population, aging population, population growth slowed down, showing downward trend, demographic dividend into negative profits, based on the shrinking demand, domestic market and foreign export competitive advantage are no longer. Of course, a considerable number of international direct investment in China, or optimistic about China’s huge population size and its market.

为何民间资本大规模外流?   文 新浪财经意见领袖专栏(微信公众号kopleader)作家 周天勇   当年,诸多国家的直接投资进入中国,从市场性和盈利性看,中国经济处于人口红利期,市场巨大,向国际市场出口的竞争力也很强,也有各种各样的外资优惠政策。但是,时至今日,中国经济人口少子化老龄化,人口红利变成了负利,竞争优势不再。 为何民间资本大规模外流?   一国资金向另一国,或者向国外流动,在流动的双方和多方之间,若制度、体制和机制相同,其资金转移为纯粹的市场性和逐利性;而当一国与另一国,或者另多国,在制度、体制和机制上有差异时,资金在其之间的流动,不仅为纯粹市场性和盈利性的因素,也有不同制度、体制和机制下,资金的安全、风险和不确定性,以及由此形成的体制差异性低盈利和亏损。如果资金持有者,感觉A国制度、体制和机制不安全,风险较大,不确定性程度较高,必定会将资金转移出A国,进入较为安全、低风险的B国。除非A国闭关锁国,不对外开放,否则,资金的这种转移,不以A国的价值观及个人的好恶意志而改变。   实际上,民间资金进入国内各经济领域,有一系列制度、体制和机制方面的问题。特别需要指出的是,一个开放的与世界联系已经非常密切的经济体,特别是互联网支付发展、资金出入渠道多元、汇出汇入监管复杂困难的格局下,如果A国家民间资金进入经济领域的难度较大、障碍较多、进入领域狭窄、进入资金资产不安全、运营困难并成本较高、盈利较低甚至亏损;   而B国家则反之,对外来的A国家资金进入其经济领域,放开的程度要高,进入过程较为容易,进入资金资产较为安全,运营规范和风险较低,资金盈利程度比A国家高,则B国家对A国家的民间资金有较强的吸引力,A国家的资金将程度不同,甚至大规模地向B国家,甚至向类似B类的诸多国家流出。如房地是几十年租用,还是永久产权?大学教育利于事业创业创新,还是不利?对私有投资财产是不是歧视,侵犯,关门打狗?   当年,诸多国家的直接投资进入中国,从市场性和盈利性看,中国经济处于人口红利期,市场巨大,向国际市场出口的竞争力也很强,也有各种各样的外资优惠政策。但是,时至今日,中国经济人口少子化老龄化,人口增速放缓,呈现出下行趋势,人口红利变成了负利,以此为基础的需求萎缩,国内市场和国外出口竞争优势都不再。   当然,相当一部分国际对中国的直接投资,还是看好了中国巨大的人口规模及其市场需求,看好了中国2025工业高端制造,看好了中国的互联网加创新,留在了中国。当然,也需要做更多的工作,如开放服务业,开放更多的新的领域,吸引更多的国外资金注入中国,推动中国的经济增长。   同样,一些个体私营企业在30多年中国经济的高涨期,赚得了相当规模的收入,居民的收入水平也在提高,中国国民的储蓄率较高,国内从1978年改革开放的30多年,也积累了巨额的民间资金。其投资也遇到了经济下行、需求相对萎缩、供给相对过剩等市场性和盈利性方面的问题。   这种格局下,如果国内没有战略性的思维,不在经济体制和机制方面进行大的调整,制度、体制和机制差异性规律,民间资金将会一定程度,甚至是大规模地向他国转移,投资房地产、国外股市债券、他国企业和产业等领域,显然对中国经济的发展十分不利。   这类的例子我们可以举出很多,如在资产投资方面,中国公民到美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、欧洲等地购买土地房产和投资股票债券;比如在人力资本投资方面,中国2015年在外留学的规模为170余万,而到中国留学的只有40万左右,教育服务贸易逆差1000多亿美元;比如中国游客到国外旅游的,从2005年的3000多万,快速增长到2015年的1.2亿,大量地从国外购买奶粉、化妆品、保健品、电器等,旅游服务贸易逆差1000多亿美元;比如一些民营企业家将自己的资金、产业等转移到国外,并投资移民等等。   货币的自主权在个人和家庭,投资和消费者以货币投票,这些巨额资金和内需的漏出,并不以中国意识形态号召和舆论的好恶而改变。在中国经济下行,内需不足的情况下,资金外流,市场外移,毫无疑问,对中国国民经济的增长,是雪上加霜。   (本文作者介绍:中共中央党校国际战略研究所副所长、研究员。)   本文为作者独家授权新浪财经使用,请勿转载。所发表言论不代表本站观点。相关的主题文章:

Amazon also wants to continue to do mobile phones, but will find someone OEM (video) 誉满天下的意思

Amazon also wants to continue to do mobile phones, but will find someone OEM mobile phone, Amazon should be a nightmare. In 2014, Bezos changed the usual low price route, with the same price as iPhone launched Fire Phone, the results of the third quarter of this year, Amazon has suffered the biggest loss for ten years because of this phone. By November, the market share of Fire Phone was less than 1%, and the stock backlog was so serious that it had to sell at a reduced price. Despite the defeat, Amazon’s dream of being a cell phone of its own is still not shattered. Recently, the technology website TheInformation broke the news, Amazon plans and a Android mobile phone manufacturers to launch the next generation of mobile phone, but which also no news. Reported that Amazon expects the cooperation will be their own electricity providers, television and other services into more in-depth integration into the mobile phone system, rather than just preloaded several applications, they want to get the same permissions as Google. Although the report did not elaborate this kind of cooperation is what it should be, and the custom of domestic mobile phone manufacturers like ROM, replace Google with Amazon’s service. Amazon actually has a whole set of Android services interface, covering the application store, application purchase, advertising system, etc., not to mention the previous Fire Phone system is based on the Android transformation of FireOS, Amazon’s own service is enough to the basic function of mobile phones. Amazon wants to do mobile phones, but is to want for their online services, especially Prime members to find a hardware entrance, such as Fire Phone easy to use function, FireFly is 3D scanning in front of the object, and then let you go to Amazon website to buy and buy. That actually allows existing manufacturers to OEM and customize the system, which is filled with Amazon’s service is the most secure way, the domestic Alibaba shares Meizu cooperation provides a reference case. However, the common "custom" approach to custom ROM in mainland China is limited to the agreements signed by Google and Android vendors in the US market. U.S. technology website Arstechnica analysis, published on 2011 "Android system is a mobile equipment distribution agreement" (Mobile Device Distribution Agreement), Google prohibition with third party application distribution platform to replace the GooglePlay core function in Android system. Bypassing this obstacle means abandoning the pre assembly of a full range of Google services. It’s a little bit difficult in the United states. As for the price, presumably Bezos will learn to go back to the civilian route, after all, this is a service entrance, behind it is Amazon’s big money. Amazon mobile phone

亚马逊还想继续做手机,但会找人代工做手机对亚马逊来说应该是噩梦一场。2014 年中,贝索斯一改惯用的低价路线,用和 iPhone 差不多的价格推出了 Fire Phone,结果当年第三季度亚马逊就因这款手机遭遇十年来最大亏损。到 11 月,Fire Phone 的市场份额还不到 1%,库存积压严重,不得不降价甩卖。尽管遭此惨败,可亚马逊想做个属于自己的手机的梦想仍然没有破灭。日前,科技网站TheInformation 的爆料,亚马逊打算和一家 Android 手机厂商合作推出下一代手机,但具体是哪家还没有消息。报道称,亚马逊期待这次合作能将自家的电商、影视等服务更深入地整合进手机系统里,而不仅仅是预装几个应用了事,他们想要获得和 Google 一样的权限。尽管报道没有细说这种合作方式会是什么,但应该会和国内手机厂商的定制 ROM 类似,用亚马逊的服务取代 Google。亚马逊其实一直有一整套Android 服务接口,涵盖应用商店、应用内购、广告系统等;更何况此前 Fire Phone 里的系统就是基于 Android 改造的 FireOS,亚马逊自身的服务足以胜任手机的基础功能。亚马逊要做手机,无非是想要为自己的线上服务,尤其是 Prime 会员找一个硬件入口,比如 Fire Phone 里好用的功能 FireFly 就是 3D 扫描眼前的实物,然后让你去亚马逊网站买买买。那其实让现有厂商代工,并定制系统,在里面塞满亚马逊的服务是最保险的办法,国内阿里巴巴入股魅族的合作就提供了一个参考案例。不过中国大陆常见的定制 ROM 的“土办法”,放到美国市场其实受限于 Google 和 Android 厂商们签的协议。美国科技网站 Arstechnica 就分析认为,根据 2011 年公开过一次的 Android 系统“移动设备分发协议”(Mobile Device Distribution Agreement),Google 禁止在 Android 系统里拿第三方应用分发平台来取代 GooglePlay 等核心功能。绕开这个障碍意味着放弃全套 Google 服务的预装。这在美国有点难。至于价格,想必贝索斯会吸取教训,走回平民路线,毕竟这只是个入口,它背后的服务才是亚马逊赚钱的大头。 亚马逊手机上手相关的主题文章:

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