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In order to get more secure on the Internet, not to use passwords is a method 成都二十中贴吧

In order to stop using the Internet more secure password is a way of life will feel a headache for most of the "password" this thing in the Internet age people. Although it is almost a registered Internet service are required to fill in the user name and password, but a lot of the time this "password" is no protection — many investigations have found that how much people, the most commonly used passwords are very simple, such as "123456". A little attention to network security, will use a different password when the registration of different services, but it will bring a trouble to remember so many different passwords is a chore. In order to solve the problems of password security, have applications such as 1Password to help people manage the password. But this is not the final solution. To make the password absolutely safe, the best way is to abandon the password in a new way to access the Internet service. According to the The Next Web reported that the Internet standards W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has set up a team to develop a new Internet authentication mechanism. Google, Microsoft and PayPal in 2015 proposed a verification method of FIDO 2, the framework of this system will become the new authentication mechanism of the internet. In simple terms, FIDO hopes to verify your identity by using your mobile phone. The scene is easy to understand, when you log on to a website, will send verification code to your mobile phone website, you enter the code to log in, and do not need to set a password for the web site. There are now part of the service up to user by password. The American car service Lyft is one of them, which is by way of SMS verification login. From the convenience, receive SMS verification code login again than directly using the password to spend more time, but now many service log will always use, does not require frequent login. The last time you enter the password login WeChat, when the new mobile phone may still. What’s more, the SMS verification code just by a mobile phone to verify the identity of the login page, scan version of WeChat can also be one. Other verification methods include fingerprints, voice etc.. The web version of WeChat’s scan code login from safety, abandon the password, no password leakage risk. Of course, now the proposed verification method is dependent on the mobile phone, the risks are transferred to the mobile phone. To some extent, the network risk transfer to the real world, if someone took your mobile phone, login to your web page version of WeChat, this is not WeChat is not safe, but you didn’t take good care of your mobile phone. FIDO also considered this point, also designed the precaution after the lost mobile phone users. The mobile phone is lost, you can not report to the mobile phone verification mechanism for any login operation. But this time, verify the "you" is you, and take your mobile phone, you are not the one who "could become a problem (if it is through the biological information authentication, such as fingerprints, will be relatively simple). Now)

为了上网更安全 不要再用密码是一个方法   大部分生活在互联网时代的人都会为“密码”这件事感到头疼。虽然人们几乎注册一个互联网服务都需要填写用户名和密码,但很多时候这个“密码”起不到多大的保护作用——很多调查都发现,人们最常用的密码都非常简单,比如“123456”这样。   稍微注重网络安全的人,会在注册不同服务的时候采用不同的密码,但这又会带来一个麻烦,要记住那么多不同的密码也是一件烦人的事情。为了解决密码安全的问题,还有人做了1Password这样的应用来帮助人们管理密码。但这也不是最终的解决方案。   要让密码绝对安全,最好的做法就是抛弃密码,用一种全新的方式来登录使用互联网服务。   据The Next Web报道,互联网标准的制定者W3C(万维网联盟)已经成立了一个小组来制定一套新的互联网身份验证机制。Google、微软和PayPal曾在2015年提出过一套验证方法FIDO 2.0,这套系统会成为新的互联网身份验证机制的框架。   简单来说,FIDO希望利用你的手机来验证你身份。最易理解的场景就是,在你登录一个网站的时候,网站会给你手机发送验证码,你输入验证码进行登录,而不需要为该网站设定一个密码。   现在已经有部分服务放弃了让用户通过密码登录。美国的叫车服务Lyft就是其中之一,其登录方式就是通过短信验证。   从便利性上来说,接受短信验证码再登录可能比直接使用密码要花更多时间,但现在很多服务登录之后就会一直使用,并不需要频繁登录。你上次输入密码登录微信,可能还是换新手机的时候吧。   更何况,短信验证码只是通过手机验证身份的一种方式,网页版微信的扫描登录也可以是其中一种。其他的验证方式还包括指纹、声音等。 网页版微信的扫码登录   从安全性上来说,抛弃密码之后,就不会再有泄漏密码的危险。当然,现在提议的验证方式非常依赖手机,很大的风险都转移到了手机上。从某种程度上来说,这把网络风险转移到了现实世界里——如果有人拿了你的手机,登录你的网页版微信,这并不是微信不安全,而是你没有看管好自己的手机。   FIDO也考虑到了这一点,也设计了用户手机丢失之后的防备措施。手机丢失后,你可以向验证机构报告这台手机不能用于任何登录操作。但这个时候,验证“你是你”,以及“拿着你手机的人不是你”,可能会成为一个问题(如果是通过生物信息验证,如指纹,会相对简单)。   现在距离基于FIDO的身份验证方法成为标准还有很长一段时间,抛弃密码来验证用户身份信息的方法也不会一夜之间普及。但总会有一些互联网服务会先用上新的验证方法,有一些服务总是进化的要慢一些。(朱旭冬)相关的主题文章:

And a thousand shares limit mechanism again fell less probability of non rational judgment 娃娃亲珞雨

A shares and shares institutions to determine the limit again irrational crash probability is not hot column capital flows thousands thousand stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client A shares fell again last two weeks, the stock market appears oversold, short-term rebound. However, 25 days again appeared more than 6% decline, the Shanghai composite index broke through the hope of 3000 failed, but fell below 2800 points. For this trend, the market is divided, but relatively tight funds may be one of the important reasons. Moreover, the factors that support the short-term warming are weakening, leading to a callback. In tackling difficulties in the real economy and external economic trend of increased uncertainty, and the stock market itself the moment the heavy task of building system, the stock market risk still to wind in the first place. Reporter Chen Xi reported to the many market participants believe that the A shares fell or related funds face tight and simultaneous arbitrage phenomenon; a quasi central bank reduced the preferential removal of part of the bank oriented, on the other hand also coincides with the end "of the financial strain point. The tension of the funds has caused a chain reaction to the liquidity of the A shares. "Have you heard any bad news?"" In February 25th, the long-awaited "thousand shares limit" once again suddenly hit A shares, interviews, several public offering, private equity fund managers turned to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter. On the same day, the CSI two city opened lower, down the road, as the closing, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 6.41%, reported at 2741.25 points, creating the fourth largest one-day decline this year, the gem index fell 7.56%, reported at 2037.14 points. Two cities limit about 1400 shares, less than 50 shares rose. On the same day, the two cities total turnover of 666 billion 500 million yuan, compared with yesterday’s volume of about 80 billion yuan. Twenty-first Century Economic Daily reporter interviewed found that public fund, private equity fund managers basically believe that the same day A shares and no clear bad information. Different institutions have different understandings of the so-called bad information, but they are far from optimistic. At present, the market is worried that, in February 25th A shares expected to decline, will open irrational plunge 4? Digital public fund managers believe that based on the basic analysis, the market once again irrational continuous drop probability is not large. At present, we should not be too pessimistic, but we should actively wait and look for opportunities. There is no clear bearish Economic Herald reporter interviewed in February 25th twenty-first Century fell a number of fund managers, basically think that the A shares is not clear what the bad information, most of the reasons are later to find out, the market performance is more because of panic and overlap reflect. During the interview, several fund managers turned to reporters and asked, "have you heard any bad news?"" "The current characteristics of A stock investors confidence is unstable, a little wind sways grass all ran." In February 25th, analysis of Zhicheng Wei general manager on twenty-first Century economic report reporter cold state, after three times of non rational market fell continuously, investors become more sensitive to short-term orientation, than on the news A股又现千股跌停 机构判断再度非理性大跌概率不大 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   A股再度大跌   最近两周,股市超跌之后,出现了短期的回暖。但是,25日再度出现了幅度超过6%的跌幅,上证综指突破3000点的希望落空,却跌破了2800点。   对于这一走势,市场众说纷纭,但资金面相对紧张可能是其中的重要原因。再者,支持前期短期回暖的因素逐渐走弱,导致回调。   在实体经济攻坚克难、外部经济走势不确定性加大,且股市自身制度建设任务繁重的当下,股市防风险仍要放在第一位。   本报记者 陈浠 深圳报道   导读   多位市场人士认为,当日A股的下跌或与同时发生的资金面趋紧及其引发的套利现象有关;一方面央行对部分银行定向降准优惠的取消,另一方面又恰逢“月底”这一资金紧张时点。资金面的紧张则对A股的流动性造成了连锁反应。   “你们听到什么坏消息了吗?”2月25日,久违的“千股跌停”再次突然袭向A股,采访中,数位公募、私募基金经理转而询问21世纪经济报道记者。   当天,沪深两市低开,一路下行,截至收盘,上证指数下跌6.41%,报于2741.25点,创今年来第4大单日跌幅,创业板指数下跌7.56%,报于2037.14点。两市约1400股跌停,不到50股上涨。当天,两市共成交6665亿元,较昨日放量约800亿元。   21世纪经济报道记者当天采访发现,公募基金、私募基金的基金经理基本都认为当天A股并没有什么明确利空的信息。各家机构对所谓“利空信息”的理解颇为不同,但目前均难言乐观。   目前,市场颇为担心的是,2月25日A股超预期的下跌,是否会开启非理性暴跌4.0?数位公募基金经理认为,基于基本面分析,市场再次出现非理性的连续大跌概率不大。目前不应过分悲观,而应该积极等待并寻找机会。   没有明确利空的大跌   21世纪经济报道记者2月25日采访的多位基金经理,基本都认为当天A股并没有什么明确利空的信息,大多数理由都是事后找出来的,市场当天表现更多是因为恐慌情绪的叠加反映。   采访中,好几个基金经理转而问记者,“你们听到什么坏消息了吗?”   “目前A股投资者的特点是信心不稳,有点风吹草动,就都跑了。”2月25日,智诚海威总经理冷国邦对21世纪经济报道记者分析,市场三次非理性连续大跌之后,投资者的行为变得更加短期取向,对消息的敏感性比以前高了,基本就是行为反应“时滞短了,一致性强了”。   有意思的是,各家机构对所谓“利空信息”的理解颇为不同。   摩根士丹利华鑫基金认为,当日市场受以下因素影响较大:经济数据显示下行压力仍未有缓解,官方近期加码房地产去库存力度以对冲下行风险,这从一个侧面显示出经济结构转型的艰巨性和稳增长有效手段的缺乏。   此外,近期上市公司陆续公布的财务数据并未给市场带来惊喜,尤其与近期一线城市房价涨幅形成鲜明对比,一些公司甚至有退市的风险。尽管央行货币政策仍宽松,但边际上或将出现变化,A股对资金的吸引力下降。   摩根士丹利华鑫基金还提到一个因素:市场对于本次自2月初以来的超跌反弹行情有较为一致的预期,即短期的修复行情,不必对涨幅抱太高期望,加之前期的套牢盘令市场短期上涨后遇到显著抛压并形成正反馈。   “目前市场心态仍较为谨慎,不是钱的问题而是风险偏好的问题。熔断时的磁吸效应再次上演。”海富通基金则认为,目前市场存在两个担心,一是G20财长和央行行长会议之后,人民币汇率走势仍不明朗;二是两会临近,供给侧改革是焦点,但如何做,怎么做,市场还存疑。   冷国邦也重点提到了目前市场对于中国经济几个核心问题预期很不明确的问题——“汇率、注册制、货币政策等核心问题,未来两三年的变化,或至少是今年内的变化,政府需要给市场一个比较明确的预期。”不管主要是哪个原因导致暴跌,事实上,A股市场的反弹热情近两日已有退潮迹象。   2月25日,旭诚资产总经理陈赟对21世纪经济报道记者表示,大盘本次反弹主要围绕两个方向,一个方向是高送转,另一个方向是超跌反弹。从昨天看,高送转的整个板块已经泛滥,而且被透支,特别是第一龙头财信发展(000838.SZ)前天已经跌停,作为本次反弹的最主要阵营的高送转退潮了,同时,由于连续涨了几天,很多股票涨了10%至20%,超跌反弹的逻辑也就告一段落。   “多头的两大方向,超跌反弹的逻辑不复存在,高送转被市场放弃,这两大多头阵营都失去了,市场容易出现掉头。”陈赟分析。   融通基金通过对市场变化的观察指出——大盘在突破2900点之后,需要整固。而在1月份信贷数据大幅超预期、部分资源品价格开始上涨之后,周期品的热度明显升温,导致资金从中小创流入权重股。但市场对周期品的看法存在分歧,合力尚未形成。因此最近几个交易日以来,体现出较明显的弱市特征。本周四,前期强势板块大幅下跌,引起投资者的担忧,叠加各种利空消息传闻,部分资金离场的决心非常强烈。   再度非理性大跌概率不大?   2月25日大跌中,公募基金普遍仓位较高,而私募基金则仓位颇低。   “市场博弈太激烈了。本来反弹了几天市场有所回暖,大家都相对乐观了,但今天这一跌,又是风声鹤唳。”2月25日,华南某大型公募基金的基金经理李志(化名)告诉记者,其管理产品的仓位目前是八成多,这两天仓位基本没有变化,也不愿意此时降低仓位,因为意义已经不大,身边其他基金经理的仓位也都不低。   “我这两天都减了点仓位,但不多,目前还是有七成多的仓位。”一位沪上公募基金经理对记者表示。   众禄研究中心仓位测算的结果显示,公募基金仓位上周(2月15日-2月19日)样本内开放式偏股型基金(包括股票型基金和混合型基金,剔除QDII和指数型基金)平均仓位自上期的84.53%上升0.52个百分点至85.05%,其中股票型基金平均仓位为90.95%,比上周上升0.55个百分点;混合型基金平均仓位为74.46%,较上周上升0.48个百分点。   前述统计数据显示,在537只偏股型基金中,有275只基金仓位基本保持不变,有173只基金选择加仓,有89只基金选择减仓,加仓基金数量略多。   明显的对比是,私募基金的仓位普遍颇低。冷国邦告诉记者,公司管理的产品基本仓位都较低,老的产品仓位基本在五成以下,新的产品仓位则基本在一成以下。整体而言,绝大部分产品在一成左右仓位。   在2月23日,前海旗隆基金董事长代雪峰就对21世纪经济报道记者表示,当前大盘并不乐观,投资者应该审慎行事。A股正处于一个震荡找底的阶段,走好需要政策发生变化和投资者恢复信心。上市公司大股东减持问题没有解决,抛压重,资金面紧张,短期内难以上到3500点。   经历2月25日暴跌,21世纪经济报道记者接触的公募基金、私募基金,对市场都已难言乐观。   2月25日,银河证券首席策略分析师孙建波广为流传的市场观点相当悲观——A股已经进入一个中长期弱势的走势中,下跌还远没有结束,不要寄希望于小幅的反弹,应该离开市场。未来两年A股市场都会呈现弱势行情,小范围的反弹会存在,但不宜抓。   目前,市场颇为担心的是,2月25日A股超预期的暴跌,是否会开启非理性暴跌4.0?   李志及前述沪上公募基金经理均认为,再次出现非理性的连续暴跌概率不大,因为市场到了目前点位,下跌空间原本不大,加上现在国内宏观经济并没有更差,美国2月服务业PMI低于预期使得人民币贬值压力减小,不应过分悲观,而应该积极等待并寻找机会。   深圳另一位仓位在六成多水平的公募基金经理告诉记者,在其看来,现在小股票不好说,但是大股票有业绩支撑的基本跌不太动了,市场出现非理性暴跌4.0概率很小,现在是等待买入低估值股票的好时机。   代雪峰判断,市场仍会继续寻底,在底部的修筑过程中,关键是看相关的政策、人民币汇率等等因素,其中最关键的就是人民币汇率,一旦人民币贬值预期消除,市场即可见底,股市反转之势即可形成。   新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Provident fund interest rate new deal red envelope how much did you charge – Sohu Finance 汤镇宗老婆张丽霞

Provident fund interest rate new deal "red envelope" how much did you charge? Sohu finance central bank website on Wednesday afternoon announced by the central bank, the Ministry of housing and urban construction and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "notice concerning improvement of employee housing provident fund account deposit interest rate formation mechanism, the decision since February 21st, the employee housing provident fund accounts and current deposit rates, perform three months deposit benchmark interest rate from the current time according to the collection and according to the uniform adjustment for the benchmark one-year deposit interest rate. The central bank pointed out that the establishment of housing provident fund system in our country, by the state, units, three workers together to raise funds, mainly to provide low interest housing loans, aid workers paid to solve the housing problem. Since 1996, following the "low to low, guaranteed profit principle, employee housing provident fund deposit accounts in accordance with the collection time between interest rates, and then separately carried over from the previous year respectively according to demand deposits and three months deposit benchmark interest rate, there were 0.35% and 1.10%. After the adjustment, the staff housing accumulation fund account deposit rate will be unified according to one-year benchmark deposit rate, the current rate is 1.50%. That is to say, for the year paid provident fund, interest rate increased from 0.35% to 1.50%, yield increased 4 times; the balance carried over from the previous year, interest rates increased from 1.10% to 1.50%, the yield is increased by nearly 40%. So, provident fund interest rate new deal will change what? To promote the enthusiasm of the people’s livelihood estate that deposit, provident fund policy has the advantages of reasonable tax avoidance, low interest loans, Many a little make a mickle., but because of the long-term deposit interest rate is too low, suppressed paid enthusiasm. The interest rate marketization reform to stimulate the enthusiasm of the deposit, can be regarded as an important step in the future expansion of the provident fund, provident fund policy is expected to cover more people, but also to make more contributions to support the residents of housing consumption, the real estate industry to the inventory. Enjoysmart Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin also believes that the policy is hopes to improve the provident fund account deposit rates, thereby encouraging more people are willing to pay the provident fund, provident fund policy embodies the idea of change level. To maintain the scale of provident fund provident fund deposit rates increase, is conducive to the stability of the provident fund deposit scale, which contributes to the issuance of more large-scale provident fund loans for the state support of the property to the inventory policy of the icing on the cake. Inventory policy portfolio for the property market, the provident fund interest rate policy is indeed a good policy, but the direct utility is limited. In fact, for the units and workers who pay provident fund, the temptation of interest rate adjustment is not big. However, the focus of interest rate policy is to rely on stable yields, to a certain extent, promote the enthusiasm of the deposit, Many a little make a mickle. Combined with the state has launched and will soon play the support of the property market to inventory policy combination boxing, I believe the favorable policy will combine to play a role. First financial quoted consulting with the policy research director Zhang Hongwei analysis said, "provident fund deposit interest rate according to the benchmark, in fact, is to enhance the buyers deposit rates, plus before because interest rates caused by public.

公积金利率新政“红包” 你收了多少?-搜狐财经  央行网站周三下午公布了由央行、住房城乡建设部和财政部联合印发的《关于完善职工住房公积金账户存款利率形成机制的通知》,决定自2月21日起,将职工住房公积金账户存款利率,由现行按照归集时间执行活期和三个月存款基准利率,调整为统一按一年期定期存款基准利率执行。   央行指出,我国建立住房公积金制度的目的,是由国家、单位、职工三方共同筹集资金,主要以发放低息住房贷款方式,帮助缴存职工解决住房问题。1996年以来,遵循“低来低去、保本微利”的原则,职工住房公积金账户存款按照归集时间区分利率档次,当年归集和上年结转的分别按活期存款和三个月定期存款基准利率计息,目前分别为0.35%和1.10%。此次调整后,职工住房公积金账户存款利率将统一按一年期定期存款基准利率执行,目前为1.50%。   也就是说,对于当年缴存的公积金而言,利率档次由0.35%提高至1.50%,收益率提高了4倍多;对于上年结转的余额而言,利率档次由1.10%提高至1.50%,收益率则提高了近40%。   那么,公积金利率新政将改变什么?   促进缴存积极性   民生地产认为,公积金政策具有合理避税,积少成多、贷款低息等诸多优点,但由于存款利率长期过低,抑制了缴存积极性。此次利率市场化改革有利于激发缴存积极性,可以视为公积金扩容的重要步骤,未来公积金政策有望覆盖更多人群,也为支持居民住房消费、地产行业去库存做出更多贡献。   易居研究院智库中心研究总监严跃进也认为,该政策是希望通过提高公积金账户存款利率,进而激励更多人有意愿去缴纳公积金,体现的是公积金政策层面的思路变化。   维持公积金规模   公积金存款利率提高后,有利于稳定公积金的存款规模,从而有助于发放更大规模的公积金贷款,为国家支持楼市去库存的政策锦上添花。   去库存政策组合   对于楼市而言,公积金利率新政的确是利好政策,但直接效用毕竟有限。事实上,对于缴纳公积金的单位和职工而言,利率调整的诱惑并不算大。   不过,此次利率新政的重点在于依靠稳定的收益率,一定程度上促进缴存积极性,积少成多。结合国家已经推出和即将打出的支持楼市去库存的政策组合拳,相信利好政策定会结合发挥作用。   第一财经援引同策咨询研究部总监张宏伟分析称,“公积金存款利率按基准,其实是提升购房者存款利率,再加上之前由于降息导致的公积金贷款利率的降低,这意味着公积金贷款的存贷利差进一步减少,对于购房者来讲,还款压力可以进一步减轻。”   你的公积金存款利息到底涨了多少?   假设截至去年年底,你的结转公积金为人民币10万元,根据利率新政,今年针对这部分公积金存款产生的利息将由1100元提高至1500元。   此外,假设今年每月存入公积金金额为1000元,按照利率由0.35%上调至1.5%计算,今年存入的公积金利息将由22.75元提高至97.5元。   综上,今年公积金存款利息共计增加了400+74.75=474.75元。相关的主题文章:

PayPal CTO leaving office will be divided into two parts ALCMTR

PayPal CTO PayPal CTO will leave duty One divides into two. Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 9th evening news, according to the online payment PayPal on Monday submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents show that the company’s chief technology officer (CTO) James · Barres (James Barrese) will officially leave in April 1st this year. Then, PayPal is responsible for the global infrastructure platform and vice president of Sri · Shenwanada (Sri Shivananda) will take over the post of CTO PayPal as paris. Barres has served as PayPal CTO since March 2015. PayPal submitted to the SEC document also shows that the global PayPal products and engineering director William · Randy (William Ready) will take over the Barres in charge of the "payment service function". It’s not clear why he left his job or why divided Barres’s responsibilities into two. In September 2014, eBay announced plans to split eBay and PayPal into two separate publicly traded companies. In June 2015, the eBay Board approved the spin out plan. EBay and PayPal officially split in July. At the end of January this year, Paypal released the 2015 fiscal fourth quarter and full year earnings. Results show that Paypal fourth quarter net profit of $367 million, an increase of 28%. Net operating income was $2 billion 556 million, an increase of 17%. (Li Ming)

PayPal CTO离职 职责将一分为二 PayPal CTO   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月9日晚间消息,据在线支付PayPal周一提交给美国证券交易委员会(SEC)的文件显示,公司首席技术官(CTO)詹姆斯·巴瑞斯(James Barrese)将于今年4月1日正式离职。   届时,PayPal负责全球平台与基础设施的副总裁斯里·什瓦那达(Sri Shivananda)将接替巴瑞斯出任PayPal CTO一职。巴瑞斯自2015年3月出任PayPal CTO至今。   PayPal提交给SEC的文件还显示,PayPal全球产品与工程主管威廉·兰迪(William Ready)将接管巴瑞斯当前负责的“支付服务功能”。目前还不清楚巴瑞斯离职的具体原因,也不清楚PayPal为何将巴瑞斯的职责一分为二。   2014年9月,eBay宣布了将eBay和PayPal分拆成两家独立上市公司的计划。2015年6月,eBay董事会批准了该分拆计划。7月,eBay和PayPal正式分拆。   今年1月底,Paypal发布了2015财年第四季度及全年财报。财报显示,Paypal第四季度净利润为3.67亿美元,同比增长28%。净营业收入为25.56亿美元,同比增长17%。(李明)相关的主题文章:

Did the bank cheat the prime minister 综漫之魔王鲁路修

Did the bank cheat the prime minister? Financial opinion leader (WeChat public number kopleader) columnist Liu Tao bank is not the printing company or the government poverty alleviation department, but the enterprise legal person. First of all, banks are the recipients and temporary custodians of social deposits. Generally speaking, most of the bank money is not their own money, from the source said that the people’s money, therefore, need to bear the greatest responsibility for the interests of depositors. Did the bank cheat the prime minister? Recently, China Times published an exclusive interview with Li Zibin, President of small and medium enterprises association. According to President Li’s report, the prime minister had held a bank working conference on financing for SMEs, "everyone said the results, the prime minister also made notes, and then simply did not remember.". The prime minister said, "Why are you talking about grades, and I’m not going to be able to do it?"" Personal understanding, the prime minister here is not necessarily for the bank, but to all the relevant parties raised a question. In other words, what the prime minister cares most is the result of solving the problem of financing difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises, rather than the phased and localized achievements in a certain sector and a financial industry". But some media in reprint, or out of the eye to attract attention, directly to the title of "Li Keqiang questioned bank fraud: I found small and medium enterprises financing is difficult", which is tantamount to the bank buckle a unbearable heavy "big hat"". So, the question comes: first, is it still difficult for SMEs to finance? Second, did the bank cheat? Third, the main responsibility of SMEs financing difficulties is not the bank? First, is it still difficult for SMEs to finance? The answer is yes, yes! The financing difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises has been long-standing for a long time, and it has not been effectively solved for decades. In the current global economic slowdown, external demand continued deterioration of the environment, our country will be in the "L" channel to the transformation and development of juncture, SME financing is not surprising. If at this point, the financing difficulties of SMEs has disappeared, but it is worrying: the investment and financing needs of SMEs has been completely gone! In July 2016, Standard Chartered SME confidence index China China reflect the management of small and medium enterprises "(SMEI)" is June edged up 0.3 percentage points to 55.5%, but still significantly lower than the 57.8% in March and 58.7% in April and 57.3% in July of last year (which can eliminate seasonal factors). In the sub index, the credit index dropped from 56.7% in April to 52.3% in July, reaching the lowest level since October 2014, which indicates that the credit environment of SMEs is tight, and not only has not improved, but further difficulties. Figure 1: the credit environment for small and medium-sized enterprises is still difficult from the reality of the situation, China’s small and medium-sized enterprises have shorter life cycle (the average life of only 2.5 years), anti risk ability is weak, lack of financial information, to provide qualified credit characteristics of the pledge, coupled with China’s credit system is not perfect)

银行有没有对总理作假?   文 新浪财经意见领袖(微信公众号kopleader)专栏作家 刘涛   银行也绝不是印钞公司或政府扶贫部门,而是企业法人。首先,银行是社会存款的吸收者和暂时保管者。通俗地说,银行的钱大部分并不是自己的钱,从源头上说是老百姓的钱,因此,需要为存款人的利益负起最大责任。 银行有没有对总理作假?   近日,《华夏时报》刊载了中小企业协会会长李子彬的专访(《写给总理的一封信》)。根据李会长的转述,总理此前曾为中小企业融资事宜召开过银行工作会议,“会议上大家都说成绩,总理本来还做笔记,后来干脆不记了。总理说,‘怎么你们都说的是成绩,我到下面一看就不行呢’?”   个人理解,总理此处其实未必是针对银行而言,而是向所有相关各方提出的一个疑问。换言之,总理最在意的是真正解决中小企业融资难这一问题的结果,而不是过程中某一部门、某一金融行业的阶段性、局部性“成果”。但部分媒体在转载时,或出于吸引眼球的考虑,直接将题目改为《李克强质疑银行作假:我发现中小企业融资很难》,这无异于给银行扣上了一顶不能承受之重的“大帽子”。   于是,问题来了:第一,中小企业融资是不是依然很难?第二,银行有没有作假?第三,中小企业融资难的主要责任人是不是银行?   一、中小企业融资是不是依然很难?   答案很肯定,是的!   中小企业融资难问题由来已久,几十年来一直没有得到有效化解,说是“老大难”问题毫不为过。在当前全球经济减速、外需环境持续恶化、我国还将在“L”型通道继续转型发展的当口,中小企业融资难并不令人意外。如果说此时此刻中小企业融资难问题已经烟消云散了,那反倒令人担心了:中小企业的投融资需求已经彻底没有了!   2016年7月,反映中国中小企业经营状况的“渣打中国中小企业信心指数(SMEI)”虽比6月小幅回升0.3个百分点至55.5%,但仍明显低于3月的57.8%和4月的58.7%,以及去年7月的57.3%(由此可排除季节因素)。分项指数中,信用指数从4月的56.7%直降至7月的52.3%,创下2014年10月以来的最低水平,表明中小企业信贷环境趋紧,不但没有好转,反而进一步困难。 图1:中小企业信用环境依然艰困   从现实情况来看,我国中小企业具有生命周期偏短(平均寿命只有2.5年)、抗风险能力较弱、财务信息不透明、难以提供合格的抵质押物等特点,加上我国征信体系不健全,部分中小企业违约概率天然较高,因此,要从主流融资渠道获得资金支持难度不小。这其中既有客观原因,也有主观因素,更有政策目标冲突的问题(如要求“融资难”、“融资贵”问题同时解决),解决起来不是一朝一夕的事,更不是哪个金融行业或机构的事。   二、银行有没有作假?   答案当然是:没有!   尽管银行服务中小企业融资的直接数据没找到,但从银行业服务小微企业融资的数据中依然可以看出大致趋势。2014年末,银行业用于小微企业的贷款(包括小微型企业贷款、个体工商户贷款和小微企业主贷款)余额20.7万亿元。而到了2015年末,银行业用于小微企业的贷款余额23.5万亿元,同比增长13.3%,增速较为明显。   2015年,银监会发布《关于2015年小微企业金融服务工作的指导意见》,提出“三个不低于目标”,即在有效提高贷款增量的基础上,努力实现小微企业贷款增速不低于各项贷款平均增速,小微企业贷款户数不低于上年同期户数,小微企业申贷获得率不低于上年同期水平。在这一政策导向下,银行无分规模大小,都积极开展了业务创新。   如广发银行创新推出小微企业“税融通”专项融资方案,优先支持纳税评级A B 级以上优质小微企业客户;营口银行针对中小企业搭建品牌信息、技术、服务等多方共享资源平台,发起成立“中国中小企业品牌俱乐部”;江西银行除引进德国小微技术,推出100万元以下的“金手指”微贷外,还设立小微金融专营机构,建成320余人专业团队,分中心布局全省各设区市。 图2:银行业金融机构小微企业贷款余额(万亿元)   数据来源:万得(wind)数据库   近年来,在监管部门引导下,国内众多银行确实是将服务中小或小微企业摆在了工作突出位置,也取得了一定成效和进展。当然,这也只能是自己跟自己纵向比较。如果一定要求银行现在、立刻、马上就解决所有中小或小微企业融资难的问题,“是不能也,非不为也”。为什么?接着往下看。   三、中小企业融资难的主要责任人是不是银行?   显然不是。从目前我国商业银行的数量、性质等方面来看,银行充其量只能扮演缓解中小企业融资难的一支方面军,或者说主力军之一,而不可能成为唯一的主力军。   从数量上看,李会长在专访中其实已经点出了一个基本事实:截至2015年末,全国工商注册的企业为2100万户。其中,商业银行的贷款客户总数不超过600-700万户。李会长在专访中没有点出的另一个事实是,我国只有5家大型国有银行、12家股份制银行,133家城商行,800多家农商行。靠这些数量有限的银行去解决1500万家规模差异巨大、类型复杂多样的企业(主要是中小企业)的融资难问题,难免给人杯水车薪的感觉。这也进一步解释了总理的困惑:为何银行方面的的确确做了很多努力和探索,但基层仍有千千万万的中小企业完全无感,继续叫饿喊渴。   从性质上看,银行也绝不是印钞公司或政府扶贫部门,而是企业法人。首先,银行是社会存款的吸收者和暂时保管者。通俗地说,银行的钱大部分并不是自己的钱,从源头上说是老百姓的钱,因此,需要为存款人的利益负起最大责任。   其次,现在的银行多为股份制公司,不少还是上市公司,也需要为维护股东利益承担必要责任。这里所说的股东不但包括政府部门(如财政部或各省财政厅)、国有企业,也包括外资金融机构、民营企业,甚至还有千千万万的个人投资者(散户)。   最后,银行还是我国金融体系的重要组成部分。我国本质上是“基于银行”(bank-based)的金融体系,因此,银行还应千方百计避免成为系统性金融风险的策源地,承担维护金融稳定和安全的责任,包括按照监管要求严格控制不良大面积出现等。尽管与其他国有企业、股份制公司或上市公司一样,近年来银行也被提倡、被鼓励承担越来越多的社会责任,但前提应是按现代企业和金融机构的要求履行好前述三大基本责任。   同样,寄希望于股市(包括境内主板、新三板、各地四板、境外股市等)、债市(包括银行间债务融资工具、公司债、企业债)等多层次资本市场体系等来解决中小企业融资难问题也不靠谱。真正能资本市场沾点边儿的也就是中小企业中科技含量较高的少数科创型企业。   那么,还有谁也应当成为解决中小企业融资难问题的主力呢?一是地方政府,负责为中小企业提供政府担保等增信支持。二是专门针对中小企业提供融资的政策性银行。类似于农业发展银行以国家信用为基础,专业承担国家规定的农业政策性金融业务,为农业和农村经济发展服务。三是大量的民间金融机构,包括民营银行、小贷公司、网络借贷、民间借贷连锁、典当行等。   附带说一句,尽管人们常常将中小企业“融资难”和“融资贵”两个问题并举,但实际上二者不是一回事。现阶段,先着眼于多管齐下解决“融资难”问题,再通过市场竞争等手段解决“融资贵”问题更为可行。如果一味强求金融机构既要向部分风险较高的中小企业提供源源不断的融资,又不得收取合理的溢价缓释风险,其后果很可能是,不但“融资贵”解决不了,“融资难”恐怕也将愈演愈烈。   (本文作者介绍:江西银行战略研究院副院长。)相关的主题文章:

Hong Kong exchange will launch RMB foreign exchange futures and gold contracts 心上人像达玛花简谱

HKEx will launch RMB foreign exchange futures and gold contract business society 02 24 hearing, according to foreign news on February 23rd, in order to deepen ties with mainland China, the Hongkong stock exchange will introduce RMB related foreign exchange futures. Li Xiaojia, President of HKEx, said at a conference in Hongkong on Tuesday that the new futures contract will cover the RMB exchange rate against the yen, the euro, the Indonesian rupiah and the Malaysian dollar. He said he was studying Renminbi denominated gold contracts. Li Xiaojia said it hoped that these foreign exchange tools can create an offshore trading ecosystem for China, and that the existing RMB – dollar futures products at HKEx have been extremely active and large in size. The Hongkong Exchange announced a three year plan to expand ties with the mainland in January this year, including the introduction of more Renminbi related products, and the opening of a system allowing mainland investors to participate in Hongkong’s initial public offerings (IPO). At present, HKEx is trying to seize the opportunity of offshore asset management institutions to invest in mainland assets, as well as the opportunities that mainland investors hope to invest in overseas markets. Hong Kong and Shanghai have opened the floodgates in November 2014, and Shenzhen Hong Kong was originally expected to open last year. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

港交所将推出人民币外汇期货和黄金合约   生意社02月24日讯   据外电2月23日消息,为加深同中国内地的联系,香港交易所将推出人民币相关外汇期货。   港交所总裁李小加周二在香港的一次会议上表示,新的期货合约将涵盖人民币兑日圆、欧元、印尼盾和马币汇率。他并称,正在研究人民币计价的黄金合约。   李小加称,希望这类外汇工具能为中国营造一套离岸交易生态系统,港交所已有的人民币-美元期货产品目前交易极其旺盛且规模变得很大。   香港交易所于今年1月公布与内地扩大联系的三年计划,其中包括推出更多人民币相关产品,以及开启允许内地投资者参与香港首次公开募股(IPO)的系统。   目前港交所正力图抓住离岸资管机构希望投资内地资产,以及内地投资者希望投资海外市场所带来的机会。沪港通已于2014年11月开闸,深港通原本预计会于去年开通。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

In February 5th 16 traders are concerned about the news 凯登克劳斯

In February 5th 16 traders are concerned about stock market news center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 5, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that following the February 5th 16 global traders are concerned news Top 20, click on the data from the 5, 16 Bloomberg terminal trader ranking. Summary: A 1) from CNY shocks; slightly; external storage continued to shrink; Japanese stocks fell, the yen showed strong 2) external debt surge Chinese shrinking foreign exchange reserves 1 monthly data reproducing billions of dollars 3) to relax the QFII decline Chinese investment ceiling seeking to join the MSCI world index of Shanghai Stock Market: 4) the year of the sheep last trading day lower; reserves shrink; performance drop in real estate brokerage; 5) pictures of the city: Chinese reserves will decline in the 1 month record 6) China group will lead the 2016 insurance industry mergers and acquisitions 7) foreign exchange bureau said China Pangong – will not go capital controls in the "old" 8) Asian investment bank appointed five vice president 9) the United States to promote the RMB revaluation Shengxi probability rebound derivative positions showed the expected depreciation is still concentrated 10) third picture tell you how Chinese celebrate the Spring Festival 11) China foreign exchange bureau said not Chinese UnionPay bank card and adjust the overseas insurance businesses use policy 12) former IMF officials: the way the RMB is to reserve currency 13) Baoding Print-Rite said "there are 11 Print-Rite MTN1" medium-term payment of principal and interest uncertainty 14) Chinese quasi 5 years compressed 1.5 tons of steel production capacity is still too small, analysts say too slow   15) the soaring labour costs and profit loss aggravate recession worries 16) Germany December factory orders fell 0.7%; 17) the price of gold rose 0.5% decline in estimated dollar and U.S. interest rates are expected to push down the inflow of funds into the gold ETP  18) Chinese news:: the devaluation of the renminbi is expected to remain strong; the previous Spring Festival for massive water the Chinese celebrate the spring; 19) Broadbent, deputy governor of the Bank of England: no interest in urgent need of 20 yen) since the potential record in 2009 Best weekly performance, U.S. interest rate outlook beyond the impact of the BoJ Policy Editor: Zhang Yujie SF107 2月5日16点交易员正关注要闻 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间5日彭博报道,以下为2月5日16点全球交易员正关注的要闻Top 20,排名来自于5日16点彭博终端交易员的点击数据。 1) 尾盘综述:A股震荡;CNY微跌;外储料续缩水;日股连跌、日元表现强势 2) 外债偿还潮加剧中国外汇储备缩水 1月料再现千亿美元降幅 3) 中国放宽QFII投资上限等规定 谋求加入MSCI全球指数 4) 大中华股市:沪指羊年最后交易日收低;外储缩水;券商业绩大降;地产 5) 看图论市:中国外汇储备降幅势必于1月份再创纪录 6) 中国的企业集团将引领2016年保险行业并购 7) 外汇局潘功胜称中国不会走资本管制的“老路” 8) 亚投行任命五位副行长 9) 美国升息概率重估推动人民币反弹 衍生品仓位显示贬值预期仍浓 10) 三张图告诉你华人怎样庆祝新春佳节 11) 中国外汇局称 未和中国银联调整银行卡境外保险类商户使用政策 12) 前IMF官员:人民币正在迈向储备货币的路上 13) 保定天威称“11天威MTN1”中期票据兑付本息存在不确定性 14) 中国拟5年压缩1.5亿吨钢铁产能 分析师说还是太少、太慢  15) 美国劳动力成本飙升损及企业利润 加剧经济衰退忧虑 16) 德国12月工厂订单环比下降0.7%;预估下降0.5% 17) 金价上涨 美元及美国加息预期回落推动资金流入黄金ETP  18) 中文新闻选粹:人民币贬值预期仍浓;春节前人行海量放水;华人庆新春 19) 英国央行副行长Broadbent:暂无加息的迫切需要 20) 日元势创2009年以来最佳单周表现 美国利率前景超出日本央行政策影响 责任编辑:张玉洁 SF107相关的主题文章:

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