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Buy less to run a tax department Shanghai tax matters online full coverage (video) sorpack

Buy less to run a tax department Shanghai tax matters online full coverage plans by the end of 2016, the most commonly used tax matters online through the office; in 2017, Shanghai will achieve the "Internet based, supplemented by entities’ tax matters online and offline full coverage, full. Let the Internet through the office and the hall into the fast lane." Yesterday, the municipal government press conference, Guo Jianfei, deputy director of the municipal tax bureau, deputy secretary of the city, respectively, to deepen the reform of the national tax, tax collection and management of the relevant circumstances of the city of. The invoice for the "last mile" preliminary consideration future online run invoice recipients procedures after booking tickets to choose to build a standardized, professional, electronic, facilitation of the tax service system, to achieve online based, supplemented by the entity "tax matters run through the city, which is an important foundation of tax" project 13th Five-Year "period, but also a major tax convenience project. Tax related departments have now achieved 7 projects, the 43 categories of online transactions. Guo Jianfei introduction, online work focus on ease of use of a little more, such as "POC" function, by simplifying the process can directly and quickly enter the tax interface, direct query and management services. For the city hall of the office, over the sword, said the purpose of this work is to make data more foot, so that people walk less. For example, the current business and taxpayers are generally reflected in the hope that the city is to do through the invoice application. Because the invoice is still to the entity hall to buy, how to solve the last mile? Preliminary consideration in the future all the way to get the invoice online procedures can be selected by way of booking tickets, thereby saving the cost of service related time." Around this goal, Shanghai nearly 80 tax service at present, will be in accordance with the idea of run through the city, combing the items, service category management, regional differences, to further accelerate the pace of. The maximum for the public to facilitate the "personal income tax" and "the list of tax paid proof" has the same effect that Hu Lanfang said that by the end of 2016 the city tax bureau will strive to the first 14 collaborative governance project implementation in place to achieve the maximum effectiveness, for the majority of people provide convenience. As to actively promote the "personal income tax" list within the city and the personal income tax "tax payment certificates" has the same effect that, in the future people in the purchase, visa, credit, insurance handling process, without paper made a special trip to the tax authorities issued tax certificate. In addition, Shanghai silver tax cooperation signing has been covering the large state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, postal savings banks and city commercial banks and other 4 major categories of 28 banks, the basic realization of the city’s coverage; information sharing more than 300 thousand signed with the bank, to help more than 1.5 households Small and micro businesses to obtain financing, a total of 22 billion 700 million yuan. Shanghai has always been a gathering place for large enterprise groups. National "thousand group" in the actual total of nearly 5500 members of the Shanghai enterprises, according to the annual revenue estimate of 2015, the size of the tax revenue of more than $300 billion, close to the city’s tax revenue of 30%. During the year, the city tax bureau will be issued a special implementation of the views of the city for the sustainable development of large enterprises to provide good tax revenue相关的主题文章:

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