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Blind teacher almost blind still adhere to the position I hope you have the value of existence www.xici.net

"Blind division" nearly blind still insist on position: I hope they have a value of Liu Yinzhong there is class yesterday afternoon to the students of Guang’an (micro-blog) Fenghe Linshui County high school faculty dorm, Liu Yin, mobile phone almost attached to the face, finally saw the time "4:14", second class to class. He went out of the dormitory, to a few meters away from the teaching building on the 3 floor of the third class of the classroom, he is the class of mathematics teachers in the class of four. It’s not a long way, but it’s hard for Liu Yinzhong. He is suffering from eye disease for 16 years, in 2007 after the aggravation of eye, his left eye and right eye blindness, only faint light. The school has advised him to apply for sick leave or adjust the position, but he did not want to continue to be a teacher, one can be more than a few hundred yuan monthly performance wage, and he hope I can "have the value of existence". However, the eyes can not see him, can give students a normal classroom, but also a good math class? Class class, Liu Yinzhong will tell the students of the class teaching topic, and then let the math class representative or in front of the classmate of textbook writing or exercises ", and then their re echo what the books say" exercises will be written on the blackboard, the next step is to exercise "of anatomy". School performance in senior mathematics lesson preparation group leader Tang Xiaojun said, in the mathematics teaching in these years, Liu Yinzhong taught math class in grade more than and 10 class are ranked in the top. Prepare eye eyesight preparation on the head to record eye came without warning. In 1996, Liu Yinzhong graduated from the University was assigned to Fusheng middle school in Linshui County, in 2002 entered the Fenghe middle school. One day in January 2000, 28 year old Liu Yinzhong is the classroom, suddenly a black eyes, what are invisible, diagnosed by the hospital, he was diagnosed with uveitis (Hong Moyan) eyes, erythema nodosum, family accompanied him in Linshui County People’s Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Daping Hospital, Chongqing Southwest Hospital, Chongqing Beijing Institute of Chinese medicine eye hospital, but doctors say the disease cannot be cured. Liu Yinzhong said that after taking the drug, some of the visual recovery, but every once in a while, he had to go to the hospital again. And every eye disease recurrence, the degree of glasses will be increased. In 2007, with the increase of eye, his right eye blindness, the left eye can occasionally have some light. "After 2007, the words on the textbook are completely out of sight." Liu Yinzhong said, how many years of teaching experience so that he is no stranger to the mathematics textbook and content, he sometimes makes is still in primary school when the "translation" for his son to read the content of the textbooks, students sometimes help their reading, then their lessons in the head, then go to the classroom for students class. "I’m almost a blind man now." Liu Yinzhong left the head looked at the reporter, nose on a pair of eye myopia glasses 1000 degrees, 1500 degrees to the left, but he said, and do not wear glasses, meaningless. These years, Hefeng there is a secondary school without the provisions, the students encountered Liu Yinzhong a person walking in the campus, must come forward to help, help, sometimes students sent him home, "the road of school are good, these years used to walk."相关的主题文章:

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