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Beijing limit prices, competing land prices do not stop the enthusiasm of housing prices www.09955.com

Beijing "enthusiasm limit prices, competing land can not" Housing enterprises to take the enthusiasm of Haidian block by developers 100% self-sustaining rent not sell limit prices, competing land is still not in the real estate development enterprises. Yesterday, the northern part of the overall development of Haidian, Yongfeng industrial base 18 plots and plots of land into the market by dozens of companies sought after by the 19. This is the two to the Beijing land market limit prices, for the first time shooting after the new deal of competing land ". In addition to these two plots, the morning of 17 there is a case of Haidian and a Daxing limit price, competing land auction site. The new land policy, housing prices up released accounting cost Beijing City Land Resources Bureau of the tender documents show that the transferee of the two plots are pilot use limit prices, competing land "transactions transfer, when the bid price quoted to a reasonable limit land, to pass the first enterprise self-sustaining commercial housing area to determine the way. People. The enterprise sustained this part of commercial housing will be as rental housing, not sales. According to regulations, Haidian, Yongfeng 18 plots and land sales price of 19 plots of land price of not more than 53400 yuan square meters, and the maximum sales price of not more than $56100 square meters. Last night, the entire team are working overtime to stay up late, accounting for the cost of these two pieces of land." Participate in the auction of housing prices to the Beijing Morning Post reporter said. More than and 10 hunting, housing prices get enthusiastic yesterday afternoon, Haidian Yongfeng two blocks have attracted more than and 10 enterprises to participate in the auction room. The first auction is the 18 plots, after less than 10 minutes of placards, COSCO Group with 5 billion yuan price peaked, then transferred to the self-sustaining commercial housing area auction links. Finally, the disposable self reported self-sustaining commercial housing area, Longhu green, the first of the Commonwealth, poly, Wan Kesi company reported 100% self-sustaining commercial housing area. According to the rules, four housing prices should be made within the limits of the building program, after expert review, in order to determine the results of the auction. 19 plots are also subject to competition for housing prices. 19 plots of land belonging to the R2 class two residential land and B11 retail commercial land. In a one-time investment holding residential housing prices in five aspects, first, green, Vanke, poly, total iron, the investment proportion of self-sustaining is 100%. Do in the area of investment in self business, first, Zhuzong Vanke, green, poly reported 100% self-sustaining area. Experts say, take the pricing model changes, the realization of the land is difficult, can be listed through the fund or long-term use of the right to sell, but are facing policy problems." Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that from a number of companies to take a strong view, the first tier cities land resources is still the first choice for enterprises. The new land will increase a lot of affordable housing on the market in the past, developers take high is the purpose of future construction has become a regional high-end, can sell at high prices, but the limit, this purpose can not be achieved, the need of enterprise according to the land structure change with the idea, the past with the pricing model began to change, to housing prices in the business requirements are increasingly high, past sales will be transformed into business thinking"相关的主题文章:

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