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Beijing Fangshan land Duandun nearly two months of financial plots low premium turnover pigeon blood

After nearly two months of Beijing Fangshan land Duandun financial plots low premium turnover Duandun two months, Beijing land market has finally ushered in a financial land auction in Fangshan. However, due to the smaller plots, commercial land prospects are not optimistic and other factors, the auction site attracted only 4 housing prices. For just a few minutes, the plot is good Xiangcheng open local housing prices competing with 420 million yuan, the premium rate is only 3.4%. Due to land in Beijing has been for a long time not good land into the city, so the industry is expected, future residential land competition is still very intense, but commercial plots or will continue to travel. > > site only 4 companies participate in the auction to sell the land it is understood that yesterday is Beijing city Fangshan District Gongchen street block FS00-LX07-0097 B4 comprehensive commercial financial services land, planning construction area of 21165 square meters, the starting price of 406 million yuan, at the scene before the auction, the plots only received 5 online quotes. Field bidding link did not lead to fierce competition. Only Vanke, K2, Liangxiang City, South China open 4 home prices in the auction, after two rounds of placards auction, then the flower falls Liangxiang city block. The whole bidding process is only a few minutes. According to the Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei estimates, this is located in the town of Fangshan District arch street floor price of 21 thousand and 500 yuan / square meter. From the Central Plains real estate data show that the land area where the land market in 2015 and 2014 respectively, the number of land transactions, which in July 2015 two cases of land are high turnover respectively by Hengda and Heng Heng, which plots the sale of part of the floor price reached 21 thousand yuan / square meters. "The plots of higher prices, but also need to build 1670 square meters, the floor price price has reached 21 thousand and 500 yuan / square meters, of which more than half of the area needs to be held for more than 20 years, so the premium rate is not high," Zhang Dawei analysis, the plots starting has refresh area record. From the Fangshan market, the current commercial property price in 20 thousand yuan / square meters on the -3, but there are also individual projects the average price of more than 40 thousand yuan / square meters, the highest Deshang price in 70 thousand yuan / square meters. > > analysis of three reasons caused by the land freeze "which is under the background of cold hot land market this year the first block", the marketing director of Asian high Guo Yi believes that three reasons lead to the plots of cold. First, the impact of regional market supply saturation. Ya Hao Jun Yue will data show that since 2012, 5 years Fangshan District a total turnover of 11 commercial plots, second only to Fengtai District, ranked second in the districts. But Fengtai District has Lize business district headquarters and two emerging business district gathered, so commercial projects "way out", but Fangshan District is located in the suburbs, there is no strong industrial planning support, so commercial projects can only be developed for commercial products "quxianjiuguo". The supply of commercial and residential products also makes the rise in commercial and residential prices in Fangshan District is not obvious, nearly three years commercial or residential prices rose only at the same time, while the whole of Beijing commercial and residential products prices rose as high as 30%. In addition, the future of commercial and residential market is not expected to be optimistic. Recent public)相关的主题文章:

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