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Before July, the national coal production capacity decreased by 10% the effect of compression www.dy2018.net

Before the July national coal production dropped 10%  compression capacity effect gradually — energy — people.com.cn August 26th, Shanxi Coal Industry Bureau issued "on 2016 in Shanxi province to resolve the overcapacity in coal target decomposition and time schedule of the announcement (the first batch)". According to the announcement, the province will shut down 15 coal mines, one year to resolve the production capacity of 10 million 600 thousand tons. The latest data show that in all to force production policy, the first 7 months of this year, the national coal production fell by about 10%, coal prices rose, the national coal price index in July rose 6.14% qoq. Some institutional analysts believe that by the end of the country to accelerate the production floor, may continue to stimulate coal prices, and improve the performance of listed companies. Therefore, the two level of the market, after the pre adjustment of coal stocks, investors can intervene. This year a lot of coal province actively to capacity, according to the office of the coal industry in Shanxi Province, in December 20th of this year, the coal mine all closed to seal the well. The latest data show that the national coal production in the first 7 months of this year fell by more than 10%, coal prices continued to rise. Reporter obtained data show that the Shanxi Provincial Coal Industry Bureau released the first batch of the province’s 15 coal mines will be closed out, involving Changzhi, Linfen, Datong, Taiyuan, Shuozhou, Jincheng, Yangquan 7 city, can resolve the production capacity of 10 million 600 thousand tons of years. At the same time, the 15 coal mines will be most at the end of August before the implementation of production, the year closed shaft. Among them, Changzhi City, Shanxi Lu’an to 3 coal mines; Linfen City coking coal, coal 3 coal mines; Datong Datong coal mine 3 coal mines and so on. The continued high price of coal this year, the state will actively promote the supply side structural reforms, and further increase the coal industry overcapacity resolve turnaround development efforts. As established by the national development and Reform Commission, to resolve the overcapacity and development of iron and steel coal from the work of the inter ministerial joint meeting mechanism of 23 departments and two associations in the iron and steel coal. Meanwhile, in 2016 the central government to come up with 100 billion yuan, the establishment of special funds to adjust the structure of industrial enterprises to make up the funds, focusing on the support of the coal and steel to the production capacity of the personnel placement. It is worth noting that the current compression capacity effect gradually, according to the national coal mine 276 working days to determine the production capacity, production capacity of 5.9 tons reduction. Among them, the combination of Shanxi to promote the structural reform of the coal supply side, the 3 batch of the introduction of the 29 supporting documents, the Shanxi energy group and the international coal and electricity restructuring has made substantial progress. Hunan, Jiangsu in the first half of this year has been completed in 2016 to 80% of the capacity of the task, Beijing, Shaanxi has completed the task of 50%. Reporters from the national development and Reform Commission data show that this year, 1~7 months, the national coal production 19 tons, down by 10.1%, the railway coal shipments of 100 million tons, down by 11.5%. Imports 1.3 tons, an increase of 6.7%. 7 at the end of the year, coal companies coal 1.28 tons, down by 6.4%, the national key power plant coal deposit of 51 million 170 thousand tons, available for 15 days. Coal prices have continued to rise in July this year, the national coal)相关的主题文章:

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