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Armageddon on national poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation and advocating Entertainment – Soh fkzww

"Armageddon" on national poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation and advocating Sohu   entertainment; four celebrities Henan depth of poverty alleviation interviews Sohu entertainment news so far this year, Henan satellite TV has been doing a big thing. Beginning in mid September, but have attracted the famous CCTV host Jing Yidan film, a large coffee, the old drama of bone Kaili Zhang, the famous actor, "the show regulars Sun Tao, Henan fellow celebrities such as Zhang Zequn has come to Henan, respectively to Lankao County, Huaxian and Yexian County, Taiqian county. These people get together and children came to Henan to get what? There is only one truth: to participate in a program – Henan satellite TV’s "out of poverty". The Innovation: four celebrities Henan depth of poverty alleviation "Armageddon" poverty line with what is a program that has such big attraction? Originally, this is a by the Henan TV effort to build a large class of public welfare poverty alleviation program mission. Henan radio 150 people assembled into Henan’s top production team, a pool of three mountains (Taihang Mountain Dabie Mountain, deep Stone Mountain and the Yellow River Beach), Jing Yidan, Zhang Zequn, Kaili Zhang, Sun Tao came to the poor areas, do things: a line running for attention to poverty, poverty alleviation. Why should such a column? In fact, Henan satellite TV out of the Red Sea from the entertainment program, focusing on the fight against poverty, accurately grasp the pulse of the times, the rhythm of the quasi era, really for the times and song. The programme is not with ratings oriented, but hope to boost economic development strength in poor areas of the media, and win the battle of poverty. October 17th, the national third poverty alleviation day. "Let’s go straight towards well-off" — Henan satellite TV "Armageddon" poverty ceremony in Henan Jiao Yulu memorial was held in Lankao county. This program will be officially launched on October 26th evening prime time broadcast. Her voice: "Armageddon" out of poverty for the national poverty alleviation and advocating today, Henan entered the "poverty alleviation Armageddon", is the crucial stage of sprint pulling village, this battle, each into a branch, the difficulty is increased very. How was the big fight? Listen to the big stars say! Really in!" Let’s listen to what they say. In the program, Jing Yidan in Lankao County rural poverty alleviation, understanding of Lankao war. She said, talking about the poverty of the topic, has the model significance in Lankao country, is a long-term focus of people across the country, represents a kind of signal. Henan TV’s "Armageddon" poverty alleviation programs, so that people across the country in a relatively concentrated time, pay more attention to tackling poverty lankao. Kaili Zhang went to Henan, Huaxian, South hope that the school conducted an interview, so she was very moved. She said that more than 90% are left behind children’s school, a large number of graduates to the community, which is the "education out of poverty" bear fruit. She hoped that through the Henan satellite TV, "poverty alleviation" program, so that more people to pay attention to education and poverty alleviation work. Sun Tao followed the Henan Yexian County village doctors, from door to door rounds in Henan Province, to feel the precise poverty measures to bring benefits to poor households. He said that Henan radio and television through the form of television!相关的主题文章:

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