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Apple push new or old taste iphone 7 was Tucao –it– people’s network drop dead diva

Apple to push the new or old taste   iPhone  –IT– 7 was Tucao people.com.cn original title: Apple iPhone 7 new or old flavor was Tucao remember six months before the circle of friends was iPhone 7 cool features of this kind of news outlook "brush screen? Once the message described in "technology and futuristic" is a good wish, but now the result is real skinny. Beijing yesterday morning 1, iPhone 7 in time and again finally, the debut, Chinese also nominated for the iPhone 7 series for the first time on sale. Although launched a dual rear camera and other new features, but this time Apple encountered such as "no headset jack" was tucao. In the view of many fruit powder, the Apple’s new machine is still "no surprise surprise". Qiangjing bright black double camera headset to highlight this might be "an apple conference best hypnotic" effect, all kinds of product details and channels released ahead of the "spoiler" exactly the same. IPhone 7 Plus dual pixel camera was ahead of the 12 million words". Apple has repeatedly launched the "perverse" 16G memory version, this "memory bounded debris" has finally, new machine provides 32GB, 128GB and 256GB version, double capacity. In a word to change the color of the apple, this time for the new machine to add a bright black, which is since iPhone 4S, this black shiny color for the first time to return. However, bright black version only 128GB version and 256GB version, the price is more expensive, "said senior black Apple fans" is it. Apple for the first time set up a virtual Home key, and processor, waterproof and dustproof etc. have been improved, the price of natural increase. IPhone 7 is priced at 5388 yuan, compared to a 6S market price of 100 yuan, the starting price of 7 iPhone Plus for 6388 yuan, more than 6S Plus expensive 300 yuan. The new phone will accept reservations from today, the Chinese mainland finalists in the world premiere. Reporters yesterday login Taobao search found someone from Taobao scanty, many users will wait in line version of the listing, and not what business of cattle. The largest slot of the new machine is that its 3.5mm headphone jack is gone. The iPhone 7 series launch lightning interface headset, with the mobile phone with a commutator. To wireless music, but also the individual purchase price of 1288 yuan AirPods wireless Bluetooth stereo headset, is considered to be the apple fruit powder to make money another way. But what they can not stand is that it is like a wire cut cable headphones, beautiful, and easy to lose. Some people say that Apple should be specially developed a "find my headset" APP "for the headset, more people jokingly" ready to go pick up the headset". But Apple said, Apple has done the courage to go forward, you can access the headset through the adapter interface, and said, the phone has a faster processing相关的主题文章:

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