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Another kiloton smuggling chiefs were arrested inventory of red sandalwood lobular red sandalwood sm ca4111

A kiloton red sandalwood smuggling chiefs were arrested: inventory of lobular red sandalwood smuggling to India media reported in November 12th, India police arrested the day before the ancient Soderbergh Singapore Red surbam and his smuggling five key aides. According to the good government relations in India Shanghai senior timber merchant, Mr. S said, surbam is a big boss was smuggling, car club, and the scene seized smuggled rosewood logs and cash, and he has since admitted smuggling more than 1 thousand tons of lobular Rosewood exported to Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai and Malaysia, Chinese. A kiloton red sandalwood smuggling chiefs were arrested! As the inventory of lobular red sandalwood smuggling fully deserve wooden king, lobular Rosewood is undoubtedly the domestic mahogany industry banner. However, in addition to the 2014 and the India government organizations in the international public auction of the limited number of formal import and export, the other is the basic path to enter the domestic market, the number of people in. In April 7, 2015, police in India Qidu (chyttoor) bloody shootings of more than 20 lobular red sandalwood smuggler is a starting point, it shocked the India government and international public opinion focus! Subsequently, India stepped up efforts to ban in many places. In some important checkpoints, all vehicles must be scanned by X light. The "massacre" 20 smugglers event has not yet subsided, then, India forestry police arrest of a number of lobular red sandalwood smuggler. Then, a India is a smuggler with lobular red sandalwood red and nurturing actress, but also because the bank account is used to store the "black money" was arrested! In May 8, 2015, a Chinese in the lobular red sandalwood was arrested for smuggling! Be a get out of hand, and the emergence of the "scamper" tragic, even more than and 30 people in a village so caught. Involved a lot of people, including some chinese. In September 20, 2015, Ande of India Pradesh chief minister CHANDRABABU NAIDU comments lobular red sandalwood smuggling, said it has caused a threat to democracy; India assets amounted to 100 billion rupees of border smuggling families. 2015-10-9, a bus carrying 89 Tamils, Ande entered the state forest felling lobular red sandalwood, all arrested. Back in October 14, 2015 61 lobular red sandalwood smuggling case Fayaz was arrested in Bangalore in October 15, 2015; India and arrested a smuggler, behind the chiefs is a lot of red sandalwood wood friends do should know Shariff. In October 19, 2015 to carry 15 cases lobular red sandalwood smuggling chiefs KUMAR arrested! In fact, if all of the list, the list can also be a long list (there is a need to know the wood friends can view the history of the platform). Since July of this year, India has investigated more than smuggling case, in addition to the case in the media reports there are seven: July 11, 2016 India media reports, the India tax Intelligence Agency on Sunday (July 10th) in KingNet相关的主题文章:

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