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An associate professor in Hunan posted a notice of rebuilding notice rapidly becoming popular in thecosmax

Hunan, an associate professor of art fan posted "repair notice" quickly became popular network in November 4th, students in the crowd to rebuild notice Xiaoping teacher. Gather to Ni Xuan, have no what can stop you yearning for painting. Let us salute eventually lost repair, do not want to ever see." Recently, Central South University of Forestry and Technology foreign college notice column, a brush writing the "revised notice" by onlookers photographed and forwarding, quickly became popular network. See the notice to go to lectures in November 4th, reporters on the scene saw a pale yellow paper, handsome and small well-proportioned arranged: "dear classmates: Although you and I are reluctant to once again in the studio, tenth week, 123 weeks in the afternoon I still waiting for you. If you come from the stars and a Jedi escape, of course the sun also rises, just graduated out of reach……" This notice speaks truth in two words or three rebuilt, the name of TV drama, lyrics have no sense of violation and string, and humor, teachers for students’ affection on. Many students see the exclamation: "the teacher is good! His classes should be quite interesting, really want to listen to his class." This "notice" is the "notice" the full range of literary "notice" from the Department of foreign forestry institute associate professor Cheng Xiaoping teacher hand. In 2006 he entered the school to teach, has been professor of Design Majors "sketch" "color" and "sketch" course. On weekdays, Xiaoping is a teacher of painting, calligraphy, singing. He is not only a member of provincial Calligraphy Association, Provincial Artists Association, a few years ago are still college faculty in the singing contest to win the title. "Mentioned in this notice in the movie and TV series are all I’ve seen before, plus the usual love to sing, so handy, less than half an hour." Strictly speaking, this is not the official notice, but to rebuild a friendship for the teacher to remind students." The dean’s office director Yu Bo introduced, had been in the educational network, school bulletin board notice announced the official notice. According to the arrangement, rebuilt more than 20 people arrange courses, start time and place by the college, 20 people following the "rebuild counseling", by teachers and students arrange direct contact. Therefore, in charge of "counseling rebuilt" teacher, usually in addition to prepare a notice posted to the bulletin board, so that students learn start time, location and other details. Xiaoping fan art teacher released notice, belong to this category. "You come or not come, I am here to Xiaoping that the printed notice is more common, especially pay attention to the creative art and design, he hopes to lead the students through practice. According to statistics, the school has three courses more than 500 students had learned Xiaoping responsible for rebuilding, only 18 people in need of rehabilitation. "This is because more than 10 children may not adhere to learning or lack of effort, as a teacher, I cannot totally repudiate the students. I take the time to write this notice, but also to encourage them." Cheng Xiaoping said. He Ping 湖南一副教授贴文艺范“重修通知” 迅速走红网络 11月4日,同学们在围观成小平老师的重修通知。 向倪萱 摄   来吧,没有什么能够阻挡你对绘画的向往。让我们一起致敬终将逝去的重修,从此不见不想。”近日,中南林业科技大学涉外学院通知公告栏内,一张用毛笔书写的《重修通知》被围观师生拍照转发,迅速走红网络。   看到通知就想去听课   11月4日,记者在现场看到,一张淡黄色的毛边纸上,俊逸洒脱的小楷错落有致地排列着:“亲爱的同学:尽管你我都不情愿重逢于曾经的画室,第十周开始,我依然会在周一二三下午等候你的归来。如若来自星星的你又一次绝地逃亡,太阳当然照常升起,只是毕业遥不可及……”这份通知用三言两语道破了重修真谛,影视剧名、歌词被串烧得毫无违和感,而且诙谐幽默,师长对于学生的关爱之情跃然纸上。   不少学生看后感叹:“这个老师真好!上他的课应该挺有趣的,真想去听听他的课。”   此“通知”非彼“通知”   这张文艺范十足的《通知》出自中南林科大涉外学院副教授成小平老师之手。他2006年进入该学院任教,一直为设计类专业的学生教授《素描》《色彩》和《速写》课程。   平日里,成小平老师爱好绘画、书法、唱歌。他不仅是省书法协会、省美术家协会会员,前几年还在学院教职工歌唱比赛中一举夺魁。“这份通知里提及的那几部电影、电视剧都是我之前看过的,再加上平时喜欢唱歌,于是信手拈来,不到半个小时就写好了。”   “严格来说,这不算官方通知,而是重修老师对学生的一种友情提醒。”该学院教务处处长余波介绍,学院此前已经在教务网、学院通知公告栏内公布了正式的官方通知。根据安排,重修人数超过20人的课程,由学院统一安排开课时间地点,20人以下则采用“辅导重修”的方式,由师生直接联系自主安排。   因此,负责“辅导重修”的老师,一般会另外再拟一份通知张贴到公告栏内,以便学生获知开课时间地点等详细信息。成小平老师发布的文艺范通知,就属于这一类。   “你来或者不来,我都在这里”   成小平认为,打印的通知比较普通,艺术设计特别讲究创意,他希望通过身体力行来带动学生。   据统计,该学院有500多名学生此前学过成小平负责重修的三门课程,需要重修的只有18人。“这十多个孩子也许是因为学习不够坚持或者不够努力,身为人师,我不能因此就全盘否定学生。我花心思去写这个通知,也是为了鼓励他们。”成小平说。   “何其不幸,你要重修;何其有缘,你我将重逢在曾经的画室……你来或者不来,我都在这里;你过或者不过,要用作品证明。就重修而言,但愿后会无期。”成小平老师的第一张创意《重修通知》写于2014年12月。“写的时候引用了仓央嘉措的诗句,”成小平回忆,当时也在学生中引起了比较好的反响。   在“90后”学生眼里,“75后”的成小平不是“萌叔”,而是幽默风趣博学有才的“小平哥”。   该学院大一学生贺雨茜说:“成老师是一个幽默的人。老师在‘朋友圈’里讲话像段子手一样,特别亲切风趣。课堂上,他注重调动学生画画的积极性,特别鼓励我们创新。”   ■记者 黄京   通讯员 向倪萱 邹敏 邓湘萍相关的主题文章:

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