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Alyssa Chia announced the birth of the third tire Thank God for the arrangement (video) quickchm

Alyssa Chia announced the third pregnant: Thank God’s arrangement [Abstract]9 on the afternoon of, 30, actor Alyssa Chia announced the news in micro-blog, officially admitted to have been pregnant with twins. Alyssa Chia announced the pregnant third child: Thank God Alyssa Chia family of four data figure Alyssa Chia micro-blog entertainment news (screenshot Tencent Wen Zhao Zhenzong Xue Jianyu) the afternoon of September 30th, actor Alyssa Chia announced the news on micro-blog, officially recognized already pregnant third child. In fact, Alyssa Chia and her ex husband, Sun Zhihao, were born in 2005. 2011, after several rounds of competition, Alyssa Chia and Sun Zhihao’s divorce custody case just ended. In 2015, Alyssa Chia married his 9 year old young actor Shiou, and in the same year his second baby "does not does not". After the interview, Alyssa Chia said frankly does not exclude the baby’s regeneration plan, today announced the good news at micro-blog, again when mom. Alyssa Chia: micro-blog full sister: O O does not does not! I heard that mommy has a baby, you want to be a little sister! Does not does not: really?! One is not enough, I want my mummy five! Elder sister:… Thank God for the arrangement, let our life and a new member to join. Thank you for this wonderful treasure of grace, we will be happy to meet as usual joy ~ P.S I want another friends, your mind is too strong, as you wish.相关的主题文章:

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