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Agricultural Credit Supervision issued by that flawed private grain prices Piandai tamiflu

Agricultural Credit Supervision issued by that flawed: private grain prices Piandai original title: private grain prices Piandai private capital uses   Agricultural Credit Supervision issued by that flawed since April this year, Hebei city of Baoding province occurred on the private grain companies suspected of defrauding the Agricultural Development Bank (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese economy.in") a credit event, involving an amount of about 1 billion 670 million yuan, or causing heavy losses to the country. Insiders pointed out that the purchase of private lending is the unspoken rules of the food industry". There are many problems in the issue of agricultural enterprise qualification examination, approval and supervision of funds, credit evaluation and other aspects, some private grain companies use loopholes in the system to obtain "credit bank", the industry invested in real estate funds and futures. This year, there have been some food companies after the loss of the case of refusing to repay the loan, to the country’s special fund for agriculture has brought a greater risk. Fictitious grain purchase and sale contract loan "Economic Reference News" reporter the day before received a public report said, Xu Shuizhi letter grain trade limited companies by making false grain purchase and sale contract to acquire the "credit" from the Xushui Agricultural Development Zone Branch, illegal in the grain depot land for real estate development, and refused to repay bank loans. It is reported that, in recent years, as the Agricultural Development Bank headquarters "gold customers" Xu Shuizhi letter grain trade limited company continues to expand the scale of grain storage, has set up Tangxian County runheng Oil Trading Co. Ltd. and constant TEDA Oil Trading Co. ltd.. "Xu Shuizhi letter grain trade limited company’s Leadership provides a lot of information and inform the resident identity card, the total number of grain purchase and sale, the company accounting in accordance with these materials make up fake weighing single and the corresponding purchase invoice. In the paper, the customer name and quantity of the contents of food are false." Insider Zhao revealed that the company’s leadership of the original material of fraud is very cautious, after making up the bill to let the financial accounting will tear it destroyed." The reporter Xu Shuizhi letter food Trading Co., part of the company not destroyed grain trading documents through multiple channels, and tracked. Among them, the document shows that Baoding city Xushui District villagers Zhang Hong Renli on 15 June 2015 Xu Shuizhixin food trade limited company sales of 1564 kilograms of wheat, the price of 2.34 yuan / kg. But when the reporter went to Zhang to verify, Zhang Hong told reporters, I did not go to the letter of Food Trading Co., Ltd. has sold food, I was sold to the village of grain traffickers." Heng TEDA food trade Limited is displayed in the national tax system tax documents, Xushui District, because the town village in Guangling in di Cheng in December 10, 2015 sales of 3708 kilograms of grain, price 1.6 yuan / kg. But in Guangling’s father in an Zhu told reporters, "he has run the transport business outside, rarely go home. In 2014, the family is contracted to the fellow villagers. Our family is not farming, nor to the constant Teda Company sold food grain and oil trade co.." Reporters at the constant TEDA Oil Trading Ltd. saw the land in the grain depot to "staff apartment" built a number of residential buildings on behalf of. According to the masses, 201相关的主题文章:

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