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After a wave of high-tech jobs will be in the talent market in Hunan waiting for you bleep

After a wave of high-tech jobs will be in the talent market in Hunan, your original title: after a wave of high-tech jobs to the talent market in Hunan, you Changsha evening Festival on October 6th news Changsha palm to find a good job? Hunan’s highest level of talent recruitment will come! By the Provincial Committee of the United Front Work Department, the provincial agency approved by the office. The talent market in Hunan hosted the 2016 Hunan overseas Chinese talents and high level talent recruitment will be held on October 18th (Tuesday) in the talent market in Hunan, the event will build up China’s overseas talent including high level talents patents and technological achievements exhibition, exchange and cooperation platform, and further promote and promote public entrepreneurship, innovation "," The Belt and Road "," China manufacturing 2025 "national implementation of the strategy. According to reports, the post will provide more emphasis on the recruitment of bio medicine, IT Internet and finance industries. Related industries to provide a large wave of high-tech jobs are relatively high for job seekers, such as medicine (biological) research and development engineer, software development engineer, power electronics development engineer, Finance (micro) financial director and up to 80% jobs, require candidates with master degree or above and returnees background, part of the job also requires candidates who have their own patented technology or R & D projects. As of now, the recruitment will have by the United Front Work Department, the provincial Office of human resources, the Hunan provincial Party committee and party management center, staff in Hunan WRSA, provincial committee, Provincial Youth Association of overseas students to return to service alliance, equity investment Association and the 14 prefectures in Hunan Students Pioneer Park more than and 100 institutions and units, organized thousands of returnees live candidates. Even if you do not rush to find a job, to the scene ‘zero distance’ feel innovative entrepreneurial thinking sparks, is also very good." According to the organizers, the recruitment day will be held in Hunan and 2016 overseas high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship exhibition, 2016 Hunan students of high level talents and outstanding entrepreneurial projects roadshow, haiwaichizi to serve the country for the ceremony, Xiaoxiang third young returnees Development Forum and other series of thematic activities, content rich and colorful, not miss. (Palm Changsha correspondent Li Jing correspondent He Xiaohua)相关的主题文章:

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