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A step in the province will be enchanting Zhoushan Phoenix cheongsam Woman Sports Festival tsumori chisato

A step in the province will be enchanting Zhoushan Phoenix cheongsam Woman Sports Festival step by step in a graceful, enchanting, full of flexible beauty every twinkle and smile. Zhoushan Phoenix in the province of women’s Sports Festival cheongsam will form, model T station serves game gains second groups, individuals, the first sports wear cheongsam show. The afternoon of September 22nd, the second women’s sports section body model T station serves competition held in Zhejiang Jiaxing Pinghu. Zhoushan Phoenix dress 13 members on behalf of the Zhoushan team, won the second group, individual sports wear cheongsam show, the first. This is their first time out of Zhoushan, to participate in the provincial competition. At noon the day begins at 12:30, from across the province, the identity of each age is a woman wearing a dress or dress, or sports clothes, in the T stage show charm. Zhoushan Phoenix cheongsam will debut as the first team. A beautiful dress to wear in the players’ body, instant magic. With the graceful figure and graceful walk, the models in the elegant music, show curvaceous and soft posture, showing the charm of gentle behavior. Whether it is a young girl or sentimental, middle-aged female charm, are they perfect show in one step, every twinkle and smile, turned around, put the audience into the elegant atmosphere. Zhoushan Phoenix cheongsam is a social organization, established in more than 1 years ago. More than 130 like-minded, love life, love the beauty of women, because of the cheongsam and poly. Their average age is about 40 years old, every week to carry out the professional training of the 2, in the provincial women’s Sports Festival Award gave them great encouragement. At the individual and individual sports wear cheongsam show first Xu and Mel white rose very excited: "their efforts were not in vain, in this age, can find their own, live more beautiful themselves, very happy."相关的主题文章:

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