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A little monk of the monastic life a monk is not easy to do www.xxsy.net

A little monk of the monastic life: do a monk to Hubei Huangzhou Anguo temple Wen Shengxuan "learn to do one day a person, one year, one year to learn how to do a person, take ten years." This sentence master often repeat the old monk to encourage us to learn to do a monk is not easy, in the months to Anguo temple in that there are so many lessons to learn. In many people’s minds, on behalf of morning bell and evening drum — reminders monastic life as a monk, a little monk early every morning, in the vast majority of people sleeping time, sounded to the heavy bell. With eager fresh, I wake up early in the morning wash, looking forward to start "world fame by morning bell and evening drum — reminders off, but when do, realize it is not as simple as it seems in the past. At the bell of chanting verse, the rhythm is a stress. "Miao Zhan total real respect, the first king of the world rare surangama……" He had a chance to revel in loud chanting ", have no confidence. Because I don’t know what the correct pitch is, just by feeling, "roar" out. Sure enough, the temple master lay on my morning "out of tune" cry, "I tried not to come out, you also learn that, really difficult." "You’re a new song!" It doesn’t matter, at first, so long as you seriously to sing, will naturally have progress." I listened to the recording, the heart of a horizontal, only feel that they are in the harassment of the law sector, stronger heart hit. With the return to the right path dream, I insist in the bell post "bell early knock treasure verse of song, on the penetration of heaven, through hell……" But the heart but conceal embarrassment and fear. The monk is not easy, there are so many did not come into contact with the lessons to learn, chanting for wuyinbuquan I is undoubtedly the most challenging. While holding the mallet, but the heart is the name of drums, good hope the Buddha can save me out of my misery. Just a few days, wonderful karma put me into a relatively easy work. The first is the preparatory seminar Dongpo Zen master wildly beating gongs and drums, let me do some paperwork, often finishing late, just luck please brother do me a "wonderful life hold" seemed to inferiority was cleverly hidden in the busy look. The seminar is not a simple work, the master is actually sent me to the reception guests, stationed at the venue, the arrangements for the meeting on the release of information. But I more louqie things, one can only brush the mobile phone Indoorsman now hide into the temple courtyard, did not want to face this challenge. This time it is really no choice but to get on the scalp. The day before the opening ceremony of the seminar, the guests from all over the world have arrived at the venue, and there are many unexpected situation that I fortunately have several scorched by the flames, experienced Upasaka and Huangzhou many enthusiastic volunteers. But many seem to have no solution to the problem one after another, the shortage of information on the meeting, the guests on the road, lost contact, data distribution error…… Face this situation for the first time.相关的主题文章:

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