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A continuation of 60 years of controversy Taixu India Buddhism comment www49vv.com

A continuation of 60 years of controversy: Taixu "India review Buddhism" Taixu yinshunmaster core tip: yinshunmaster works and Master Taixu comments has been for 60 years, today yinshunmaster version of "Humanistic Buddhism" as Taixu "life Buddhism" authentic dichuan has been popular. Both sides have made Buddhism ideology and discourse authority, Taixu concern "Dharma was abandoned in the world" was a real possibility. This review on "India Buddhism" debate on the dusty, is filled with a thousand regrets! Original title: the history of Buddhism China on an important route to fight – Taixu yinshunmaster "India" comment on a Buddhist Origin, yinshunmaster advocated "the world Buddhism" in today’s cross-strait Buddhism has great influence, and its close relationship with Taixu, and as "void master book" and "void master Chronicle" compilation status, almost is recognized as the direct inheritance and development of Taixu advocated "life Buddhism", but between the two are very different. In 1942, yinshunmaster the famous "India Buddhism" the first chapter send Taixu, please Master Taixu written order, Taixu immediately wrote "on India Buddhism" comment. In this less than 1000 words of the commentary, Taixu first praised yinshunmaster reading is good for fine are deep thinking, so the work can often hook to self Jie Xuan, Apperception ", so he predicted" to calm the seal of Foshi engaged in, there will be a victory." Then the master Yin Shun "Buddhism, is the Buddha. See, smelt of India civilization and the creation of" point of view to be sure, although also put forward their own different interpretations of the sentence, but conceded that "although different, but generally think not far away." The master for the India Buddhism historical development yinshunmaster stage of criticism, yinshunmaster pointed out that "like minded" only by solemn dragon tree ", the Mahayana era knead it should be reduced to fragments, correction" ("on the history of Buddhism in India"), and the main part of the article is put forward Fair view too the master mind "". Taixu later wrote to yinshunmaster, to express their views. Later, yinshunmaster in printed book with "a discussion of India Buddhism" in response to criticism. In this article, yinshunmaster from three aspects for Taixu "proposed India Buddhism" and the letter made a reply. The content mainly includes three points: 1, on the reasoning of the matter, the rationality of the division of the 3 period. 2, first empty after the debate, after that I often idealism of Dharma for nominalism empty lines. 3, free choice debate, that is the perfect embodiment of the Dragon Shukong Zong Bodhisattva spirit. The results, after seeing the Taixu and India response Yinshun, criticized the position did not eliminate, but more intense. In "on India Buddhism" in an article to recover the original for yinshunmaster "is the Buddhism, Buddha’s opinion, smelt of India civilization and the creation of" view of affirmation, emphasize each other for the difference of the sentence to explain, and extend criticism. Not only that, but also in August 1943 3.相关的主题文章:

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