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8, Changde plans to see these places where there is a blackout near your home www.44fang.com

8, Changde plans to see the power of these places to see if you have a home near the [Abstract] Changde part of the region tomorrow plans to cut off from 7:30 in the morning, the longest outage 13.5 hours. See if your home is in the blackout area? The blackout time and range of > > October 8th Changde city planned outage information: 110 thousand 7:30-15:00 in Anxiang County in Hunan province in October 8th in Changde City, Anxiang 10 thousand West 338 volt substation voltage line bridge ring network cabinet 306 load switch to P001 side line of Tianjiao bar. Due to cable installation and the first of the planned outage. []: the power range of Anxiang County Hotel, residential, as boundless as the sea and sky era Tianjiao Liu Yunsong real estate company. October 8th – 7:30 110 thousand 21:00 in Taoyuan County in Hunan province Changde City v Taoyuan 10 thousand volt substation Taojian line 314 P001 bar to the line between P013 bar, due to new and high production pole downlead, planned outage. Hunan city of Changde province Taoyuan County []: Fairview terrace District, Tiancheng Garden District, Wan Mei District, lotus primary school, two in the neighborhood gang. (source: State Grid Changde power supply company micro-blog)相关的主题文章:

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