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Regret! Shandong beef is better to eat because of the high price for the first tier cities fifa14下载

Regret! Shandong is better to eat beef because of high prices for many to first-tier cities a Luxi made of steak, the price to sell to seventy or eighty yuan. Qilu Evening News · Qilu point reporter Zhu Honglei photo taken in Ji’nan, Qingdao, the major supermarkets, imported beef accounted for the main sales window, domestic beef, especially Shandong beef rarely appear. Shandong is a big province of animal husbandry, why lose at home to imported beef? "80% beef on the market, may be imported," Peng Peng, Ji’nan residents found that most of the steak on the market are mostly imported, domestic steak rare. Some of these steaks are cheap. For example, in the part of the imported supermarket in Ji’nan, a piece of weight of 300 grams of the highest price of steak can reach more than 300 yuan. And a little lower grade imported steak, the price is not much difference with the local steak, and some even cheaper than the domestic steak. The reporter found that many supermarkets survey in Ji’nan, Qingdao and other places, the domestic brand of frozen beef in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and other southern enterprises, most of them come from the northeast and Inner Mongolia beef production, deep processing in the local and then transported to all parts of the country for sale. For example, in the Ji’nan high tech Zone Wanda supermarket, a Wenzhou food manufacturers salesman said, although their beef production plant in Wenzhou, but the beef is from the northeast, with the large scale farming of Simmental cattle. Shandong local beef brands are rare in the local market. In Ji’nan, the reporter visited the RT mart and other supermarkets, only to see a Luxi shop in high tech Zone Wanda supermarket. According to the person in charge of a beef processing enterprises in Binzhou Yangxin revealed that 700 billion to demand 800 billion yuan China beef market every year, and Luxi cattle in the whole beef on the market share of only about 5%, 80% of the market may be imported meat and beef. Compared with the pastoral beef, beef more tasty director of Shandong Yangxin County Animal Husbandry Bureau Ma Wenjian introduction, Shandong is the national animal husbandry industry in the province, compared with the Inner Mongolia beef origin, Shandong beef quality not only poor, but better. In Inner Mongolia and other areas, only in the cattle pasture, in fact, the cow needs more fine feed, in the growth process of these things, not only to provide pastoral areas, in rural areas to. Although the pastoral beef can be made of dried beef, but it is difficult to create high-grade beef. In contrast, in the taste of beef meat, not only the bright colors, but also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, high nutritional value. Although the quality of beef in Shandong is not bad at all, they rarely appear in the local market. For example, Yangxin Fu’an county animal husbandry development limited company manager Yang Jindi introduced, they are mainly cattle Luxi cattle, breeding stock in 2000 above, the market is mainly North of Guangzhou first-tier cities in Shandong, local sales is relatively small. In the North Canton and other cities, the demand for high-grade beef, the price is high, can get more profits. In Shandong, it is difficult to sell a better price. Ma Wen)相关的主题文章:

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