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Fu Yuanhui said the 40s song sing comic rhythmical without pressure cad2012序列号和密钥

Fu Yuanhui said the 40s song sing comic rhythmical without pressure Fu Yuanhui funny expression causes laughter Fu Yuanhui appeared "king of comedy" the girl Fu Yuanhui crossover comic debut Sina entertainment news from the Beijing satellite TV blockbuster launch, Beijing TV, film and television xinbaoyuan Investment Co. Ltd., Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. a thousand years as the Beijing satellite media limited liability company joint the China first file original comedy show "comedy cross-border cross-border competition king" phase fifth will be broadcast on TV in Beijing to 20:30 tomorrow night. This period "the girl" Fu Yuanhui put on the coat with the comic, still live relaxed singing Solitaire "Ala Muhan", and laugh at yourself like a fish only seven seconds memory, can not remember the words. In the history of the most brutal game, Fu Yuanhui can like the Olympic Games usually win? Fu Yuanhui "comic debut" rhythmical singing 40s "Ala Muhan" no pressure "white teacher, you don’t push me." With a clear voice, a red coat Fu Yuanhui debut, "two stars" comedy broker Kennan white [micro-blog] followed. When he came to power, Fu Yuanhui worried about himself. "I’m a swimmer. I have to deal with water and training all day." White Kennan comfort said "nothing, you follow me, I say you say a, I teach you. "The crosstalk between the two starts from this dialogue. Fu Yuanhui quickly enter the state, as the embodiment of "straight straight man", sell adorable funny did not stop, "mushroom squat, shaking coat, small face, that Fu Yuanhui’s serious demeanor vivid action white Kennan said the comic, lead the audience bursts of applause from the audience. Not only learn cross talk fast, sing the song to Fu Yuanhui is "amazing song", and sing songs help speech after 40s "Ala Muhan" has no pressure, "the 90 girl" gave the audience a big surprise. Although always the same tone, but still can cause the rhythmic applause, the scene atmosphere superposition that Fu Yuanhui foot cowardly. Fu Yuanhui ridicule their "seven second memory" to "back word competition rely on talent a wonderful show down, Fu Yuanhui let Xiao Shenyang cross [micro-blog] can not help but praise:" Fu Yuanhui for comic is really a piece of paper, she makes me envy less gifted female, is a free comedy person." Fu Yuanhui also joked he was a fish, only seven seconds of memory, "they told me to rehearse how ah, word, I said no, one hundred times rehearsal I must remember." Fierce competition tomorrow, five crossover star who will win? Fu Yuanhui can once again release the universe? Please lock Beijing TV on Saturday night 20:30 "crossover comedy king". (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章:

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