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Yu Lan picked Montreal Film Festival Best directorial debut Award – Entertainment Sohu 残清1864

Yu Lan picked Montreal Film Festival Best directorial debut Award – Sohu entertainment "Opium gun! One thousand and eight hundred! "The poster in Portland director won the best debut award recently, along with the fortieth Montreal International Film Festival’s opening film, Chinese performance in the event also received attention. Among them, by Liu Xing Zhang Yanrong, the screenwriter, in Portland, Jiang Tao co director, Zhao Bin, Yu Lan, fan Rui and other co stars of the movie "big gun! One thousand and eight hundred! "Shine in the festival, not only is the smooth finalists, won the best debut award. However, unfortunately, because of visa problems, director Yu Lan has failed to come to the site to accept the award. Acceptance speech, she also bluntly very very sorry, due to visa problems, not scheduled to Film Festival Awards site. Failed to stand on the podium to accept the trophy, will be a lifelong regret. For the first time directing and starring in this movie will be able to get this award, really feel like pie in the sky". But at the same time, she also thanked the organizers and judges: "I thank the president of the Montreal International Film Festival Segi Lo Seck Serge Losique) and the judges, is your unique vision, we Chinese movie" Opium gun! One thousand and eight hundred! "On the podium, let us share the world’s top film festival to give glory; let us have the opportunity to share with the World Film Festival this elegant time, we will continue to move forward, let Chinese stories and movies show in front of more people, thank you!" Back China film in the previous Montreal International Film Festival performance, before Kaige Chen’s "the big parade", Xie Jin’s "the Opium War", directed by Huo Jianqi, starring Liu Ye "postmen in the mountains" and other films, as well as Gong Li, Jackie Chan and other actors in the Montreal film Festival got awards, this is "Opium gun! One thousand and eight hundred! "Won the best director prize, while more than large coffee class team, this film was more curious talent shows itself, making the process of creative team. Unlike many movies, not only as a director, but also one of the stars in the film. And about love and death and a place in the countryside in the northeast of "Opium gun! One thousand and eight hundred! Can also be awarded to prove the director’s unique perspective and bold ideas. In this regard, Yu Lan also gives a detailed explanation: "the fate of a woman is more likely to be a female director of identity, I am very familiar with Chinese northeast rural four seasons spring summer autumn winter, silver snow, black land, golden wheat, colored hills, although the beauty of our clothing video to use for a full two years time to wait, but this opportunity not to second life." The film starred actress, Yu Lan said the role is hitherto unknown, "the heroine encountered in life and death, will be a hollowed out our Creator grief emotion, but we will leave a great image of women in the film history. Our story will end, but people thinking of human nature has just begun, including one should not happen in the catcher in the wild, man is not dead, the woman went mad is their inevitable fate? And that ye ‘wild’ why the fortress to the heroine?  相关的主题文章:

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