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The latest survey shows that 10 billion years ago, the formation of the galaxy golden age 姉summer

The latest observations show that 10 billion years ago the "golden age" of galaxy formation astronomers with the Harbert Space Telescope ultra deep space telescope array image and ALMA image 10 billion years ago found that the star forming galaxies, in the circle marked the "golden age" of these galaxies. Tencent space news, according to the British Daily Mail reported that this is one of the most valuable space in the distant universe, which allows us to observe the formation of the galaxy, the golden age". For the first time, researchers have published ultra deep space images taken by the Harbert space telescope, which are clearer and deeper than the previously captured images. Researchers in the Fornax first detection of gas and dust clouds of distant galaxies, they pointed out that this study can detect about 10 billion years ago the Galaxy star forming galaxy formation scenarios, at the time of the peak, which will contribute to the early announced the latest information of galaxy formation and evolution. The University of Edinburgh astronomy institute director Jim – Dunlop (Jim Dunlop) is a professor of the study leader, he pointed out that the observations of some of the key breakthroughs, the quality of observation of stars in galaxies is the predictor of distant star forming region of space. Professor Dunlop said: "this is the first time we will be the Harbert space telescope and Atta Kama large millimeter wave array telescope (ALMA) observations in the visible and ultra violet image correctly combined in research and analysis." They announced the galaxy formation process more deeply than ever before, and found the galaxies formed within 1 billion years after the big bang. Harbert and other telescopes have repeatedly observed the space, in 2012 the history of the galaxy can be traced back to 13 billion 200 million years ago. Some astronomical observations show that galaxies rich in carbon monoxide implies that the galaxy has a gas reserve, to achieve the birth of stars. Typically, these space areas are difficult to observe through the Harbert space telescope, but the ALMA array telescope for the first time to disclose details. Chile Diego Portales University astronomer manual – (Manual Aravena) Dr. Allawi that pointed out that the observation results of the new ALMA telescope array implies that we observed galactic history, these galaxies within the gas content increased significantly. In the 10 billion years ago, the high peak of galaxy formation, the gradual increase in the gas content is likely to be the root cause of the increase in the rate of star formation. At present, the researchers hope to use the Harbert ultra deep space observation equipment were observed and analyzed in 150 minutes, Marx – Planck – Walter Suofabinen astronomical research (Fabian Walter) said that by combining our understanding of the formation of the physical absence of stars, ALMA will achieve the project of large scale research will be based on the Harbert ultra deep image will be more perfect understanding of our the formation of galaxy evolution. (long compile)相关的主题文章:

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