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Amazon room service to London, 1 – hour service of science and technology Sohu 三色网 333se.cc

Amazon room service to London, 1 – hour service technology [Technews] new technology Sohu Amazon restaurant in London takeaway service officially on-line, will compete directly with Uber and Deliveroo, Amazon delivery service through Prime Now program, delivered in 1 hours. Amazon restaurant takeaway service is a member of Prime system of the company’s new service, Prime members can use Prime Now to use all kinds of services, Prime Now in the UK has been more than a year, covering the city of Britain, there are 15 thousand products can be delivered in 1 to 2 hours. Amazon restaurant takeaway service is only open to Prime members, membership fee of 79 pounds per year, Uber and Deliveroo takeaway service without any member services. Amazon restaurant service has signed a number of well-known restaurants, including Mayfair Pizza, The Duck Truck, Hummus Bros, recently Michelin Benares also announced that star restaurant service and Amazon restaurant takeout sign. Amazon restaurant takeout Service Director Al Wilkinson said Britain, London brought together. All over the world, very happy to be able to provide room service for Amazon Prime members, want them to enjoy through Prime Now to their love of delicacy. The investigation in the room service based on Amazon, can provide the high quality for the consumer recommended restaurant in London at the same time, Amazon also hope to be able to help some small restaurants to carry out delivery service. Amazon promised delivery service in 1 hours can be served, each order from the delivery fee is $15, no need to pay any other expenses, UBer, Deliveroo’s main rival delivery service can be completed in 30 minutes, the delivery time is more competitive. Amazon launched a restaurant delivery service in 2015, now covering 15 American city, London is the first station of this service for overseas expansion. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章:

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