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People in the eyes of the 10 Shanghai cultural symbols are you familiar with (video) 音羽かなで

People in the eyes of the 10 "Shanghai" cultural symbols are you familiar with? City article wide Bureau released today, the public cultural festival hundred local cultural symbols which came out, the Huangpu River, Shanghai Opera, Lu Xun, Shikumen, Nanjing Road, the Bund, Shanghai, Town God’s Temple, Yu Garden, a large venue, the Oriental Pearl, Xujiahui ten cultural symbols are named the "Shanghai" of local cultural symbols. Come onlookers let down the Huangpu River in Taihu is the main source of the Huangpu River, the river outlet of the Taihu River Basin, from Shanghai Wusong into the Yangtze river. The upstream water from Dianshan Lake, Zhejiang Tianmu Mountain Park and Jiaxing Jing relief in Pinghu District Maogang three river systems, collection of Yu Songjiang Du city. The Huangpu River is trying to be service to fitness and leisure, tourism public space and living shoreline. By the end of next year, will be basically realized on both sides of the Huangpu River from the Yangpu bridge to a total of 45 kilometers of public space open bridge. Shanghai opera opera is local opera, originated in Pujiang on both sides of the folk songs and folk songs, folk opera and other after effects, gradually evolved into rap form "tanhuang", also known as flower drum opera. After the 1911 Revolution, by tanhuang turned into "the beach" into the day, the big world, new world, sincere Park Playground show, renamed as "Shen song". In 1941, Shanghai Opera Club was founded, performed according to the American film "Waterloo Bridge" repertoire, and "Shen Song" was renamed "shanghai". Shikumen Shikumen residential building is one of the most distinctive features of Shanghai, produced in late nineteenth Century early twentieth Century. In 1930s after the peak of Shanghai Shikumen accounting for the time of the total residential area of more than 60%. In 90s, the rise of a large number of high-rise apartment, Shikumen building out the lives of many people, but it still leave enduring cultural memory. Lu Xun Lu Xun began in 1927 in Shanghai, died 1936, after nine years in Shanghai and finally died in Hongkou’s Lu Xun Park, the glorious years last years in Shanghai but also in the life of Lu Xun. During this period, Lu Xun’s literary essay content relates to politics, street rumors, ways of the world, this is not the only one. Nanjing Road, Nanjing road is a commercial street in Shanghai after the opening of the earliest established. The Bund, West to West Yan’an Road in the East, across Jingan, Huangpu two districts, a total length of 5.5 kilometers, the Tibet road is divided into two sections. Whether it is a bustling East Nanjing Road, or fashion dynamic Nanjing West Road, are well-known commercial landmark. The Bund the Bund a total length of 1.5 kilometers, south of Yanan Road, north to the Suzhou river outside the white bridge, east of the Huangpu River, the west is the row upon row of financial institutions. The Bund stands 52 buildings of different styles of classical revival building, known as the the Bund World Expo group called Chinese, is an important historical and modern representative building, one of the important landmarks in Shanghai. Shanghai Town God’s Temple Yu Garden Town God’s Temple hall ouajjou Cui Yan, towering bright. The next Yu Garden is Pan Yunrui of Shanghai private garden yongle. The most interesting is the pavilion and the zigzag bridge in the garden. Today, Town God’s Temple and Yu Garden have been integrated, not only is a tourist attraction, but also shopping, food相关的主题文章:

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