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Nanning municipal organs theme lectures tour experience won the national best case — people.com.cn 索尼a350

Nanning municipal organs theme lectures tour experience won the national best case — people.com.cn Guangxi channel — people.com.cn Nanning municipal organs theme lectures tour experience won the national best case source: people.com.cn – Guangxi channel         09 2016 30 August 09:09 people.com.cn Nanning 30 September, September 26th, the national   the work of Party building seminar held in Liaoning of Dandong. Central state organs and departments, 32 provinces and municipalities of the organs of the Party (Committee) responsible comrades more than 240 people attended the meeting. Nanning municipal organs organize "theme lectures to speak to promote" study ", known as" pro "case" won the National Party organization "two a" best case. This is the only unit in Guangxi to receive the award. Since May this year, the Central State Organs Work Committee Organization Department "and" magazine, jointly organized the "two national authorities do a" typical case collection activities. Nanning municipal organs submit theme lectures tour experience, because of objective truth, full of effectiveness and application value, talent shows itself from the 501 cases submitted to the central government departments, 32 provinces municipal Party organization, received widespread praise and attention. It is understood that in order to promote the Nanning municipal organs directly under the 95 party organization "two do" education to carry out a comprehensive, municipal organs from the autonomous region and Nanning relevant units selected 12 experts, scholars and party workers constitute xunjiangtuan theme lectures, in-depth study and grasp the "constitution" centralized "criterion" the "Regulations" and Xi Jinping series of important speech of general secretary, formed a clear theme, distinctive point of view, rich in content, targeted propaganda outline, in batches to Party members and cadres of the city’s authorities gave lectures. The team members at the end of each lesson, also asked all units to review teaching through questionnaires and other forms, timely summary of opinions and suggestions on the finishing party party education, improving educational methods, realize teaching rectification and rectification side to improve, and continuously improve the class teaching level, enhance the effectiveness of education. In the lectures tour at the same time, the municipal organs will also organize the municipal authorities recently part of the Communist Party and the advanced deeds of some party members and cadres violating law and discipline typical case compiled into "mirror and alarm — Nanning municipal authorities" two a "typical material compilation" a book issued to Party members, so everyone has a copy, for organ party learning, enhance the appeal of education. As of July 1st this year, the Nanning municipal organs organization theme lectures tour coverage of all 95 Party organizations, Party members and masses of more than 30 thousand people listen to lectures. In addition to xunjiangtuan member lectures, Nanning municipal organs also requires each branch opened "branch secretary forum", to the branch where lectures more than once every quarter of each branch secretary. In the "two a" learning education, training more than 400 branch secretary and Party cadres in the Party branch regularly onto the auditorium, close contact with the actual work of the unit, carry out the "two a" learning education lectures. Branch)相关的主题文章:

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