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The 13 year old was taken to Guizhou 27 years after the man back to Henan tracing victims question cad2012序列号和密钥

The 13 year old was taken to Guizhou 27 years after the man back to Henan tracing the victims title after 27 years away, Gu Xing returned to Henan to find his family. A few clues about his 1 claim to Gu Wenxing, born in 1976, has never changed its name; 2 families with parents and a sister called Gu Wenwei, sister of 1~2 years older; 3 houses are roofed, brick factory near the village has 4 home; 13 years old; 5 had not graduated from primary school dropout. Dahe River · client reporter Shao Keqiang reporter trainee reporter Ding Qianwen Wang Yage photography in Gu Wen Xing "memory" in his hometown in Henan Province, leaving at the age of 13 when his parents and sister home, was brought to Guizhou in Zhengzhou Railway Station. Over the past 27 years, Gu Xing ups and downs, now have his well intentioned people to take him back to Henan to find a home, unfortunately, because of the lapse of a long, Gu Xing forget home address, parents name and other information. The police repeatedly also failed to help the query. "Do you know me? My name is Gu Wenxing. My name has not changed……" Although after a long time, but still looking forward to find the way home. [event] street Zhengzhou 40 year old man looking for "home" on September 27th at 8:30 in the morning, the Henan Provincial Public Security Bureau at the door, 33 year old Liu Wenzhong from Guizhou are looking for help, he said he wanted to make Henan public security organs to help people find the house in Liu Wenzhong, standing next to a man who is seeking help, hand pulling a suitcase, wearing a Grey Stripe suits and shirts. My name is Gu Wenxing, born in 1976, I want to find my hometown and family in Henan." "When I was 13 years old, I was taken to Guizhou in Zhengzhou Railway Station." "I can’t remember where my hometown is, and my parents can’t remember the name." Gu Wenxing speaks with a strong accent of Guizhou, his words are full of hesitation and confusion. The 13 year old left home at the age of 40 to come back, but I can’t think of where I started? Help Gu Wenxing people have many questions: he is not the spirit of a problem, that is not abducted, his much higher credibility clues. Dahe newspaper reporter call 110 for help. Wait for the police, Liu Wenzhong gave Gu Wen Xing buy a bowl of noodle filling. [27] years experienced hardships bumpy Gu Wenxing: at the age of 13 by strangers to Guizhou." "So many years back, really regret it!" Gu Wenxing recalled the experience of the past 27 years, all of his own when he was not willing to understand the consequences of the species under the age of 13. This is the 13 year old school age, but has been in the "Gu Wen Xing brick home near the work more than two years. He recalls, he was abducted in the year, when the technician, alone riding a bicycle to Zhengzhou, claiming to be from Guizhou in a middle-aged man in the train station, can be said to take her to Guizhou for the Spring Festival, years after the return. However, to the GuiYang Railway Station, Guizhou man "disappeared", his father was away, began a nightmare. In the foster home, Gu Wen Xing says often discriminated against. In 2009, the father will be introduced to a relatives, go to Xi’an, Wuhan hydropower installation site to do odd jobs, earn some money, but he never saw the money shadow, for half a year after construction, the father of relatives back to Guiyang. Later for a job.相关的主题文章:

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