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Zheng Yu’s guest Nicky Wu Xiao Lang eleven friendship 霍金hawking

Zheng Yu’s guest Nicky Wu "Xiao Lang eleven" friendship information times [micro-blog] news (reporter Cai Mujia) due to the earthquake [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Zihan Chen starred in the TV series "mission impossible" in November 8th will be landing in Jiangsu TV broadcasting [micro-blog]. In addition to starring, Zheng Yu this drama or investors, director, but also let him at the press conference yesterday lamented that the show is the most difficult ever". Talked about the recent small meat appearances in the war drama phenomenon, Zheng Yu more bluntly, small meat is not just a star, actor. "Mission impossible" to the mathematician Lan Zhibing couple cracked the Japanese telegraph code as a starting point, about three members of the Communist Party of Yin (Zheng Yu ornaments) and the battle of wits, ultimately resolve the Japanese siege army conspiracy, and successfully rescued the blue ice son the story of the blue sky. Zheng Yu has not in the past, the investor, who is also the director, starring multiple identities, drama are the responsibility of the Zheng Yu admitted that the show is "the most difficult time". The title of director is not the titular only, this is Zheng Yu specially brush face, the contacts with the invited many well-known actors for the show to help out. Nicky Wu [micro-blog] has guest starred in the play patriotic mathematician blue ice, carrying important information to the ultimate sacrifice. Recalling the cooperation of the two, Zheng Yu said, and Nicky Wu is in cooperation, Xiao Lang eleven forged a profound friendship. When you first meet, two people to can’t help sings the song of the little tigers. He also revealed that there are Lu, Feng Yuanzheng [micro-blog], Du source, almost all of the friendship, there is a very good performance. Please look forward to it." Referring to the current small meat series star in the war drama phenomenon, Zheng Yu said, "they are not actors, just a star, we play all those little meat please actor, not an actor, there is no star, which is different from the. With the face to eat the teacher did not teach, drama school teaching and maintenance of good." (commissioning editor: Sisi)相关的主题文章:

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