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Why is the official official in ancient China – China Network 下北glory days

Why is Chinese Beijing ancient Guan De – Author: Zhang Fengchi   [new]; Shi Guan Dezheng, folk Chun; Guan De destroyed, folk down. Since ancient times, the official moral demonstration on the whole social belief system and ethics plays a leading and exemplary role. The so-called "Guan De wind, such as grass, good morals" for the political wind, officialdom, will promote the formation of a delicate gas is a good atmosphere of society Zonta yet. How are China ancient official ethics, promoting the government? The author thinks that there are three main aspects. One is the concept of talent selection system based on ethical philosophy. China ancient personnel selection system mainly has the system and the imperial examination system, the nine Ju PI system. The three system is different, but the talent requirement is the moral One principle runs through it all. The Han Emperor had Xiazhao requirements "for energy — the good and able men promoted by selection very bluntly admonished" "the talented people are the good and able men promoted by selection" moral requirements "is very bluntly admonished" investigation of governance ability. "De" the election of the Han Dynasty, Xiaolian is the most important department, and other subjects are in the "Virtue" as the first, in learning to "Confucianism". Suiti has three years of industry wide imperial civil and military officials recommend talent, and the establishment of the "filial piety" and smell "Virtue" and "justice can be called" fuck. "Clean" and other 10 families. Examination of the contents of the imperial examination system is more "," the doctrine of Confucius and Mencius The Four Books and the Five Classics "to" return. The scholars read the Confucian classics, save sages is sincere feelings, knowledge, ethical philosophy, so "article can write the world, Ma Wu can decide", "UN High Temple is concerned about the people, is the far corners of the worry of the monarch", "Pro filial piety, you are loyal friends, is in the letter, Xiang ti". Two is the benevolent political management system based on the theory of rule of virtue. Confucius once said: "for the government to Germany, such as Beichen, in which the public and the common." The "Analects of Confucius" a book with a lot of "benevolence" and "rule of virtue" content, such as politics Road, together with punishment, people free and shameless; road to Germany, together with propriety, sense of "" the governor is also. Son handsome to, who dare not correct "" his body is, do not make the line; its body is not correct, although not from "and so on. The Confucian "benevolence" and "rule by virtue of social ideal, embodies the" datong". "The book of rites? Liyunpian" set: "the road trip, the whole world as one community and those of other countries. The enemy came close to its close, not only son, so that providing for the elderly, have to use strong, the young director, pity, widowed, orphaned and alone, disabled person is to raise, men, women have to return. The goods abandoned in the evil to also, without hidden in himself; the force of the body also not evil, not for himself. It is seeking closure and in addition, theft thief without making chaos, so outside the door not closed. Is called datong." The description of the datong thought, is an ideal world with good social and moral situation, not only here for everyone to have a good education, and people for the public, have a happy and harmonious life. Therefore, in ancient China to the king to the people, with the good prospects for the code of conduct and objectives. The three is the official standard evaluation system based on loyalty and filial devotion. Since ancient times, the Confucianism believes that loyalty and filial piety is not consistent.相关的主题文章:

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