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Hot wire! Next year’s national day can take 8 days you know wow! marie digby

Hot wire! Next year’s national day can take 8 days you know wow! The 7 day National Day holiday has ended what he obviously didn’t do what holiday is not now the holiday is so short, but this time you have to work every day, even 7 days! Xiaobian want to question: you are late today, not out of the mix always has a more clear work after more miserable is said to you today is a word that trapped. Two words: difficult. Three words: slow response. Four words: do not want to do something. Five words: Panda eyes. Six words: the heart is wild outside. Seven words: belly support to fry. Eight words: sleepy really do not want to move. Nine words: I have not seen the fat into what kind? Ten words: soul does not know where to go. The micro-blog upload to a major discovery, but also to eat melon masses fatal blow: what? Good Mid Autumn Festival three days without the hypothesis?! Netizens have said no love life, the pain can not breathe…… But in a groaning.after, there are different voices: Hugh 8 days?! Xiao Bian with excited mood ran to the State Council website, you don’t say, really have found. In fact, the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival is not the first hit, 2009 and in 2012 is a similar situation, then how to put it? Netizen @ Kathy Liu right — hugh! 8! Day! Xiao Bian checked the calendar, 2009 Mid Autumn Festival is October 3rd, Saturday, that is to say, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, National Day holiday to the holidays with your! So, how to put it? The general office of the State Council in December 10, 2008 released the "Office of the State Council on 2009 part of the holiday notice", is written like this: six, National Day, Mid Autumn Festival: October 1st to 8 holiday, a total of 8 days. Among them, October 1st (Thursday), October 2nd (Friday), October 3rd (Saturday) to National Day legal holiday, October 4th (Sunday) closed as usual; October 3rd (Saturday) and the Mid Autumn Festival holiday respectively to October 5th (Monday), October 6th (Tuesday), September 27th (Sunday), October 10th (Saturday) to October 7th (holidays Wednesday, October 8th (Thursday)). September 27th (Sunday), (Saturday). See no friends, 8 days! Similar to the situation in 2012, the year the Mid Autumn Festival is on Sunday September 30th, and the seven day National Day holiday: of course, what will be next year’s National Day holiday specific at the end of this year, the State Council official notice, but from past experience, your holiday is likely longer oh ~ good wash sleep will continue to work tomorrow! Because of the following 10 reasons (free) speed quickly click to play GIF 521K to share the holiday home chasing shadows chase drama experience squatting, "Lu" nature is an excellent choice. Go to the cinema to brush the popular blockbusters at home day and night after American TV dramas are not to work with small heel (loaded) at (X)? Express in the unit waiting for me to click on the play GIF 174K waited for seven days and finally can meet with my baby!!! Wine and dine together with colleagues and click multicast)相关的主题文章:

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