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"Poor rich dad" today "hold" smile released aspect full secret Tencent entertainment starring Kevin Cheng, Li Chengyuan, little bin magic Carnival comedy "poor rich dad" today at the theaters, the film by twice won the Hongkong Film Awards for Best Screenplay Zhang Jianting wrote and directed, tells the story of the rich dad pretended the bankruptcy took his son QiongYou Hongkong, staged a touching warmth and laughter and unforgettable trip. Whether it is the magic of carnival, drama and his son the truth or the reflection of reality makes the film full of surprise. One point: Magic Carnival young parents science posts "poor rich dad" the story is based on the true story writer director Zhang Jianting and his side, Zhang had a powerful and unconstrained style guide "magic" with poor children in South Korea, resulting in the creation of this piece of inspiration, repeatedly polished script after thirteen the draft amendment was finally completed. This film bad dad and son will like this funny magic full of both carry forward, "armed robbery" son, "melee" ruthless broken mouth dad or a black tour guide urge to purchase spree will be the most incisive interpretation of magic carnival. The contradiction between parents and children in the film is also a problem faced by many young parents today, this film has become a common growth of parents and children. Aspect two: the father of Hongkong’s Secret "ugly" product in real life social topics in the film of the two people to deepen the feelings of each other through the tour tour, "and variety show where Dad" (watch) have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, but the director through this journey to show the problems of today’s society with the mirror first, the double meaning of the film both entertainment and education is full of positive energy, the audience was touched by the movie deep emotion in the endless joy and harvest. The film for the first time will be shot at "Hongkong caged" this social problem, reveals the seemingly glamorous Hongkong unknown side mirror, but also the development of social economy, a gray area, and the movie "poor rich dad" complement each other, also showed concern for social problems in Hongkong director Zhang Jian Ting, film and two people in this environment to hone his son and family really thought-provoking. Three things: "beyond" Zhou Yumin, Vanness Wu Kevin Cheng and his son little bin one little bin achievement although only twelve years old but with dozens of film and television works has become known to every family star, so rich in history and he also played a lot of stars and his son, one with the F4 double the cooperation is impressive, once in "little bin a station, and a" new "happiness" in Vanness Wu and Zhou Yumin respectively as a father and son, and in an interview in the little bin out the hearts of father’s "ideal type", he said Vanness Wu and Zhou Yumin like his brother, while Kevin Cheng is most like father’s father, and Kevin Cheng little his acting was full of praise, "he has a good memory, like the adults, with never wrong, emotion has a good command of." The son of father and son will give the audience a surprise how exciting. Four things: his soldiers drama show the true theme song of the same name "poor rich dad" by director Zhang Jianting’s daughter Zhang Yinuo singing, Zhang said: "the guidelines have no choice by singing)相关的主题文章:

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