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Dafeng Yancheng cadres before their appointment Wang Lu to be appointed deputy director of th 申威1600

Dafeng Yancheng cadres before their appointment   Wang Lu to be appointed deputy director of the political co – people.com.cn Jiangsu channel — people.com.cn original title: the selection and appointment of cadres publicity for the expansion of the cadres and masses of cadres working in the right to know and participate in the selection, strengthen democratic supervision, to be promoted as the following comrades office before the public. Specific list: Ge Yubai Baiju town party secretary, Secretary of politics and Law Committee; Li Rongrong Baiju town office party secretary, director of the NPC; Huang Yongjian town Party Secretary Liu Zhuang Huang Xiaodong Liu Zhuang; director of town and village construction center; Yao Rixin Mission West town party secretary, Secretary of politics and Law Committee; Yang an Posey town party office deputy director, group office party secretary; Gu Jinzhong Xiaohai town publicity officer, Secretary of the Communist Youth League; Zou Xiaoyan Town Health Center Director Zhang Jin; Cao Miao Zhen deputy party secretary Xue Youlong, deputy director of the grass; Miao Zhen dangzhengban Social Affairs Office Deputy Director, director, assistant of science education and people’s armed forces; Chen Jizhong and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee secretary of Yingzhen Wan Xiao; China Yingzhen Wan Wan ying village Party branch secretary Chen Feng, deputy secretary of the Party committee; Nanyang town; Nanyang town of Pan Kehong village Party branch secretary Li Ping three; The town of Xiaba village Party branch secretary; Gu Xiaodong, deputy secretary of the new Fengzhen branch audit station; Fengzhen Zhang Jingsixin, Secretary of the Communist Youth League; Han Zhiyong and town party secretary, deputy director of the CMC Zhu Shaobo harvest; medium-sized town petition assistant; Tao Lin and Wang Xiaocong’s "publicity officer; Chief Secretary Huang Yongxin’s office for the record review department; chief; Wang Road co deputy director; deputy director of Dong Han Chung management discipline inspection and supervision of cadres supervision room; Xu Yilong, deputy director of the office of the remote education center (chair); Li Xiaojuan communications Zhanfuzhanchang Zhou Ruiqi district; district politics and Law Committee and supervision of law enforcement director; Chen Ye petition Reception Center Deputy Director; director of major projects Li Huijuan service center. The above publicity objects, if necessary to reflect the situation and the views of the welcome calls, letters or visits. Publication date: November 28, 2016 – December 2nd: 83818152, 83811010 public telephone reception: the Dafeng Yancheng City District Organization Department cadre department, Cadre Supervision Department reception time: morning 8:30 12:00, at 2:30 6:00 (commissioning editor: Tang Lu, Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章:

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