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Changsha sculpture art festival opening welcome mode which changes this year (video) 2828创业网

Changsha sculpture art festival opening welcome mode which changes the original title: this year Changsha Sculpture Art Festival "welcome mode" will open what changes this year? "Sunflower girl" Author: Cicero · Adera (Brazil) "nest" Author: Le pasqui · Martini (Italy) "female" Author: Yang Hu Lei Yixin (Chinese) "haze" Author: sun Shao Qun (China) (the above pictures are data map.) Star online news September 13th is an autumn is approaching, once a year Changsha cultural feast struck again. Immediately, the pilot holding city – 2016 (Changsha) dream China sculpture arts festival will open the "welcome" mode, the reception of the 23 international sculpture masters from the five continents of the world and a domestic rookie sculpture. Then, compared with the previous two sculpture festival, what are the highlights of this activity? Highlights: International Sculpture layout adds 9 flags in 2014 and 2015, Changsha successfully organized two sculpture art festival once a year, become star city international cultural exchange event and brand activities. Compared to previous years, this year the sculptor’s more powerful lineup, not only Czech Republic, Turkey, new Mexico, Sweden, Zambia, Portugal, Republic of Serbia, Iran, New Zealand in 9 countries, involving all continents, as the international sculpture month landscape re erected 9 new flag, also invited the world famous French super creative sculpture master. It is understood that the past two years, a total of 45 sculpture masters from 36 countries and regions to the ancient and modern city Changsha sculpture layout, five continents around the world at the same time, the masters also put the good impression for Changsha back home, a Changsha culture volunteer. ". Highlight two: Sculpture Festival has a new gameplay, or change the $200 thousand and 20 yuan to 200 thousand yuan, which is the new way of the festival this year, playing 20. Organizers said that the public need to pay attention to the Changsha network official WeChat public number (csnews), to pay 1-20 yuan registration fee can participate in sweepstakes, from September 8th to September 27th, the extraction of lucky users. Activity will have 8 first prize winners will receive a world-class master of sculpture for its customized version of the signature busts (200 thousand +), and was invited to Changsha Ocean Lake Wetland and the sculptor scene intimate photo and interaction, as the closing ceremony guest Sculpture Festival (by the Organizing Committee in charge of transport and accommodation). Two prize winner, the winner will get the West Center of ·, Changsha,, a dream of the blue lake light food festival tickets. Organizers also said that as of now, the first prize has not yet produced. It is worth mentioning that this event will also be invited to the master of the sculpture "orange clothes man" (sanitation workers) statue, pay tribute to ordinary but extraordinary workers. Highlight three: "three city hub" linkage, during the interactive Sculpture Festival more and more, in the pilot holding "three city hub" area (Ocean Lake Ecological Park, Binjiang financial business town, Hunan City, Xiangjiang text brigade Moon Island District comprehensive transportation hub) will also carry out rich and colorful interactive sculpture artists and the public. Activity. Colorful interactive links, including carving PK battle, national model"相关的主题文章:

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