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free grab tickets to upgrade | Haikou see Chen Daoming, Iverson, Miriam Yeung…… A ticket mine_清翼

[free] grab tickets to upgrade   Haikou see Chen Daoming, Iverson, Miriam Yeung…… A ticket to get! (including the 13 day of the vote) – People’s network Hainan Channel – people heard on October 20-23 a big wave of domestic and foreign stars in the future of Haikou! Jay Chou, Baoqiang Wang, Yao Ming, Karen Mok, Feng Xiaogang, Chen Daoming, Iverson, Miriam Yeung, and the 92 golden generation "main members of Paul Scholes, United’s three heroes in Dwight York and Teddy – Sheringham, former Liverpool legend Ian – Fuller and Robbie – pull what. All come!!! Heart? Do you want to see them? The good news is coming ~ ~ in order to repay the majority of windows fans, we began to send 2016 Mission Hills World Star tickets yesterday, did not expect the buddy’s enthusiasm so hot ~~7 hour rush over, many parents are still there back a message asking. Don’t worry about the students who didn’t come yesterday, we will send N tickets again today. Congratulations on the following users get Guanlanhu world star guest ticket: [No. 13] (vote list: there is a big wheel winners did not leave, please reply as soon as possible to the winning page Oh ~) tickets for   tickets time today to October 19th 09:00 – 16: 00 ticket locations in Hainan Haikou Bailong Road No. 10 Building No. 1 Joan Garden Hotel Deputy floor people.com.cn Hainan channel tickets hotline 0898-68503505 grab tickets   "a limited number of votes, today we continue to refuel!!!" so you come (Guanlanhu world star game tickets did not sell Oh) free to grab votes Raiders do not miss! Guess who the star silhouette is today? (tip: This guess star is an international sports star China pride) then press the two-dimensional code to pay attention to our recognition "please give your " people.com.cn Hainan windows WeChat two-dimensional code number" attention; name + phone number + the name of the " star silhouettes; message to us we will take your lucky friends gift tickets can also be transferred by big wheel tickets! Attention to our message, you need to reply today, lucky turntable five words can participate! (two times a day, each of which is limited to a maximum of $two)! So many stars together, one can see a quick enough to call on relatives and friends together to participate in it! GOGOGO~ hurry to grab tickets!! Finally, let us review the star studded " " entry list on October 20-23, a foreign actor in Haikou Guanlanhu golf match staged wonderful Blackstone course according to the latest news, in "the Avengers" and "Captain America 3" play "eagle eye" Jeremy Reina and in "independent · day", "Jurassic Park" in the wonderful star Geoff Goldblum will also attend the ·! Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong and Taiwan star lineup: Jay Chou, Miriam Yeung, Karen Mok, Donnie Yen, and Richie Ren相关的主题文章:

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