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it goes without saying employee housing is in high demand. With much of the work force being on temporary contracts 昆明水库泄洪垮塌 周慧敏晒健身照

Travel-and-Leisure Fort McMurray is probably most famous for the fact that it is situated in the centre of Canada’s most valuable natural resource, the Athabasca oil sands. This is one of the world’s largest deposits of bitumen and it is estimated that there are over 170 billion barrels of oil available for extraction within the oily sediment that surrounds Fort McMurray and the Municipality of Wood Buffalo. In fact, the oil sands are pretty much the only reason why Fort McMurray even exists. It is not technically a city, and it is actually known as an urban service area. The main function of this urban service area is to house to thousands upon thousands of people who come to Fort McMurray to work in the oil industry. The 2012 consensus recorded that the average wage amongst the workers of Fort McMurray was between $100k and $120k per year; therefore it is unsurprising that the number of people arriving for work increases rapidly each year. With such a high influx of workers each year, it goes without saying employee housing is in high demand. With much of the work force being on temporary contracts, it makes sense for many workers to stay either in hotels or serviced apartments in Fort McMurray, as well as the many campgrounds and lodges nearer to the oil sands themselves. Recent surveys have shown, however, that many of the workers, especially those who are stationed nearer the more remote sites, rarely venture into the urban service area itself. According to the census, around half of those questioned said they rarely visited more than once a month, and then it was mainly to get supplies such as food and clothing. 28% said they never ventured into Fort McMurray itself at all. Many cited reasons such as the distance between the sites and the city, or restrictions imposed by their shift patterns. More recently, however, Fort McMurray has been doing more and more to try and entice its workforce to come into town and ultimately, spend some of their hard earned dollars. An increasing number of bars, restaurants and entertainment centres have opened up across town. Fort McMurray tourism offers tours for workers, taking them kayaking and canoeing during the summer and running snowmobile tours to take in the breath-taking aurora borealis, the Northern Lights during winter. The area is now host to not one, but three 18 hole golf courses where workers can go to let of some steam and relax after working the arduous and demanding shifts at the oil sands. With such a high population of high earning workers in Fort McMurray accommodation, it seems there is untapped potential for the urban service area itself. Yet with so few of the workers actually visiting, it really is important that the local government do all they can in order to attract more of the workforce into town. That said, it is by no means struggling. Even without that 50% of workers who never venture further than their apartments, Fort McMurray still has a thriving and lively community. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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