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make him feel your loss and let him realize how important you are in his life that he won’t be able to continue without you in it. If you play your cards right 印度制造溃不成军 秋瓷炫于晓光领证

Dating Do you find yourself in a situation where you and your boyfriend broke up but you know for a fact that you are still madly in love with him? Do you still want to have your ex boyfriend back? Do you wish that you should have not broken up with him? If that is the case, get yourself prepared for the psychological warfare, otherwise known as "Psy War." Once a break up occurs, pride is being damaged and hurt, and you come into a realization that you want your ex boyfriend back in your life; a war thus ensues a psy war, to be particular. A "Psy War" happens when no one wants to lose, at least not right after your pride became the casualty of the "shooting," aka break up. You must be asking yourself how winning a psychological war can help you win your boyfriend back. Here are some of the secrets on how to revive the old flame that your relationship with your ex boyfriend once had: The first thing that you need to do is to show your ex boyfriend that you are perfectly capable of being independent, it is just that you will feel happier having him back in your life. In doing this, you need to take into consideration that you need not act like you are desperate and helpless. This is a big mistake for your ex boyfriend might think of you as someone who is pathetic and dependent on him. You should not give him any idea that you are the dependent type of girlfriend, for you are not and you should be not. Do not attempt to make your boyfriend feel like your world revolves around him. This will just make the situation worse because it will only make his ego bigger and he will think of himself as someone that important to you. It won’t win him back for he will get the idea that he is too good for you, which is definitely not the case, and he might take you for granted. Another thing that you should do in trying to win him back is to stop calling him all the time. If possible, do not call at all. If you are able to do this right, he will be the one to call you. Do not come crawling to him like you are begging him for a second chance. Instead, make him feel your loss and let him realize how important you are in his life that he won’t be able to continue without you in it. If you play your cards right, I assure you, he will be the one to get you back. You should not send him gifts, no matter how expensive or not these gifts might get. If you have the right guns and armour for this psy war, he will be the one to give you presents as a way of winning you back. You need to be independent enough and contented but not arrogant and conceited. If you succeed on this step, you will make him feel that even though you can do things on your own, you still chose to be with him and to do things with him. These steps may seem hard for you to do, but if you get it right and you win your ex boyfriend back, all your efforts will be worth it. Take note that the earlier part of this articles tells you to "be independent" and not to "act independent." There is a big difference between being and acting independent. You must not act – your cover will surely get blown and he will see right through you. The truth is you are completely capable of being on your own. It is for a fact that it will take time for you to adjust; hang-out with your friends, develop new hobbies and meet new people in order for you to speed up the whole independence process. Once again, this will bring your self esteem as well as your values in a higher pace and let your ex boyfriend know that you can live fine without him. Be at your best at all times – first, you just might bump into his friends. You don’t want them to tell him that you look miserable. Second, you just might bump into your ex; consider it your subtle revenge. Third, do it for yourself. It will help your trampled ego a lot if you choose to be your best and it won’t even cause you any harm if you try transforming yourself for the better. You should have all the determination in winning the psy war to win your ex back. Should you manage to snag him, then no one would have to lose. Doing your plans the right way in the right time will help you make your ex boyfriend return to your side in no time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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