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Relationships A wedding is a function which reflects the culture and traditions of a particular country or region. Every culture, whether eastern or western has its own way of celebrating traditional weddings. Wedding ceremonies are of great importance in all the cultures. In fact, a wedding is an event in which celebrate the occasion by letting other people be a part of their happiness and enjoying it. The traditional shaadi weddings are celebrated in palaces, hotels, resorts, and even at houses. The wedding venues are enlightened with different coloured bulbs. The passageways are decorated are with light bulbs. The entire hall or house is decorated with artificial and natural flowers. Moreover, flower petals are sprinkled over the guests at arrival. Traditional wedding cards are presented to the guests. The aesthetically crafted shaadi cards signify the hospitable feelings of the hosts. Traditionally, the Muslim wedding is held at either the bride or the groom’s dwelling. However, in the current time, due to ease and the accessibility of enough space to lodge the long list of guests, Muslim weddings are organized in banquet halls, auditorium as well as community centres. Wherever the wedding is held, all the rituals of the three phases of wedding are firmly followed by the Muslims. Jewellery is an important part of the bridal makeup. They wear heavy gold jewellery with embedded pearls. Mehndi is another tradition to beautify the hands of bride. At some places, the brides write the names of the grooms on their hands with mehndi. Pre-wedding rituals largely engage the exchange of sweets, fruits and visits to the bride and groom’s houses. The pre-wedding rituals amplify the level of enthusiasm among the families of the bride and groom, who wholeheartedly look forward to the wedding day. The traditional shaadi weddings are incomplete without music, and dances. Everybody dances on drumbeats. Singers are invited to sing the songs. Men and women dance on popular songs. The musicians pep up the crowd with their lively music, and create a right mood. Music competitions are held between the friends of the bride and groom. People celebrate the event in entirely traditional style. Parents and other older guests lend gifts to the newly wed couple. They give their best wishes, and prayers for a happy life. There are many customs related to the traditional shaadi weddings. The friends of the bride ask the groom for money, in order to sit with his bride. They offer milk to the bride and groom. After the wedding ceremony, the bride, and the groom are asked to see their images in the common mirror. The traditional shaadi weddings are filled with a lot more colours. The bride and the groom are asked to search a ring in a bowl filled with flower petals, and water. The one who finds the ring is supposed to rule over the other, through out the life. The couple cuts a cake at the end of the event. The wedding cake is offered to all the guests. In the end, the parents of the bride send their daughter, in a well-decorated car, with wishes for a prosperous life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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