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training ourselves to see and to stop doubting our abilities is the real skill. There are plenty of art activities out there for kids 迪拜火炬大厦大火 刘涛登杂志双封面

Crafts-Hobbies Kids books are littered with fantastic illustrations. When reading them have you ever wondered, What if I could draw like my favourite illustrator? Or even just to be able to draw a cat, or something that looked like a cat. Drawing is a favourite when it comes to activities for kids. But how often have you heard your child say, I cant draw. You do not need to permanently sit in the seats of the artistically impaired. Here are a couple of tips below greatly changed the way I drew. See what you are drawing Yes thats right. You might say thats just common sense, of course you have to see what you are drawing. But do we actually see what is in front of us. Heres what can happen. We look at a picture, or object. Lets say for arguments sake a car. We start drawing the car, and then our brain starts to say well yes I know what a car looks like and we no longer take in the actual detail in front of us, and we draw what we think a car looks like. Results something you would never be seen taking a drive in! Brain scientists talk about the two sides of the brain, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is your rational thinking brain. Your right hemisphere is the side that puts things into pictures, patterns, it does not analyse or reduce things into numbers and words etc. So what happens as we are looking at the object is that our left-brain takes over and we start drawing from preconceived ideas of what we believe a car to look like. But in reality we may never have ever really studied what a car looks like. So how can we do things differently? There is a wonderful book called Drawing on the right side of the brain, by Betty Edwards. This is a book for kids as well as adults. As far as activities for kids, this book is core to the art curriculum in some public schools. In the book Betty suggests a number of techniques that will help you become a better artist. The one that I found the most useful was Drawing upside down Portrait of Igor Stravinsky by Pablo Picassoupside down I dont mean for you to stand on your head to draw. I mean place the picture upside down and then start to draw. What this does is that your brain does not recognise the object that was once familiar. So your left-brain stops trying to work it out, and leaves your right-brain to just see what is in front of you, and get on with it. The hands are no longer hands, but lines and shapes. Move from line to line, and from one shape to the next. Dont try to draw the outline and then fill in the parts. Click on the picture above and try it out. I have used this with kids and adults alike and the following happens, Kids start saying I can draw Adults stop saying I cant draw, in fact they stop saying anything, which is even better! It gives the artist the confidence to carry on and doodle more Drawing is not the hard part, training ourselves to see and to stop doubting our abilities is the real skill. There are plenty of art activities out there for kids, but try the above tips and soon you too may be drawing for best selling kids books. If you liked this, please say thanks by sharing it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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